dirk strider ask


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended

Au where Hal is a demon or something and partially possesses Dirk when he’s panicking to help calm him down??

You can feel him behind your teeth, in your bones, sliding through neural pathways and settling himself inside all the parts of you that have space enough to fit. He’s everywhere, filling you in, finding the cracks of your façade and slipping into them, gluing them together as if he was supposed to be there in the first place. You can feel him, an overlay inside you, forcing his breathing to sound over the top of yours, smooth and calm where yours is quick and harsh, and it fills your ears, fills over the sound of your shaky breaths and almost-sobs.

Calm down, Dirk, you hear his voice in your mind, in your ears, outside your head, sinking through your muscles where his fingertips and his particles soothe the tension from you, and he didn’t need to say it, because you already are, your lungs slowing to his own breathing, your heart beating to his own beat, until the tingle of electricity in your skin becomes part of you, till his touch on your neural pathways becomes indistinguishable from your own actions and reactions and thoughts and processes, until he and you merge and you’re not sure who’s doing what but it’s working and you’re safe and complete.

You breathe, and you’re not sure it’s you. Your arms curl around your waist, squeeze softly at your sides, and you know it’s him, as much as the movement feels like your own, like you’d purposefully moved them.
”Calm down,” he says through your mouth, calm and composed and quiet, but the words feel like your own and the movements are so natural, it sends your mind through reels and reels that he slowly, piece by piece, sorts out until the pieces are put back together and filled in by him.
We’re safe, he says in your head, and you believe him, yourself, both of you.