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prompt: when they drink the other bottles he brought

This is a bit shorter than the others. I wanted to get it out before I went to work because tonight is Sunday which means it’s Hell Night. Not likely to get any writing done.

They get most of the way through Courage the first night, though it turns out that neither of them need it. In the morning, there are enough dregs of it left for them both to toast one another. For the courage they’re going to need in Emon to come out the other side. 

For the courage to carry on if one of them doesn’t make it.

The Green Tear Whiskey they drink in the aftermath. Long after the rain has doused the fires in Emon, after Thordak’s body lies sizzling in the crater he left in the city, after Raishan’s body rots away, ripped apart by Thordak’s claws and teeth. Death was the only cure that ever existed for her malady and Thordak granted it to her, as he granted it to so many others.

While all of Vox Machina raises a glass to the fallen, in private, Percy and Vex share a drink to commemorate the dead of Byroden, finally avenged.

The Direheart is for the first Grey Hunt that Vex oversees. It marks the beginning of the harvest season for Whitestone and it’s the first Grey Hunt in half a decade. Cassandra wasn’t old enough to participate in the last Grey Hunt and Percy had declined to, still in his moody and private teenage years. They’re almost more excited about the Grey Hunt than Vex is and she is delighted by the opportunity to show off her talent as a hunter and tracker. By the end of it, the Whitestone larders are overflowing with venison and boar meat, much of it to be prepared for the feast the following morning. 

But for that evening, Percy pours Vex a glass of Direheart and offers it to her along with his own heart and a ring, if she cares to have it.

The next year, it’s Cassandra who must oversee the Grey Hunt as Vex’s belly is too big to comfortably sit on her horse. The twins are born on the same night as the first snowfall of the season and Percy frets about worriedly, making sure their room is warm enough. Vex laughs fondly at him and lures him back to their bed with the bottle of Snow Meade and the promise that Trinket will alert them if anything is wrong.  Percy kisses her between drinks of the sugary honey-wine and he finds Vex to be much sweeter than the mead.

They do not stay awake long but before they give in to their exhaustion, they toast to one another, to their children, and to their future.