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fic for victuuri week day two!

Title: i didn’t need to graduate, anyway

Rating: Teen.

Wordcount: 4.2k

Based on the prompt: “i’ve been brought to the future for historical study and you’re one of the scholars questioning me.” In which Yuuri has to interview someone from the past, and Victor was a famous figure skater who died about 50 years ago. It’s hard to interview someone when you’re either flirting or gossipping, fyi. /
“Um, Mr. Nikiforov,” he starts, wincing at how stupidly awkward he sounds.

“Oh, please.” From where he’s sitting down at the table, Victor smiles at him, leaning forward just a bit, and sets his palm over the back of Yuuri’s hand, making him snap up to stare at him. “Just call me Victor.”

Link to AO3: here

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Harry on TodayShow (2) 

Blessing you with this pics :D

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Things To Love About Liam James Payne

His fashion sense

His smile :)

His weird faces :3

The hair evolution 

His eyes

Speaking of which, the his squinty eyes when he smiles 


His body *drools*

His back 

His batman love </3

His tattoos 

(obviously not all of them) 

and just because he his Liam Payne

He is sweet, loving, funny, respectful, defenscive, sensitive, protective, thankful, giving, talented, strong, gorgeous, leading, loose, and perfection at it’s finest.

Why i hate tyler oakley

recently I’ve been asked why I hate tyler Oakley so much. well, easy. tyler Oakley is an obnoxious childish hypocrite who starts shit for no reason and honestly shouldn’t even have fans bc there is nothing good about him. he’s not entertaining what so ever and he bashes everything and thinks it’s okay bc he’s gay.  being gay doesn’t give him a right to be an ass. and he thinks he’s so damn funny and he’s not. god I’ve hated tyler Oakley for the longest time and I’m happy liam called him out. if I could, I would have sharkeaisha’d him a LONG time ago.