dirk gently's hollistic detective agency

hey! so i’m new to this fandom and! thats exciting. my name is jamie and once i figure out how to fix my fuckening photoshop ill be making tons of gifs for the show!!

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♡World Book Day Tag ♡

came up with this

1. Who is your favourite author - from your country! / mothertongue

Wolfgang Borchert and Hermann Hesse. I’m also slowly getting into Enzensberger and Heiner Müller because sweet ass poetry and shit like Germania III and Wolokolamsker Chaussee sure aren’t easy to pass by.

2. Your favourite children’s book (it’s hard, I know)

As a child probably that Udssr-Wizard of Oz rip-off I grew up with now I’d prefer a Diana Wynne-Jones book, I guess. Like Howl’s moving castle? Also I really wanna re-read Lindgren’s Brothers Lionheart.

3. A book that changed your life?

Time to flat out admit which immense impression Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency had on my world-view, as an elaborate commentary on the quality of Bach’s music.

4. The best book you read this year?

It’s so hard to pick - the most entertaining was definitely Krieg der Sänger by Robert Löhr. The one I keep thinking about is actually only an essay but Kleist’s Marionettentheater makes such a compelling point.

5. And the worst book you read this year?

I feel bad about it, because I like the poetic parts of it but I am chronically pissed of by Thus spoke Zarathustra, which I’m reading atm

6. Which book is totally overrated?

Well, obv Thus spoke Zarathustra. What a dick. Sure it might have been ‘revolutionary’ at the time but especially after reading a book about self proclaimed prophets in the 1920 who pretty much all had been inspired by Zarathustra I’m so pissed off by how lame most of the mentioned ideas are and the fucking declaration of better people esp as women seem to be excluded even from the normal people. ( there’s a bunch of stuff I like but damn I’m only reading it because it left such a big scary mark on german avant-garde art)

7. Randomly recommend a book. For whatever reason!

Through the Woods by Emily Carrol.

I don’t know who to tag with book stuff, so if you wanna do it, do it!

The Improbable vs. the Impossible

On a side note - I love the Dirk Gently books dearly, but the first episode of the BBC series failed to impress me. It had some of the original flair, but the story was average and nowhere near as interesting as what Douglas Adams came up with…they need to get some aliens, electronic monks and time-travelling professors in there soon or I’m bowing out early. And also I don’t like what they did with Richard MacDuff; he’s supposed to be a nerdy software engineer, not a bone-headed assistant.