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Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)

Goblin ending #4 (in the script)

I could have an opportunity to read the script of Goblin’s final episode yesterday.

Many viewers might be wondering what happened to Deok-Hwa in the end. The script contains the scene where old Deok-Hwa (in his 60s) introduces his 6-year-old grandson Yoo Sung-Jae to Kim Shin, just like his grandfather Chairman Yoo Shin-Woo did in ep 1.

After getting a sandwich from a jobless man in the park, Kim Shin comes back to his house and finds old Deok-Hwa there. Deok-Hwa says his little grandson Sung-Jae has come back from the US. Kim Shin kneels down to the shy little boy, saying “It’s nice to meet you. I’ll be your uncle, your brother, your son, and grandson” like he did to little Deok-Hwa in the past.

About 30 years later (Maybe Deok-hwa is already dead because he should be in his 90s), adult Sung-Jae (in his 30s) comes to Uncle Kim Shin and gives a new passport and a house in Prague, the Czech Republic. He asks Kim Shin “Uncle, did you find her?” “Not yet (sigh)”

Kim Shin looks around the white covered furniture and leaves the Seoul house. On his way to Prague from Seoul, he comes across the actress and the detective in the street. Yes, you know who they are.

Since the lovely scenes of detective Lee Hyeok & actress Kim Sun, about 50 more years have passed. (I guess Kim Shin stayed in Prague for about 20~30 years and returned to Korea once again, but couldn’t find reincarnated Eun-Tak during his stays in Korea) Kim Shin is now in Quebec, Canada. 85-year-old Sung-Jae is staying with him as his butler.

“Are you going somewhere, sir?”
“I’d like to go for a walk”
“You’d better avoid the main street if you can. Some Korean students are visiting and they’re noisy.”
“I’ll come back soon”
“Yes, sir”

And then… here comes the ending scene where Kim Shin reunites with reincarnated Eun-Tak on the hill. (It took at least 110 years for Eun-Tak to get reincarnated after she died.)

“Mister. You know who I am”
“My first and last… Goblin’s bride”

“My name is Park So-Min in this life.”
“I’m still Kim Shin.”

This is the end of the script.

I don’t know whether the director shot the old man Deok-Hwa scene or not.  I doubt he did, because of the insane filming schedule of the last episode.  Anyways, we get to know that the old butler in Quebec is Deok-Hwa’s grandson. 

Time table


  • March, Kim Shin returned to nothingness. (Ep 13)


  • Kim Shin came back to Eun-Tak and married her. (Ep 14~15) 
  • On Christmas eve, Ji Eun-Tak died of the car accident. (Ep 16)


  • October, Sunny died of an illness. (Ep 16)
  • She ascended the stariway to heaven with Wang Yeo.

After some time

  • Deok-Hwa in his 60s introduced his 6-year-old grandson Sung-Jae to Kim Shin.

Around 2086

  • Sung-Jae in his 30s prepared Kim Shin’s new passport and a house in Prague, the Czech Republic. 
  • On his way to Prague, Kim Shin came across reincarnated Wang Yeo and Kim Sun in the Seoul street. (Ep 16)

Around 2136

  • Kim Shin lives in Quebec, Canada, with 85-year-old Sung-Jae.  
  • He reunites with Park So-Min (reincarnated Eun-Tak) on the hill. (Ep 16 ending)

legit halfway through episode five of Dear White People I was like ‘all these wide shots of characters in the dead ass center of the frame remind me of Moonlight’ AND NOW I REALIZE BARRY JENKINS DIRECTED THAT EPISODE NO WONDER

‘Training’ (Hawkeye X Reader)

Characters: Clint Barton X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Fighting


Request: Hello love! I just found your blog today and I’m already in love with it. And can I a Hawkeye x reader fluff where they’re both Archers and they love to prank the others? THANKS!

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

You had known Clint for years. When you were both in the circus together, you were a duo together, shooting arrows together, and performing archery tricks together, like shooting fruits off each other’s body, and other challenges.

