Noel Fisher has been providing television viewers with one of the most breathtaking acting performances in Hollywood through his portrayal of the character Mickey Milkovich on the Showtime series ‘Shameless' and it has had a huge increase in his value as an actor. 
The Canadian actor has become a favorite of American television fans for his portrayal of the foul-mouth of his character and the fact that his character is gay and has an on-screen love interest who is bi-polar and placed in a psychiaric ward. This is a role that many entertainment observers feel is one of the most complex, meaty roles and he has played it to perfection with the result being numerous accolades for his performance.  Intriguingly, he is not only receiving praise from critics but also from many people involved in the filmmaking process ranging from casting agents to directors
The ‘Shameless’ actor reportedly is at or near the top of the lists for some casting agents, producers and directors in Hollywood and there are some entertainment observers who believe that he and his agent representatives will soon be bombarded with scripts with the goal of trying to get him to film a movie as a feature performer once ‘Shameless’ completes filming for the season. 
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jackharries: This is my good friend @adrianbliss. He’s a director extraordinaire and also a bloody good production manager. We sent him out to Japan three days early to scout locations. Last I heard he was in a bar drinking the nights away with Japanese locals… he hasn’t been seen since. #FindAdrian

To celebrate @bjork at the MOMA, each day a “never published before” outtakes of the POST album cover.
It was such a big set and for many reasons I had quite a lot of pressure so i had asked Steven Keith-Roach the DP (director of photography) I always worked with on music videos, to come and help us do the light for this shoot. In addition to flashes we used a huge cinema light and therefor the speed was quite slow,

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You can shoot a film by each scene, with different lenses and different angles, and put it together in the cutting room. Or you do what I do, which is to only shoot exactly what I’m going to use. That keeps up the concentration of the actors. If you’re shooting all sorts of angles, they think ‘Well, this shot probably won’t be in the film.’ Whereas I say, ‘Everything we shoot is going to be in the film, so you better be ready, and be ready on the first take.’ Kurosawa solved the problem by having a camera operator whose job it was to shoot long lens on every scene, but he didn’t look at it or print it until he was in the cutting room if he got into trouble. We once entertained Kurosawa in London, a group of English directors, and David Lean was there. I said to Kurosawa, ‘I’ve heard that most days, you only do one setup. Is that true?’ So he had it translated. And then the answer came back, and he said, ‘How many setups does Mr. Lean do?’ And David said, ‘No, he asked you first!’ [Laughs.] It was so wonderful seeing these two sit face to face like that.

i can’t wait to be a famous director so i can make movies all about getting revenge on the men that beat and molested me throughout my life and make $$money$$ off it

Today is the day

Today is the day I apply for my dream job.

I have spent the last week totally redoing my resume, writing As new cover letter and working on a plan for success once I took over.

Truth be told, I haven’t worked this hard for a job in my life.

I have an amazing job now, but I honestly believe this is what I was made to do.

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

Live Young, Die Fast (1/?)

for queseraawesome, please enjoy my first-ever foray into rvb fic

In a different world, a different time, South receives the Epsilon AI.

South, you don’t know why they gave you Epsilon, but once he’s razed through the field of your mind, you came to understand it as just another way of the world giving you the middle-finger salute.

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Director Lance Edmands attended the Sundance Institute Directors and Screenwriters Labs with his first feature Bluebird in 2010.  Bluebird opened in select theatres on February 27 and stars Amy Morton, John Slattery, and Louisa Krause.  

John Slattery and Louisa Krause are both Sundance alum.  Slattery attended the 1996 Directors Lab as a Resource Actor and recently premiered his feature directorial debut with God’s Pocket during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.  Krause attended the 2009 Festival with Emily Abt’s Toe to Toe, the 2011 Festival with Sean Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene, and also served as a Resource Actor during the 2010 Directors Lab and 2014 Theatre Lab.

Bluebird expands to select cities on March 6 and is available now via instant download and VOD.

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THE FACE OF AN ANGEL | UK Trailer - in cinemas March 27

Thomas Lang is a film director who is offered the chance to adapt a book by American journalist Simone Ford, which recounts the controversial trial of American student Jessica Fuller for the murder of her flatmate Elizabeth Pryce. To help with his research, Simone takes Thomas to Siena, where he is disturbed by the media frenzy that has developed around the case.
Starring: Daniel Brühl, Kate Beckinsale and Cara Delevingne

When I’m on set and I hear the producer and director talking about what their next project might be.

male directors are way too into showing female characters in their underwear for absolutely no reason just to be like “look she’s hot” im so over it

Newest cover Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

Art-director Thomas Kartsolis
Deputy art-director Birthe Steinbeck
Design David Henne, Daniel Schnitterbaum and Anna Meyer

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Imagine watching the Inhuman's movie when out of nowhere appears Chloe Bennett and says: "Daisy Johnson, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. we need to talk" then the screen goes black. I REALLY need that to happen tbh.

I mean, I realize it’s 4 years in the future, but I would love to see Chloe B continue her role as Skye/Daisy Johnson for as long as possible. Besides, the foreshadowing of her stepping into the shoes of Director is unprecedented.

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I think one common pitfall with movies going the "hire a trans advisor" route is that they're just that, advisors. And just like scientific advisors on a big budget sci-fi film, they're can be ignored whenever the director feels they want to ignore them, or doesn't think to consult them. So, they're better than nothing, but of limited utility, and offer a limited guarantee as to accuracy of the depiction of trans experiences.

Literally how it works.

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WTF is up with yall fucking complaining about clint u got to see him in the trailer you over there disrespecting the director for not showing enough clint yall whiny ungrateful complaining ass people don't deserve this damn always have sum to say

r u srs we literally get 1 new 0.5 second clip of him every trailer and HE HASN’T EVEN SAID A SINGLE WORD

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Arati Prabhakar—director of the Pentagon’s advanced research arm DARPA—has revealed a breakthrough achievement in machine mind control. Jan Scheuermann, a 55-year-old quadriplegic woman with electrodes in her brain, has been able to fly an F-35 fighter jet using “nothing but her thoughts.”

IsWhiplash True to Jazz?

This year’s Academy Awards included three Oscars going to Whiplash, a film about a director of a big band at a jazz conservatory and a drum student, both of whom are high strung, arrogant and very talented. The Huffington Post’s Brian Ross takes a look at the way Whiplash, like many other jazz films, did not escape the inaccuracies that have plagued the meshing of jazz and film.

-Scott Wenzel

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