directioner in an instant


This is a continuation from the following reaction I did: Seunghyun walks in on you having sex.

Warning: Contains heavy smut. If you are 12 don’t read it or whatever. 

Seunghyun hovers in the door, his gaze lingering as Jiyong slips inside you, his thrust sloppy with his drunkness.

‘Fuck, Seunghyun. Are you going to stare at us all day? It’s killing my vibe.,’ He pants as his momentum doesn’t stop, his hips continuously snapping into you in a frantic, jolting pace. ‘If you’re that curious, come and take the other end.’ Despite the rhetorical reverb, Seunghyun’s head tilts in interest, the offer one he was clearly contemplating.

‘I can’t help but think she must be good if you’re so desperate with her all the time…,’ He mulls quietly, before turning to the girl next to him abruptly, his head nodding directionally back down the hallway. ‘I’ll come get you later.’ In an instant, he had made up his mind. A quiver shoots through your body, your mind confused as to whether it was induced by fear or anticipation. Seunghyun’s voice was smooth, containing a subtle finality to it that was equal parts intoxicating and intensely disharmonic. Not to mention the fact that Jiyong had basically just given you away, like you were his toy to be shared with whomever he chose. His eyes meet yours as he hovers over you, his body pausing it’s rhythm to check into yours.

‘It’s okay, right, baby?,’ He questions, his nose resting gently against your own. ‘It’s just sex.’ You peer into Jiyong’s eyes, blurred with the previously consumed alcohol in the evening and give your consent a short, curt nod in agreement, your eyes blinking slowly as your cheeks flush with redness. You don’t even know why you’d agreed. Perhaps it was the glasses of champagne you yourself had consumed, but you’d always been intrigued by Seunghyun and his mysteriousness. Jiyong had just presented you with the perfect opportunity to explore that.

‘Sure.’ You whisper quietly to him. His lips tuck behind his teeth, a smirk appearing on his face, lifting the corners of his mouth in a half moon crescent shape.

‘That’s my baby. I knew you were damn dirty.,’ He murmurs, his lips pressing into yours aggressively, his mouth bitter with the taste of whiskey and the lingering remnants of his last cigarette. ‘Seunghyun’s going to find that out pretty quickly, too.’ His pace starts again, slower this time, but with the same drilling power, as he nods his head in his friends direction to invite him towards you both. A stuttered gasp leaves your mouth as the tip of Jiyong’s member connects with the perfect spot inside you. Seunghyun comes to stand at the top of your head, his eyes meeting Jiyong’s as his tall stature towers dauntingly over your body.

‘Any rules?,’ He raises an eyebrow in question, scanning your exposed torso with interest, his question directed towards Jiyong.

‘No marks, alright? I don’t want to think about you next time I’m fucking her and I see a damn hickey you gave her.,’ Seunghyun nods deeply in understanding, crouching down to bring his face to your level. ‘And fuck her with a condom.’ Jiyong adds with a ferocity Seunghyun couldn’t argue with.

‘Any suggestions?’ Seunghyun’s voice is a purr, his breath melting against your skin as his hand reaches up, lingering softly on your neck. You are almost certain he can feel the quiver of your racing pulse as his fingers dance delicately against your throat. His touch is a stark contrast to Jiyong’s frantic movements penetrating your lower half.

‘She can take it really deep. Don’t go easy on her.,’ Jiyong smirks, his hips jutting roughly in uneven timing, his words breathy with his own lust. ‘She likes it really rough, don’t you baby?’ Seunghyun’s head nods in agreement, before lowering itself to your lips, a fire of lust burning through his kiss. You hear his hands fumble with the buckle of his pants as he continues the kiss, deepening it. He breaks apart, pausing to look into your eyes from above you.

‘You know how close Jiyong and I are, right, Y/n?,’ Seunghyun’s questions you gently, his words a soft murmur from his mouth as his eyes gaze into yours. You hear the distinct sound of the metal zing as he unzips the fly of his pants. ‘Sometimes Jiyong likes to share things with his Hyung. It’s nothing romantic for me, alright? I’m just here to get off. Are you okay with that?’ You slowly nod your head, your eyebrows creasing as Jiyong’s erection hits your spot again. A whimper of acknowledgement passes your lips.

‘We’re all clear.,’ Jiyong answers in staggered breathing. ‘Just stick your dick in her damn mouth.’ Seunghyun’s erection appears from the top of the briefs he was wearing, slowly revealing it’s thickness. He brings it forwards, towards you, before giving your entire body a tug to move your head off the table slightly.

‘If you want it, take it.’ Seunghyun pauses, his hands holding the tip of his erection just above your mouth in a tantilizing tease. You cast one last glance at Jiyong. Once you’d done this, there was no going back. Jiyong gives you a short, quick nod of approval, and you move your lips around the thickness of Seunghyun’s cock, the salty taste of him hitting your tongue instantly. It had been a long time since you’d felt anyone but Jiyong in your mouth. The texture of Seunghyun was different, your lips accepting his rough, veined shaft as they stretched wide, curling around him. He begins a slow thrust of his hips, your fingers reaching to grip the lower end of him, stimulating what refused to fit inside your mouth.

‘She’s good, huh?,’ Jiyong’s smugness is met with a guttural moan escaping Seugnhyun’s lips. ‘Wait till you get to this end. Her pussy is nice and tight.’ A twitch of anticipation runs through Seunghyun’s erection, flickering across your tongue. You smile lightly at the feeling, and Seunghyun’s hand reaches to brush against your cheek gently.

