dirge and thrust


Scans from a 1985 pan-European Transformers catalog that show Diaclone Blitzwing (later dubbed “Overcharge”) alongside the grey prototype Astrotrain and regular-release “conehead” Decepticon jets… plus the pre-Transformers versions of the Deluxe Insecticons, including the entirely unreleased Beetras green version of Ransack (#26).

lilite08  asked:

Orion Pax/Optimus Prime Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime Trailbreaker/Trailcutter Ariel/Elita one tfwiki, there is such transformers that change their names?

Oh, sure! Bumblebee/Goldbug, for instance!

In the UK Marvel comic, the pteranodon Dinobot was originally named “Divebomb,” but had to change his name to “Swoop” when the Predacon eagle beat him in a fight and took the name for his own!

Most of the villains of Beast Wars II all underwent upgrades with new names, too: Megastorm, Dirge, Thrust, Starscream, and BB became Galvastorm, Dirgegun, Thrustor, Hellscream, and Max-B, respectively. Here’s Starscream and BB:

Name-changes were popular during the Unicron Trilogy - Megatron upgraded himself into Galvatron three separate times, as did RiD Megatron. Also, Smokescreen became Hoist (below), Inferno became Roadblock, Cyclonus became Snow Cat, Tidal Wave became Mirage, and Overhaul became Leobreaker

IDW’s also featured a lot of characters who “earn” their names in some way or another. Chromedome, for instance, used to be called “Tumbler,” until his work at The Institute earned him the name we known him better by. So too for Brainstorm (born “Genitus”) and Highbrow (real name unknown!).

And that’s without going into all the characters, like Trailbreaker/Trailcutter, whose toys are released under different or modified names for trademark reasons (for example, Octane/Tankor, Bluestreak/Silverstreak, and Shockwave/Shockblast, among many others). Though cartoons and comics have been produced that have used these alternate names, Trailbreaker’s a rare example of a character actually having to change their name in-story to match their toy. Also from IDW, Slag becoming Slug is another example!

nightfuryautobot- Little Misunderstandings

Hound was kind of high-strung that day. His last scouting mission hadn’t gone so well. He was ambushed by three seekers– Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet– and barely made his way out of the rather violent assault.

His side was bleeding, but that didn’t bother him as much as the rather painful dent to his knee. Walking was difficult with the joints all messed up and whatnot. And Hound didn’t think there were supposed to be static fritzing up in his vision every few moments.

Of course, his comms were broken again, meaning that he couldn’t call the Ark for medical help. Hound had to walk since transforming was now impossible, thanks to a very hearty dent to one important transformation seam.

Those damn seekers, how did those three loudest ‘Cons manage to jump at Hound like that…?

Hound froze once he caught sight of… seeker wings?

The tracker cursed quietly, quickly dashing off to hide amongst the trees. He unfortunately missed the red Autobot insignia on this seeker’s wing– in his 'verse, seekers were normally Decepticons, and Hound wasn’t exactly in the mood to face another seeker.

Hound pressed himself against the tree, hoping that this red seeker would ignore him and move on.

Too bad there was a very large tell-tale sign of Hound’s energon trailing from the center of the clearing to Hound’s hiding spot. Welp, his wound was bleeding more heavily than he thought.