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There isn’t one day I don’t wake up very thankful that I found a doctor who told me the way to become well was not to take more tablets but to change my diet and lifestyle immediately.
—  The Reluctant Raw Foodist,
Zyrtec withdrawal Day 4

I am finally off Zyrtec/Piriton/Cetirizine for the first time in over a decade. This also marks the first time in over a decade that I am on no pharmaceuticals whatsoever. It’s been a long journey punctuated by frequent battles with shrinks who convinced me I need benzodiazepines, antidepressants, mood stabilisers and sleeping tablets. 

It still amazes me that the solution to my symptoms: anxiety, shaking, warm brain, rashes, UTI (with negative culture), breast lumps, vomiting etc were deemed to be generalized anxiety disorder. When I didn’t get better on the xanax they gave me antidepressants. When that wasn’t working they dubbed it borderline personality. When I got even worse on them I was told I was bipolar. When those meds set off some kind of manic disorder I was told I needed to be in “care” and given sleeping pill after pill. 

Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for telling me I needed to fast. Thanks to his diet I withdrew from multiple meds in a month (definitely NOT recommended to anyone else). But I still couldn’t ditch my xanax safety blanket. I clung to those till the start of this year when Dirk Budka’s new enzyme DAO mix came back into my life. He told me I could bin the antihistamines right then and there, but still I couldn’t. I finally went all out these last two weeks - sticking to the strictest version of the diet that I have every been on, while loading up on the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for Diamine Oxidase production.

I’ve done an incredible amount of research, written out recipes and food planners. I had a major set back when I seemed to catch foot and mouth disease (a childhood virus) from a friend’s child, but I’m not convinced the zyrtec withdrawal didn’t have anything to do with it. I found hundreds of people online complaining of unbearably itchy hands and feet and red bumps with sore throat. 

But I digress - I’ve been saved by two doctors in my life (Dirk more than once) but ultimately I am giving myself a pat on the back for committing to using Histamosis as a reason to get healthy. I refuse to let it define me. I am not handicapped, I am not incapacitated. The yoga, kickboxing and meditation, coupled with an incredible diet and magical supplement have me in the best shape of my life. I’ve taken the initiative to start another new business and teach myself a number of new skills. I’m giving my whole life a make over! 

I hope you’re all taking steps to figure out how to turn this condition into a positive. It’s not that hard. A positive outlook and determination to win is all you need. 

msbee-abetterme-blog  asked:

Your blog is truly inspiring. I had never even heard of Raw Foodism until I saw your blog. I have been making my own changes for about two months now and have noticed many of the benefits you have mentioned, except the better skin (sadly too as I suffered severe acne my whole teenage life and early twenties). I am determined to take some of your advice and incorporate more fresh fruit and vegies into my diet. So THANKS and WELL DONE! - All the way from Australia :)

Wow.  Thank you. Hello from the UK! So glad you you have been inspired by my blog. I am very interested in the fact that you are noticing changes. As you incorporate more changes you will continue to see benefits I am sure. I could never go back to my old way of eating.

Re acne: Do check out whether you have histamine issues. If you cannot find anyone to do this then message me and I can put you in touch with my own health practitioner, Dirk Budka. I know he does do telephone consultations, on occasion, and I believe he has samples sent to his lab from all over the world now.

 Some resources:

 Nicht Raunzen’s blog has some really useful stuff on it about histamine intolerance and skin.

My letter to my skin post.

The Biogenic Amine Woman posts a lot of great information and recipes for histamine intolerance. 

My “going raw the easy way” post.

Something to try: Look at your diet and select something you are very fond of and eat/ drink all the time. Marmite/vegemite, for example, and cut it out of your diet for a while. See if it makes any difference.

Updated: Diamine Oxidase enzyme freaking cures my Histaminosis!

So, I thought I should update this post. It took me another few months to work up the courage to ditch the zyrtec. It was horrible! I feel much better now that I’m off them, but the downside was that a number of my symptoms returned. So, in the end, the enzyme was not a cure for me, but I am much happier off the pharmaceuticals. At the very least once I stopped the zyrtec my appetite stabilised and I no longer suffer from dizziness. Unfortunately tequila and I are no longer best buds…I’m currently rocking a tasteful virgin mojito on nights out. 

On another note, I was recently chatting with a former patient of Dirk Budka’s (on a forum) who encouraged me to disclose that I spent a few weeks (over a year ago) working on a website for Dirk. I wrote one hell of a website! But unfortunately it was never used. My working relationship with Dirk ended after those weeks, which was a bummer as I had just moved to London (not the cheapest city in the world). 

Eventually Dirk and I patched things up and I went on his enzyme. Which brings me to my exuberant but premature…

The rest of the original post…

Ok that might be a little oversimplification. The new Diamine Oxidase enzyme that Dirk Budka has given me to treat my Histaminosis (Histamine Intolerance) now allows me to wear make up every day, eat 1400 calories daily (oh yeah time to hit the gym!), and spend more time with my good friend Patron (tequila). Life is good!!! 

Symptoms? Sure. Debilitating? Not in the slightest. Mildly annoying? Not even. 

I had a little relapse - we’re testing different formulas - but now I’m back on track on day two of the new mix. 

I can’t believe my man had convince me to go back on it. I had decided that au natural was the only way to remain in control of my symptoms…

It has been 2 years since I received the diagnosis which explained my condition!

My life changed then and nothing will ever be the same!