Directioner vs Directionator
  • Directioner:Torn
  • Directionator:What makes you beautiful
  • Directioner:4/5 british 1/5 irish
  • Directionator:5/5 british
  • Directioner:Nialler has been preety BEFORE his bracelts.
  • Directionator:Nialler is pretty now
  • Directioner:Cupacke Harry
  • Directionator:Womanizer Harry.
  • Directioner:Zayn, DJ Malik
  • Directionator:Zaine
  • Directioner:Louis THE TOMMO Tomlinson
  • Directionator:Sass Masteeeeeeer from Chesiere
  • Directioner:Liam Payne, the puppy with the biggest heart on earth.
  • Directionator:Leyum.
  • Directioner:Bromances, Romances...
  • Directionator:Gay.
  • Directioner:Summer of 69'
  • Directionator:Summer 09'
  • Directioner:Uncle Simon, Uncle Paul, Baby Lux, Aunt Lou...♥
  • Directionator:Who are those people?
  • See the difference?


#harry’s priv

Whoever was in charge of seating arrangements at Louis Vuitton’s men’s spring 2016 show may accidently have spawned the greatest trio in fashion history. Call us dramatic, but the new friendship forged between Kanye West, Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas — all of whom made VIP appearances in the front row at the Paris show on Thursday — just might be the greatest thing to happen to Hollywood since Taylor Swift’s notorious girl gang. Not only are they known for their musical talent (a former One Directioner and real-life Jonas Brother together in the same room?!), but the trio’s collective impact on the fashion world as certified style icons makes them the best-dressed crew in the business. Jonas seems to agree that the trio is indeed epic, posting a pic of his two new pals on Twitter with a caption in which he officially declared his new BFFs his “#SQUAD.” The photo (which might as well be a campaign shot for Louis Vuitton’s spring line, to be honest) features the guys sporting identical poses, bushy brows and varying degrees of facial hair. Swift and her “Bad Blood” crew better watch their backs — there’s a new squad in town.

hi family :( i had a really bad ending of the day. hope yours was better ♥ from tomorrow morning i’m 3 days in holidays with fam. i won’t be able to post or go in the internet, so sorry guys :(( but in three days i will tumblr so much, that you won’t be able to follow all my pics and posts about our boys, oh yeah :) i love you all :D xxx