Travis Scott Dripping In Gold for YSL Spring 17 Collection Preview

Cd: Anthony Vaccarello
Directior: Guilhem, T Scott
Music: Potter Elvingen

I love it, it’s beautiful!

“I think the theme of most of my films is loneliness… Often my characters are isolated; they are individuals looking for social institutions that will support them, for personal relationships that will absorb them. But most often they find little to sustain them. They are looking for a home.

All the characters in my films are fighting these problems, needing freedom, trying to find a way to cut themselves loose, but failing to rid themselves of conscience, a sense of sin, the whole bag of tricks.“

Michelangelo Antonioni

favorite character parts of this tri article:

  • “The relationship of Taichi and Agumon may change in view of Taichi’s worries about the path he should take” “Takeru’s become more like his older brother, but what about Patamon?” > The potential personality conflicts between Chosen and partners seem like they’re going to be very present in the first movie
  • “Even if it means making enemies out of the others, I’ll be your ally” > Gabumon’s line to Yamato in Adventure, so many feels!!
  • I like how both Piyomon and Patamon were “spoiled” lol
  • but the truth is all the chosen spoil their partners rotten, even u Sora
  • Mimi and Palmon will have limitless fun on reuniting. They’re literally worried about zilch.
  • Jou needs happy-go-lucky Gomamon to save him from himself AS PER USUAL

favs from directior.producer interview:

  • The battle against BelialVamdemon is mentioned in passing. 02 is definitely not erased, for anyone still worrying ;P
  • originally the producers were thinking of doing more of a “fan movie” which I guess would’ve been smaller scale and more similar to the series, but when they saw the strong reaction from fans of that show, and noticed they’re now in their 20s, it was decided to shift the story to something older audiences would appreciate as fans of the original. our fandom fire never goes out
  • In light of that, one thing they thought about in creating the story was “how did Taichi end up becoming a liaison between the real and digital worlds,” so between this passing comment and the bios on Taichi that talk about his worries about his future path, I think we’re sure to see how he comes to that choice by the end of the saga.
  • “what we saw as ‘digital’ 15 years ago in Digimon Adventure and what we see as ‘digital’ today are very different” haha no kidding!!!
  • since the story is set in 2005, they had to think about things like “there was no international terminal at Haneda Airport” (so Mimi will probably arrive in Narita) “the Yurikamome [a train that connects Odaiba to the mainland] didn’t go as far as Toyosu”

no “new” information, just more hype. but fun. and only a month away now…!

News Notes 9/2/2011

1.General David Petraeus is bidding farewell to the army that has been his life and the troops that have been part of his family for 37 years. He will now become the 20th director of the CIA next week.

2. Israel has sent two warships out to sea. Tehran has sent thier 15th fleet to the red sea.

3. A federal judge blocked key provisions of Texas new law requiring a doctor to preform a sonogram before an abortion.

4. US elections will be the most expensive ever, with a total price tag of $6.billion or more in 2012. President Obama is expected to at least match the record $ 760 million he raised in 2008, even hitting a possible $1 billion.

5) President Obama address will now be on Sept 8, before Republican meeting. Same time as NFL season starts.

6) Hurricane Irene. New Jersey Governer Chris Christie “Get The Hell Off The Beach”

I’ve wanted to be a director since, I can’t even remember, I think I was probably 5 years old. I would direct my life, I know that sounds very creepy and almost psychopathic and maybe serial killerish, but I would just pretend like my life was a movie, and I would pretend like my head was the camera, and I would watch everything, and I would edit it in my head, I would add music, I would add sound effects, I would create a storyline. You know when my dad was being mean to me. I’d pretend that he was the villain, and when a girl rejected me, I’d pretend that I was gonna kill her. Like, I would just create these really weird, crazy stories so getting the chance to actually make a real movie is like a huge crazy hug to my 5 year old self. A big hug, he was real fat. I can’t really get my arms around him but it’s probably like that.
—  Shane Dawson
(On “The Chair”)

Disney’s Hercules just suits Stony, doesn’t it?

I mean, small boy who is not the most popular goes off to find a way that he can become better in anyway in order to find where he belongs. With his trusty sidekick (partner) and a badass trainer (doctor or directior), he becomes a warrior that is ready for battle in order to prove his worth and help. 

Then he falls in love with a sarcastic and pessimistic brunette who has troubles of her (his) own while being tied to a crazy man who uses her (him) for his own bidding. All because something tragic happened in the past. 

I am…am I the only who sees this?

I could be only one.

PASH!! Vol. February Sarumi related interview

I am at work so I will put out a quick brief.

PASH: is there any highlights of the scene where Yata piggybacked Fushimi for the rescue?
Directior: basically in this scene they didn’t have much hatred towards each other anymore. Therefore we want to give Yata a stronger image as he swore to protect Fushimi. Fushimi gave all his trust to Yata in the first place. So when Fushimi picked on Yata and be mean to him, I think Fushimi was just acted like a spoiled kid, and he would only act like that in front of Yata.

Ohhhhhhh Misaki spoils me please <3
Fushimi: screw everyone and your emotions coz I’m doing fine with Misaki spooling me 😎