You trusted each other greatly through your training. You knew his weaknesses, and he knew yours. While his specialty was accuracy, yours was speed, and agility. This meant you were often the thing to avoid as he took shots, including him trying to hit targets on you while you performed tricks on poles and doing flips, and trying not to hit you.

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franciscaheroncross  asked:

Hei. Just checked out your page and i'm actually aspiring to become a film director. So i'd like to know how to get there and some important things to know along the way to become one (or involved in the film industry) thank you pal.

inlovewithmydreams said:hi I am 15 I have a dream to be a great director do you have any tips?

Hello @franciscaheroncross and @inlovewithmydreams!

I have combined your questions because the are similar and my answer can apply to both.

There is no one way to become a director. Everyone in the industry has taken a different path to get to where they are now so there is no real blueprint to go from aspiring filmmaker to established filmmaker, or in your cases, director. While the lack of a plan may be frustrating to some (it certainly was and is for me!) it is also encouraging because there are endless ways to break into the industry.

In my experience and from the experiences of professionals I know, the best way is to make connections with people in the industry and to go above and beyond in any internship or job you have. Even if your job is only slightly related to directing, proving you are hardworking and  willing to go the extra mile makes you stand out and you can form connections that will lead you to a better job or opportunity closer to your field.

Freelance editing or filming is another good way to get experience if you don’t have an internship or job related to film. You can edit projects, make music videos, design a flyer, take pictures for events, or other such things for friends, family, and acquaintances. I’ve designed flyers for both parents (free), recorded and edited stage plays for my school (sold the dvds for cheap), taken bts pictures and event pictures (also free), etc. Because of that experience, I got paid for other editing gigs. So be willing to take initiative and make your own projects.

Listen to your cast and crew when they have problems or questions. Pay attention to your actors when they are trying to figure out blocking, motivation, or if they just want to know if you liked a take. Even if they seem fine, check in with them (especially if they are doing a grueling/emotional scene!) They are not puppets, they are people. Also, your crew has specific jobs and many times know more than the director about a specific field. That’s why they are there so be considerate of their comments and concerns. No one will want to work with you again if they feel ignored.

When you do get the chance to direct, preproduction is extremely important to a smooth production. Here is some prepro stuff that is crucial:

-Make a shot list! Don’t go into a shoot blindly without a plan as to how your going to shoot the scene. I have just added a shot list template to the resource drive with a quick example of how to fill it out. This website also has a free template for google drive spreadsheets.

-Scout locations and plan shots out. Doing this will prepare you for possible problems such as poor background noise, automatic lights, not enough room for lights and other equipment, etc. Know how you’re going to block scenes within the space.

-Make a budget plan. How much will food cost? (Side note: food is very important, especially if people are working for free.) Include a buffer in your budget to account for mishaps or extra runs. I usually do around $50 for smaller shoots but it depends on the individual project and your personal budget.

-Communication is key. (Side note: email skills are super important!) If you don’t communicate with your cast and crew, it leads to mistakes, wasted time and money, and frustration. I rarely work with people a second time if they don’t communicate.

-Know the script inside and out. Actors and crew will have questions so you have to know the script as well or better than the writer.

Overall, directors can make or break a production so pay attention to your cast and crew, stay organized, and don’t be afraid to admit you’re wrong or that you don’t understand something. You are in charge but realize you aren’t all-knowing.

This became a long answer so I hope it was helpful and not just a ramble!



The Signs as MST3K Quotes

Aries: “I wanna decide who lives and who dies.”

Taurus: “Well believe me, Mike, I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid… and I went ahead anyway.”

Cancer: “They’re like Klingons but without the Kling.”

Gemini: “Honey bunches…OF DEATH!”

Leo: “Sorry I’m late, my sleeves fell off.”

Virgo: “Oh, terrific — we were saved by the gates of hell.”

Libra: “C'mon! Try and move faster than the plot!”

