You Again | DirectorElijahGolds

As Clare prepared for her morning, a mild sense of shock was still running rampant through her brain. Some years had passed since Eli was around, and it was still a hard concept to compute that he was really back for good, now. Sad to say, the two had fallen prey to the difficulties of distance, and their contact was minimal since Eli left. Once the best of friends, Clare and Eli had gone a long while without speaking, more so out of hardship than anything, but now that he was moved back, Clare was dead set and determined to make up for lost time.

She dressed quickly, foregoing breakfast in her haste to make it to the school in a good amount of time, and it was unwavering that her anticipation outweighed any potential hunger. She reached the school a few minutes later, taking pause to collect herself, knowing that she would be flustered enough without appearing so harried for the reconnection. Finding her locker quickly, she dropped off her folders and the like, depositing everything onto the shelves haphazardly before scurrying to the foyer to await Eli. Impatient to be reunited with the “long lost” friend, she pulled out her phone, shooting a quick text to assure herself that he was coming. “Hey, you get lost on your first day already? :P”