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Let’s make #7YearsOfOneDirection trend! The band is 7 tomorrow! Can you believe it? This was the first fandom I joined and I wish the band  and us many more years. Thanks guys!

 All the love x

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Happy Birthday, One Direction! 07.23.2010.


Не могу поверить, что прошло уже столько времени. 7 лет, друзья мои. Нашей огромной семье «One Direction» 7 лет.

Кто бы мог подумать, что тогда, в далеком 2010 , пять совсем юных парней, которые не прошли на Х-Фактор, как соло-певцы, но зато прошли как группа, станут артистами мирового уровня?

Посмотрите где они сейчас. Выпустили 5 шикарных альбомов, клипов и сняли фильм, а сейчас занимаются и своими соло проектами. Кое-кто даже в большом кино снялся. Разве это не чудесно? Испытываю невероятное чувство гордости за своих ребят. Я так счастлива за них.

7 лет. 7 лет мы наблюдали, как эти парни взрослеют у нас на глазах, как менялись их голоса, прически, их вкусы. Они буквально внесли яркие краски в мою жизнь. Они для меня все.

Дирекшионеры удивительные. Мы прошли через многое, но мы по прежнему остаемся верными своему фандому. Мы всегда поддерживаем парней и никогда не дадим их в обиду, так же, как и они нас.
Мы все разные. Но совсем не важно, где ты родился, какой ты национальности, пола, ориентации – мы все одна большая СЕМЬЯ. И с каждым годом семья растет. Я счастлива, что я вступила в этот фандом, что я – маленькая частичка огромной семьи. Мы делим радость и горе вместе. Вместе проходим, через все драмы, которые случались за все эти 7 лет. И я знаю, мы много еще пройдем.
Дирекшионер однажды - Дирекшионер навсегда.

С днем рождения, One Direction!


I can’t believe it’s been so long. 7 years old, my friends. Our huge family, One Direction 7 years.

Who would have thought that back in 2010 , five young guys that have not been on X-Factor as solo singers, but were held as a group, become famous worldwide?

Look where they are now. Released 5 great albums, videos and directed the film, and now doing their solo projects. Some even in a large movie starred. Isn’t it wonderful? Feel the incredible sense of pride in their children. I’m so happy for them.

7 years. 7 years we’ve watched these guys grow up before our eyes as changing their voices, hairstyles, their tastes. They literally brought colours into my life. They are everything to me.

Directioners are amazing. We’ve been through a lot, but we still remain faithful to the fandom. We always support guys and will never give them offense, as well as they do us.

We are all different. But it doesn’t matter where you were born, what nationality you are, gender, orientation – we are all one big FAMILY. And every year the family grows. I am happy that I joined this fandom, I’m a small part of a huge family. We share joy and sorrow together. Together we pass through all the drama that happened during all these 7 years. And I know we’ll go through a lot more.
Once A Directioner always a Directioner.

Happy birthday, One Direction!

7 Years of One Direction: Remember when...

OKAY let’s see if this works. I’m going to list a few of my favourite memories, if someone else sees this, reblog it and add your own. Let’s have a chain of memories. Make yours as long or short as you like, add gifs pictures, quotes, whatever. Tag me in it. Happy birthday guys!

Okay here goes

Remember when the boys auditioned for the first time

Remember their first performance as a band

Remember Zayn in varsity jackets

Remember Liam’s pink hair straighteners

Remember Carrots

Remember “oh yeah, well what do you bring to the band Liam? No hair!”

Remember when Haz was late receiving an award because he was in the loo

Remember when we pestered the radio stations to play no control?

Remember that Twitter feud with the beliebers that got out of hand

Remember the first time H started wearing floral suits

Remember that one strand of Zayn’s hair that wreaked havoc

Remember the choreography to No control with the matching denim jackets

Remember Niall suggesting “Nialler and the potatoes” as a band name

Remember Daddy Direction

Remember Niall taking a bite out of whatever the Hell that was in midnight memories

Remember Louis killing Beiber with sheer sass

Remember the DIRECTIONERS winning every fan best fandom award @nottodayhazz

**Harry Styles Imagine**


Helping Harry choose out his outfit for his birthday party. 

“Should I wear this” He says pointing to the black jacket “or this”

“ I like that one definitely!” You point to the black jacket

“ Good choice. I look very 21.”  He chuckles

You laugh “ 21 indeed and still sexy.”

“Don’t make me blush. What are you wearing to the party?” He says wiggling his eyebrows. 

You shrug your shoulders “You’ll just have to wait and see..birthday boy. Now hurry up that party starts in a hour and I got a lot of stuff planned"