Scorpio: “Sir, do you have any idea how fast you were dying?”

Saggitarius: “Ayoo, aayyyyooo, Director’s gone and they wanna go home!”

Capricorn: “My theory is that the director shot the entire movie without looking at it.”

Aquarius: “Forget about life-jackets this is The 50’s.”

Pisces: “This is the song written for the train chase.This is the chase, Rocky and Ken! He tried to kill me with a forklift…Olé!”

I’m so so so happy for Cami and the rest of the riverdale cast on Season One’s success.

I just want Cami to have all the good things in the world. 

Bonding Pt 2 (Clint X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Clint Barton X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of death of parents.

Request: Bonding Pt 2 - For another part of bonding clint could find out the reader has a background a lot like his and takes her in and she becomes a sister or daughter to him

Originally posted by howdoyourespond

Clint had been keeping you company for quite some time now. He’d stand beside you, giving you little tips to help you improve, and you did the same. Natasha would sometimes come to visit, as well as some of the other Avengers, but you generally left Clint to do the talking while you waited at the side.

The other Avengers understood it would take a while for you to warm up to them like you had Clint, but even then, Clint knew he was only scratching the surface.

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Little Avenger - 4

Pairing: Peter x reader, Bucky x reader, Avengers x reader

Summary: the secret was finally out; they knew what you were capable of. You didn’t know what you should expect, you never had so much love, what would it feel like to say an unexpected goodbye to your second family? To a place you called home?

Author’s Note: guess who’s back! I am writing something after ONE FUCKING WEEK. I can’t believe it! I didn’t have any time with all the tests and homework and tuitions, I couldn’t quite juggle all proper. This is yet another part and its rather gloomy but has a fluff, Peter and Bucky fluff. no chances of going wrong. (supernatural reference in the end)Hope you like it!

Warning(s): emotional distress, swearing and crying

Word Count: 1999 (dayum)

Parts - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

You were at last, happy. You had not felt what it meant to have a place called home and to be surrounded by people who adored you for so many years now. You adored them and so did they. How could they not?

You would swear a lot, much to Steve’s disappointment, but you were such a sweetheart to have around. You would sometimes make them unique things, ranging from crafts to new recipes, you would crack jokes and make them laugh, you would always make sure that Tony and bruce always had a blanket whenever they fell asleep working, you would always defend them, you made sure that they didn’t have nightmares, and when they did, you were there. You were like this little sibling they never asked for.

They loved you and were very protective of you. they just didn’t want to lose you, you meant too much to them. You were close to all of them but most to Natasha, Peter and Bucky. You and Peter were best of buddies and were almost inseparable. He just loved having you around, you were so… unique and beautiful.

Your relationship with Bucky was what the avengers thought to be the purest. You both were each other’s families; he would act like a sibling and a grandfather at the Same time. The others didn’t know how this all began; it was something you both never spoke about. The story though, was as unique as your relationship.

You were texting Peter on your phone lying in your bed. It was midnight but Peter and your talks never seemed to end, you always had something new to talk about.

‘and that’s how I burnt my ass once.’ You sent him the message as the memory ran through your mind again.

‘you’re weird XD. BUT still my favourite.’ He sent back after having a good laugh. This was just one of the things he loved about you; you spoke without any hesitation.

‘I will always be your favourite ;) . No one ever forgets me, love.’ You grinned as you sent the message.

‘XD’ it was all he could manage as he smiled like an idiot with a red face on his mobile. Only if he could tell you about how he felt and could hear you call him those cute nicknames. He shook his head when he realized what he was thinking. He couldn’t it would mess things up.

g’night. I’ve got school tomorrow. Sweet dreams spidey :D’ his phone dinged with another one of your messages. He replied with one of his signature sweet messages.

‘idiot.’ You muttered and set the phone aside. You loved that dork. His goofy smile and cute laugh was something that-. You abruptly stopped thinking about him, why were you thinking about him at the first place? You couldn’t have “feelings’ for him? he was your best friend.

