dirk mcquickly

The Rutles were founded in 1975 as a Beatles parody for Eric Idle’s Rutland Weekend Television. It starred Eric Idle as “Dirk McQuickly”, after Paul McCartney, Neil Innes as “Ron Nasty”, after John Lennon, Ricky Fataar as “Stig O'Hara”, after George Harrison, and John Halsey as “Barry Wom”, after Ringo Starr.

All You Need is Cash, 1978

INTERVIEWER: Did Keith like the Rutles? 

MICK JAGGER: Yeah, I think Keith liked the Rutles songs from the beginning. It influenced him a lot more than it did me. I mean, I never used to like them very much, you know – they were to me a bit sort of too “dee dee dee dee dee dee” – but Keith liked that. 

INTERVIEWER: Why do you think the Rutles broke up? 

MICK: Why do I think they did? Why did the Rutles break up?  Women. Just women getting in the way. Cherchez la femme, you know. 

INTERVIEWER: Do you think they’ll ever get back together again? 

MICK: I hope not.