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It wasn’t often Genesis did bodyguard work; most of the time, bodyguard work was relegated to Seconds, the Firsts being needed for things that called on the level of strength and skill lower classes just couldn’t match. And admittedly, it was also much more a Turk’s job, unless it was for Lazard himself. But Lazard had pulled him specifically to help Director Tuesti, and it was a much more interesting briefing than he’d expected.

“I need you to travel to Fort Condor as Director Tuesti’s bodyguard,” Lazard had explained. “Usual job there, details in the file. But he’s not able to bring a team in with him, so you may be able to give an additional assist. He could use someone with pinpoint materia work, and I don’t know anyone better for it.”

Genesis had laughed a little, but it was true, and he was quite intrigued to see just what that would entail. Usually it was only Lazard putting those skills to use, but he certainly didn’t mind. Magic was his forte, and he didn’t get to use it nearly enough.

Mission duffle packed, a full bangle equipped since he wasn’t sure exactly what the director needed, and one very strong thermos of coffee because mornings was enough to have him ready to go. Down to the garage to meet up with his assigned ward.

Dirty magazine

So, instead of working on the Cloud-sharing fic, I spent an hour scribbling out a kink meme fill instead. Which kinda fails as a kink meme fill cause there isn’t even any smut, but I just found it rather entertaining to write. X3

And now it’s way past my bedtime, whoops.

Prompt: During a surprise bunker inspection, General Sephiroth discovers Cloud or Zack’s hidden porn—featuring “him” on the front page. Obviously the cadet in question needs to be punished, how Sephiroth decides to do this is up to the writer as long as it’s fully consensual.

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Anonymous Asked: How does one get into the SOLDIER program? I've heard something about an exam, but no specifics.

There’s a reason why you haven’t heard any specifics about it.  It’s mostly classified information.  Shin-Ra has a lot of secrets, and they have a lot of enemies that want to get their hands on those secrets.  The most I’m cleared to say is this:

The SOLDIER exams are divided up into ten different exams over the course of about a year.  Anyone who has passed their basic PFTs (physical fitness test) can try out.  There are both written and physical exams and tests that range from materia, SMAT (Shin-Ra Martial Arts Training which is self defense and hand-to-hand), rile qualifications, land navigation, logistics/embark, medical, and of course, they have to know we can wield a sword. It’s more involved than that of course, but that’s just a general overview for you.

You also have to have a clean record of course. They won’t promote someone that has gotten themselves in trouble too many times. The CO (commanding officer…not a SOLDIER but an army commander) as well as the CSOP (commander SOLDIER operative) of the barracks keep a close eye on their men and submit monthly reports about us…like our behavior, attitude, PFT scores, health, and overall “team spirit” I guess would be an easy way to put it.

Everything considered, once an individual has proven themselves and passed all these tests, a worthy candidate to SOLDIER is submitted to the 1st Class SOLDIERs as well as Director Lazard (director of SOLDIER) and Heidegger (he’s the Director of the army division). They review each candidate, all their scores and reports and decide from there if they are to be promoted.

Currently I’m at one of the final stages. If I passed the last exam, I go onto the final one, which I explained in a blog entry about a week ago. If I pass that, then I’ll be put up as a candidate for SOLDIER. :)

I hope that I answered your question…I can only say so much and I probably said too much as it is. Haha…


 Yesterday was a sad day for ShinRa SOLDIERs everywhere. Our privacy and gossip is no longer safe. Hide away your feelings of love, lust or hate, for Director Lazard has joined Twitter – @HardLazard .

I made a joke about his glasses a few days ago and, of course, he found it. When I asked for some daring and dangerous mission to do - y'know, make use of my skills - he sent me off to rescue Palmer.

From the toilet.

Aw man, it smelt like the back-end of a shoopuf in there. I tried, like any decent SOLDIER would, but Palmer in a toilet is worth no amount of gil. I got out o’ there like a ninja - Lazard never noticed until too late.

Zack: 1   Lazard: 0
Ooooh yeah.

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