  ‘he’s my best friend, nothing else. No mushy feelings and all.’ You shook your head and buried your head in your pillow. ‘it hurts when they leave.’ You thought. You were in a conflict when your gate creaked open a little.

You shot right up and pulled out the knife from under your pillow. You fixed your glasses and saw that it wasn’t some intruder, it was Bucky, a very dishevelled and disturbed looking Bucky who was now staring at your knife. You hid it quickly and walked towards him.

‘sorry for that, buckbeak.’ You grinned. you noticed his eyes and read how pained his energy felt. ‘is everything okay?’ you furrowed your brows.

‘yeah.’ He seemed to have broken from a trance. ‘I-I just, I was passing by and saw that your light was still on, that’s all.’ He tried to shrug it off.

‘do not lie to me.’ You said in a serious tone. ‘what is it? you know I can read your mind if you don’t wanna speak.’

‘(y/n) what do you think of me?’ he asked out of nowhere. He seemed very serious and you pondered over the question for a while.

‘well, you are,’ you looked away as you thought. ‘you are like a big brother or a grandpa I never wanted.’ You grinned. ‘you don’t talk to me much but when you do, it is great. You play pranks on me sometimes but I believe it’s just one of the ways of saying “I care for you.”’ you finally looked at him. he had a faint smile on his face but his eyes were glassy.

  ‘I wish all of it could be true, I am not who you think I am, I am-‘he spoke the words with disgust.

‘I great human being who had his life taken away from him forcefully.’ You said and he scoffed. ‘it was never you, monsters are evil from within.’ You held his arms. ‘you have good in you, we al believe it.’ you smiled at him. this was enough to make the former merciless assassin shed a tear in front of a 15-year-old girl. He pursed his lips and looked down.

‘hey,’ you tried to provide him soothing energy as he struggled with his thoughts. He didn’t know why but he hugged you. it was surprising at first, he wasn’t the type of person to even sit with you if your legs were touching. You wrapped your arms around him and tried to soothe him. he finally knew that he could trust you.

‘I dreamt that I killed you and Steve, I dreamt I hurt everyone I cared for. I wanted to check that you all were okay.’ He mumbled in your shoulder. You felt a sting in your eyes. You had never seen him so weak, so vulnerable. He shook as he couldn’t help the tears that were flowing now. This is what happens when you keep storing all that water in, it just takes one hammer to break the dam that has weakened.

  ‘shh…’ you rubbed his back. You started to hum a song that you had once heard. ‘hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over. They come, they come, to build a wall between us.’ He stopped crying and looked at you. ‘but we know that they won’t win.’ You smiled and wiped his tears. ‘you are a strong person, you don’t have to be ashamed to show your feelings, they are a part of you.’ you said and a side of his lips twitched in a smile.

 ‘wanna watch a movie?’ you stood up. You didn’t realize when you both had sat down on the floor.

  ‘only if you make that shit brownie of yours.’ He attempted to smile.

  ‘deal.’ You offered him a hand and he stood up. You both had only grown close to each other from that day.

You were both overly protective of each other, but you both fought like wolves sometimes. That day was no different.

‘why the fuck did you eat my gum?!’ you shouted at Bucky as he used Steve as a shield.

‘do you have to do this? I will get you more.’ Peter tried to hold you back.

‘no! I only have sweet things in like, what a month?! And this jackass took it without even asking!’ you looked at him.

‘I didn’t take it!’ Bucky shot from behind Steve.

‘what is the matter?” Sam walked in blowing bubble gum bubble.

‘you took it?!” you and Bucky said in unison.

‘mhm.’ Sam replied casually.

‘do you know how hard she punches?’ Bucky shouted on Sam.

‘I don’t fuck-‘ you were interrupted as Steve covered your mouth.

‘language! Fucking language! Is that too much to ask for!’ he shouted at the top of his lungs and all four of you looked at him with wide eyes.

