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Alas, poor young S.H.I.E.L.D agents from Hickman’s Secret Warriors of 2009, we hardly knew them….They got slaughtered by the Wrecking Crew in an ambush. Also, poor Slingshot (Yo-Yo Rodriguez) the established character of Hickman’s 2009 Secret Warriors got killed off unceremoniously while Quake (Daisy Johnson) survived in Rosenberg’s Secret Warriors (which is about those *ughh* replacements - the young NuHumans). Besides Quake, Slingshot should have survived this too since she’s more neglected than her teammate. 

So from my cynical view, I can see that those established youngsters who were before ANAD era get turned into sacrificial lambs (e.g. Victor Mancha, Rage…) while the “lucky” pre-ANAD ones get their characterization mangled or languish in Comic Book Limbo. Meanwhile, the little “darlings” who are from ANAD era and legacy heroes (e.g. Riri Williams, Miles Morales, Moon Girl, Kamala Khan…) get protected by plot armour in crossovers.

- Secret Warriors v2 #1, 2017

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

The Super-Villains are stuck in the mundane house trying to find something to do. 

- Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #12

CAPTION: What if the Super-Villains are on reality TV house known as Big Brother. 

“Big Brother house with supervillains. Live on Marvel TV.”