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“My early exposure to all the leviathans of the Saturday matinee creature features inspired me, when I grew up, to make ‘Jurassic Park.'” - Steven Spielberg 🎬

I think it’s possible. I think because it worked out so well, it was kind of unexpected. I don’t think it as written that way, it was something that Carlos and I found a lot of that, and Kevin Smith (the Director of The Runaway Dinosaur) kind of helped is find that, too, and it ended up being a really interesting dynamic between Iris and Cisco, and so I think it’d be cool to see more of that, and to see more of Iris’ humor, but I don’t know. I don’t know anything!
—  Candice Patton on whether the fans will get more Irisco (because the fans really want more Irisco… make it happen writers!)

Pixar animator and director Peter Sohn told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross how he helped inspire the character of Russell in Up:

“I did a lot of the scratch voice for Russell in the early production of that film, and I was in early development with them doing storyboards and I remember that there are these sessions when you’re sitting around a table and you are coming up with ideas [and] a lot of artists will draw each other all the time and caricature each other. We would call [it] “jacking each other” — where you would flip a drawing at someone and your nose is huge or something. They kept drawing me like a giant thumb with a hat and these kind of little Asian eyes, and somehow that shape kept recurring until it became Russell, this Asian-American kid. I got to tell you, I’m so proud that there’s this Asian-American kid in an animated movie.”

His new film, The Good Dinosaur, imagines a world in which the dinosaurs did not go extinct and people and dinosaurs now live together. At the center of the movie is Arlo, an 11-year-old dinosaur who becomes separated from his family during a flash flood and must find his way home with the help of a feral boy named Spot. 

More about the film and Sohn’s life in this interview: 

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