directioners world

So che non hai mai amato
il suono della tua voce registrata
non vuoi mai sapere quanto pesi
devi ancora stringerti
nei tuoi jeans
ma per me sei perfetta

Non lascerò che queste piccole cose
escano dalla mia bocca
ma se è vero sei tu
sei tu
si aggiungono al motivo perchè
io mi sono innamorato di te
e tutte queste piccole cose

Non ti sei mai amata
metà di quanto ti amo io
non ti tratterai mai bene tesoro
ma io voglio che tu lo faccia
se te lo faccio sapere che
sono qui per te
magari ti amerai anche te
come io amo te

—  Little things, One Direction.
ARMY = A Damn Career

I’ve been in one of the biggest fandoms in the world (Directioner) ever since 1 Direction came out with What Makes You Beautiful till the day they split up. And let me tell you, it is nothing compared as to being an ARMY.

No lie, being in this fandom is practically a career with a 24/7 commitment contract. To anyone who says that being a fangirl for a kpop group of 7 boys is easy… oh they don’t understand the work that’s put in. There are so many things we have to keep up with.

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“We are coming back” -Niall
“Promise!” -Louis
“It’s far from over!” -Liam
“We will always be there for you” -Harry

OUR BOYS LOVE US SO MUCH!! We love you guys so freaking much, 1D Fandom till the end

Hi. My name is Anoli. (like cannoli but without the c) I really need some help. So I met this girl, Korrina, when I was admitted into a hospital during December of 2013 for suicidal tendencies. I’m not gonna say why she was there because she probably doesn’t want her really personal info online. Anyways, I don’t know if I would have gotten better if she wasn’t there. She was so funny and caring and she made me feel like people cared about me and I didn’t feel so alone with her there. So we exchanged numbers (we weren’t supposed to but we did anyways) so we could keep in contact when we were released. I went home before she did, but a few days later I got a text from her telling me she was out! But one day, in late January, she told me she was being admitted into another hospital. The thing is, these hospitals rarely ever EVER keep you in there for more than 8 to 10 days. So I don’t think she’s still there. So it had been a while since I heard from her. And she never texted back anymore. Then one day I was at school and it was lunch time. I decided to text her again. But it said “not delivered” as soon as I sent it. I called the number and it said that the phone number no longer existed. I thought, maybe she got a new number? But she would’ve texted me from her new number telling me she got a new phone. I don’t have any other info on her besides her disconnected phone number. I know for a fact that she has a blog on here somewhere. We talked about tumblr all the time. I could care less about the stupid fucking notes. I just need this to get around so that hopefully someone she follows will reblog it and she will see it. I just need to know she’s ok. I need her to see this and message me and tell me she’s alright. It’s killing me not knowing where and how she is doing. Please please help me and reblog this please.

OMG LILO KISSED, LILO KISSED, LILO IS SO REAL, yeah well Larry kissed, got complimentary tattoos, lived together, went on holidays together, looked lovingly into each other’s eyes, couldn’t take their hands of each other and yet apparently THAT isn’t real