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Baby Batcat + the reversal of their height difference



“If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.”

On her birthday, here is the infallible, authentic, and pioneering Queen Ava DuVernay collaborating on her many sets.

“Let Ava DuVernay tell the stories she wants to tell in the way she wants to tell them. If one of these stories just so happens to center around a man in spandex, then DuVernay has already exhibited the necessary skill and strength to make this movie, free of studio mandates, legacy liabilities, and fanboy entitlements. At this point, I’d watch her direct a drivers ed tutorial. Like the great cinematic genre-hoppers who came before her, DuVernay’s directorial print contains multitudes, and the future of cinema suddenly seems a hell of a lot brighter knowing that her inimitably unpredictable vision is a part of it.” — Matthew Eng



Blade Runner has numerous deep similarities to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, including a built-up urban environment, in which the wealthy literally live above the workers, dominated by a huge building (the Stadtkrone Tower in Metropolis and the Tyrell Building in Blade Runner). Special effects supervisor David Dryer used stills from Metropolis when lining up Blade Runner’s miniature building shots. There were much more ideas for the depiction of future Los Angeles. Concept art by Syd Mead also included enormous freeways and more monumental buildings. However, budgetary constraints prevented these from being realized. Production designer Lawrence G. Paull and art director David Snyder realized Scott’s and Mead’s sketches. [x|x]


Did Cooper mess up the timeline? Do people know who he is? When “Carrie Page” screamed did everything switch back? What year is it? Where is Audrey? What was with the flashbacks w Josie, Pete, & Catherine? If Laura’s body disppeared does that mean she’s alive? Does Cooper even exist in Twin Peaks if Laura never died? Do the last 25 years not matter anymore? What happened to Sara Palmer after she shattered Laura’s picture? Who’s Richard/Linda? Why did we have to watch Cooper/Diane have sex? How many Coopers are there now? Why couldn’t the season end w everything being resolved and have the gang at the R&R having some cherry pie and yucking it up? Will there be a new season of Twin Peaks? Will David Lynch ever love us?

Asking for a friend.

Honestly tho Captain Underpants was so good. The animation style absolutely did the books justice, I hope other cg animation studios take note. Also yes, there was a Flip-O-Rama bit.

Also, some fun bits from the director QnA with David Soren:

  • Apparently many studios have wanted to do a Captain Underpants movie for a long time, but Dav Pilkey didn’t feel ready to do one until he brought the series to a close.
  • The reason Dav chose to make this film with Dreamworks was because everyone showed up to the pitch meeting wearing their underwear outside their pants.
  • The film was made in three countries total, in studios in Los Angeles, California, USA, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and in Paris, France.
  • David Soren himself came onto the project about two years ago, which between then and now is a very short amount of time to create an animated film.
  • David’s favorite part of making the film was getting to do a brief harmonica solo near the beginning of the film.
  • Ed Helms has said he is ready to make 30 more films.
  • Three children in the audience asked why Captain Underpants only wears his underpants.
  • One child asked why he’s a captain.