‘did he just?’ Peter squinted his eyes.

‘yup.’ You said before busting in laughter, all others soon followed and Steve crossed his arms over his chest in irritation.

‘everyone is requested to assemble in the conference room.’ F.R.I.D.A.Y stated.

‘shut up and come on.’ Steve muttered as he exited the room. you soon followed him after you were done laughing.

Everyone except Thor who was in Asgard and Pietro who had injured himself, were sat in the conference room. the room had a very depressing and serious environment, all your smiles faded when you took your seats. Furry looked directly at you and you furrowed your brows in reply.

‘I called you all here-‘ Fury stood up.

‘to bore us.’ Clint said.

‘no,’ he shot him a glare. ‘to talk about (y/n).’ his eyes, well, eye landed on you again. Every bad possibility entered your mind. they must have found out.

‘and it is about?’ Tony emphasised.

‘she must have told you about her powers.’ He looked at everyone.

‘yes, but they are very complex and the limits are not something we still very well know.’ Bruce looked at him.

‘well, she must have told you how she can also, absorb it.’ he said.

‘enough with the puzzles, Fury. Get to the point.’ Natasha said.

‘what I want to say is that-‘

  ‘I am a creature who is capable on feeding off energy and I must be returned to where I belong.’ You spoke. Peter looked at you and held your hand out of reflex. You looked at him and gave him a weak smile.

‘we already know that you can absorb energy, so what?.’ Wanda argued.

‘you don’t understand. They fear, I might not be able to control it; my hunger. they think I am a monster who will suck out your life and would become something they can control. ‘you said looking down. ‘and they are right, I must return to my cell.’ You looked up.

‘what!? No! she is not going anywhere.’ Bucky said to furry. ‘you are not going anywhere. You and I will go somewhere else if that’s what it takes but you won’t go back to that filth. We are family, remember.’ He looked at you.

‘I don’t want to hurt any of you.’ you smiled sadly. ‘you are all I got.’

‘you must decide (y/n).’ Fury looked at you.

‘hold up, she is not going anywhere.’ Tony said

‘she’s way too young to decide that. And she has never done anything to hurt us.’ Clint said.

‘she is very good with her powers. I will help her, you can’t just take her away.’ Wanda stood up in your defence.

‘the girl’s much stronger than you think, Fury. You don’t know what she’s capable of.’ Natasha added.

‘okay, but-‘ he raised his hands.

‘she’s staying.’ Steve stood up with his arms crossed. ‘that’s final.’ He looked at Fury.

‘banner?’ Fury looked at Bruce and he smiled in response. 

‘she’s part of the family. We won’t let you take her away.’ He said calmly.

‘well, I can never win an argument with you idiots.’ He took a deep breath. ‘guess, she’ll stay.’ He left the room.

‘the hell she will.’ Sam shouted back and grinned at you.

‘why didn’t you let me go?’ you looked at them. ‘I might hurt you.’

‘you won’t.’ Natasha kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘yeah, you are much stronger than you think.’ Peter smiled at you and gave them a gentle squeeze.

‘even though I hate ruining the moment,’ Bucky stood next to you. ‘hands off, parker.’ He glared at Peter.

‘yes, sir.’ Peter retrieved his hands and everyone laughed.

‘you better get used to it, tin-tin. They are going on a mission later.’ Tony grinned.

‘what?’ Bucky’s eyes grew wide.

  ‘yup, how else are gonna learn?’ he said.

‘I have been on missions before.’ You crossed your arms.

‘and I’m spiderman.’ Peter defended himself. ‘it’ll be great! We have never been on missions together!” he grinned.

‘yeah, you’re spiderman.’ You pinched his cheeks. ‘I know, let’s go then.’ You held his arms and led him out of the room.

‘I don’t like it.’ Bucky said as he knew the closeness you to had wasn’t something he liked.

‘nobody likes it.’ Natasha replied.

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