directors on the set

Charlie Chaplin on the set of “Monsieur Verdoux”, finding him amusing, Assistant Director Robert Florey and leading lady Martha Raye.

“During her first days on the set, the ebullient Martha Raye was awed by Chaplin, who had been a hero for her since her show business childhood.  Recognizing that this was inhibiting her work:,  she took the plunge and started to address him familiarly as “Chuck”.  He took it in good part and in turn called her “Maggie”.  (Her real name Margaret Reed). 

After that she grew even bolder, and alarmed the unit by calling “Lunch” if she felt the morning’s work had gone on too long.. Instead of the anticipated fury, Chaplin accepted this in good part also, perhaps because he justly admired the skillful, partnering the actress was giving him.”

Source: David Robinson “Chaplin - Life and Art” page 579

I used to mock the fact that so many tv shows and movies use people who are like 29 to play highschool students but you know what if it keeps fewer kids on set where some grody ass fucking pedo director could put their hands on them I’m all for highschool specials with crows feet and five o'clock shadow because honestly like 3 people total in Hollywood can be trusted and they’re on thin fuckin ice


You worked with Tupac Shakur a few years after that on Gridlock’d.What was your impression of him?

Tim Roth: I adored him. I initially didn’t want him for the role – it just shows my white ignorance. I was just this pasty-faced London boy who didn’t know who he was, despite the fact that he’d gone double platinum by that point, I think. But what happened was, I was attached to the project and we had another actor who was interested in the role, then backed out at the last minute. So we suddenly found ourselves without a second lead. Tupac’s name came up – “He’s a rapper, he’s a really interesting guy and he’s really up for doing this” – and I just said, “Can you get me an actual actor, for fuck’s sake? Please?” I had no idea he was an actor before he was a musician, that he’d gone to the Fame school in Baltimore, none of that.

While this was going on and they were looking for someone else, I got nominated for Rob Roy. And during one of those silly party things you have to go to while it’s Oscar season, Quincy Jones came up to me and said, “Hey, Tupac, you should really give him a chance.” And it’s like, Aw, fuck, okay. Quincy is vouching for him. Let’s set up a meeting.

So the director Vonde [Curtis-Hall] and I are sitting in this restaurant I used to go to, waiting to meet him, and in comes a security team. sweeps the place and then they go out. Then a group of women enter; they go and sit at this table in the corner. And then in comes ‘Pac, who sits down, politely says, “Hi, how are you?” At which point, he proceeded to totally lay out the character. He had it down. And I’m just thinking, This guy is fucking amazing! I want to work with this guy! What do we need to do to get him in the movie? Meanwhile, Vonde is sitting there with a Cheshire Cat grin on his face, just going “I told you so…”.

I had two issues with him. One was the fact that he was writing, he was directing and starring in music videos and recording an album. He’d show up on set exhausted, and I just told him, I need you for five weeks. Let’s make this together, concentrate on this and then you can back to doing the other things. Which he did, and he was really cool about it.

The other thing was guns. We were sitting on the back of a truck, waiting to do a scene in Downtown L.A., and I said to him, “What’s with all the guns, why is there all this drama, what have you got yourself into?” And he very calmly explained to me the world he was living in at that moment, then said, “I think there’s a bullet out there with my name on it, man.” He and I were supposed to hang out the day after he ended up getting shot; we were really excited because he was coming back to L.A. and I really missed him a lot. The joke was that he had to re-record some dialogue for the film, and since I’d already been in the Death Row Studios with him and we’d recorded stuff, it was like, “Okay, 'Pac, you’re in my territory now!” And then, you know, we got the word he was in the hospital, and then a few days after that, he had died. I still miss him.


There are so many DCEU movies in development that it can be hard to keep track, so here is the complete list:

AQUAMAN - Will be released December 21st 2018. James Wan directing. Screenplay by Will Beall.

SHAZAM - Will be released April 5th 2019. Zachary Levi cast as lead. David F. Sandberg directing. Screenplay by Darren Lemke. 

WONDER WOMAN 2 - Will be released November 1st 2019. Patty Jenkins directing. Screenplay by Dave Callaham. 

FLASHPOINT - No release date set. Currently has no director. Screenplay by Joby Harold.

THE BATMAN - No release date set. Matt Reeves directing. Screenplay by Ben Affleck. 

CYBORG - Release date currently set April 3rd 2020. No director. No writers announced. 

GREEN LANTERN CORPS - Release date currently set July 24th 2020. No director. Script by Justin Rhodes. 

NIGHTWING - No release date. Chris McKay directing. Screenplay by Bill Dubuque. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK - No release date set. Currently has no director. Screenplay by Gerard Johnstone.

BATGIRL - No release date set. Screenplay by Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon directing. 

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS - No release date set. David Ayer directing. Screenplay by Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

MAN OF STEEL 2 - No released date set. No director. No writers announced. 

THE JOKER AND HARLEY QUINN - No released date set. Screenplay by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa directing. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 - No release date set. Screenplay by Chris Terrio. Zack Snyder currently still signed on to direct. 

BLACK ADAM - No release date set. Dwayne Johnson cast as lead. No director. Written by Adam Sztykiel. 

SUICIDE SQUAD 2 - No release date set. Script by Adam Cozad. Gavin O’Connor directing. 

DEADSHOT - No release date set. No director. No writers announced. 

LOBO - No release date set. No director. No writers announced. 

DEATHSTROKE - No release date set. No director. No writers announced.