‘I can see why you’re so infatuated.’ He slips his dick out, bouncing it across your face with a smirk, before leaning down and enveloping one of your nipples completely in his mouth. His teeth graze the skin, nipping lightly on the mound of engorged, sensitive flesh, and you feel Jiyong intentionally aim his hips to hit you perfectly again. In a matter of seconds, a continuous circle of moans are dancing off your tongue as Jiyong quickens his pace and Seunghyun’s other hand slips over your body to stroke the pearl of nerves in your folds. His long torso leans, stretching effortlessly over your shorter stature to stimulate you.

‘Fuck.,’ You whimper desperately, Jiyong’s relentless pace banging against you. ‘Ji, baby, please… Let me cum.’ Your begging seems to please Seunghyun, his lips curling into a full grin. You can feel them shifting against the thickness of your puffy nipple. He nips it again, before letting it fall from his mouth with a tug. He straightens himself fully.

‘She cums on command? I’m impressed.’ He looks at Jiyong, taking in the smirk of pride evident on his face.

‘She’s a special girl. Would you like to do the honours and give her her first one?,’ He withdraws himself, slipping smoothly out of your drenched core. A whine leaves your lips, a pout forming as you begin to sit up.

‘I want you, Ji.’ You peer at him through hooded eyes, your face begging desperately. ‘Please, make me cum first.’ You shift, wrapping your hips around his legs and adjusting yourself closer to him. He looks down at you, taking in your face as his eyes skim over your pleading expression.

‘What’s wrong with Seunghyun?’ He questions, the offence evident in his voice.

‘Nothing’s wrong with Seunghyun… I just… want him to see how good you make me feel.’ You puff you breathlessly. Jiyong’s eyebrows furrow in annoyance.

‘You want him to see that? You want him to watch your face as I fuck you senseless?’ He questions, his hand reaching up to gently ruffle your hair in affection, lingering to cup your cheek. He looks at Seunghyun to explain your demeanour. ‘She gets needy for me sometimes.’ Seunghyun’s eyebrow raises in interest, the apparent dynamic between you and Jiyong something he found curiously entertaining.

‘He wants to watch us too.’ Your head nods in Seunghyun’s direction. You knew. You’d picked it as soon as you’d met him. You’d seen the way he’d steal lengthy glances at dancers during practices, his eyes lingering long enough to build an image, but not get caught. You’d seen the way his head would follow girls in short skirts at the club, drinking in the way their hips swayed with his eyes. You’d even seen his eyes on you on the rare occasion your bra strap had slipped into view, or your top button had accidentally popped open when he’d been around. Everything about his being screamed visual, every sign pointing to a voyeuristic tendency. He liked to look. You knew.

‘She’s perceptive.’ Seunghyun comments in approval, his cheeks puckering with dimples as he nods at Jiyong in consent, his face breaking into a smile. ‘And she’s right. I want to see it. Give it to her.’ Jiyong sighs, taping your legs to release his hips.

‘Turn over, then.’ His voice is a low growl, his hands gripping your waist, pressuring you to twist. You turn obediently and  come to rest on your hands and knees, arching your back to offer yourself to Jiyong, your hips lifting higher. He knew this was your favourite position, and he knew he’d hit you perfectly as soon as he entered. He didn’t hesitate, nor did he ease gently into you, the sharpness of his entry causing you to gasp instantly on contact. The wave of pleasure instantly begins building again as soon as he enters, his rough hips snapping against you, his thickness grazing your spot with perfect anglement. A shudder runs through your body, Jiyong’s left hand digging nails into your hips as he pulled you into him, thundering against you. His right hand reaches up and falls sharply to leave a stinging slap on your ass. Your eyes fall on Seunghyun’s, your gaze locking his as he watched intently. He doesn’t blink, standing with his pants hanging open, his shirt crinkled and roughly untucked, his erection twitching slightly as he watched.

‘Ji, baby, please.’ You beg, your lips pursing around the words as you moaned them out. Seunghyun’s grin grew.

‘She sounds so fucking sexy begging like that.’ He chuckles.

‘It will be your name soon, my friend.,’ Jiyong comments. ‘You can cum, Y/n.’ He adds as an after though, a few particularly rough thrusts following his words. You crumble, your legs sagging as you shudder, your muscles spasming around his presence inside you.

‘Jiyong, I love you.’ You say as he slows his thrusts, momentarily forgetting Seunghyun’s presence as your brain clouds in post-orgasmic bliss. You close your eyes, sinking with a wave of exhaustion into the table. A chuckle leaves his lips as he slips out of you, another sharp slap of his hand coming down hard on your ass.

‘I love you too, Y/n. But we haven’t finished yet.,’ Due to your tiredness, you don’t sense the movement occurring around you until you feel a pair of strong, unfamiliar hands snake around your waist and lift up your hips, pulling them to a fuckable angle. Your eyes snap open, twisting behind you to see Seunghyun surveying your ass, his fingers skimming over the skin that had turned red with the impression of Jiyong’s palm. In the space of time between your orgasm and him standing behind you, he’d managed to slip a condom on. Jiyong is crouching beside you, his hand coming to stroke your hair. Despite his rough play during intimacy, he was a gentle man with genuine concern for your wellbeing. ‘Can you give us one more?’ He questions lovingly, his thumb stroking your sweat drenched forehead lightly. Your head signals approval with a delicate nod, your eyes taking in the gentleness of his concern.

‘If it’s too much, I’ll stop.,’ Seunghyun says affectionately as he eases himself into your core, your sensitivity causing you to groan as soon as his tip had pressed against you. He was thicker than Jiyong, your body taking the time to get used to the sensation of the pinch of pressure you felt from his presence. ‘Fuck, Jiyong… you were right. She’s tight.’ His husky voice vibrates through the room. Jiyong continues to stroke your hair affectionately, before planting a subtle kiss on your forehead.

‘Can I cum in your mouth?’ He raises an eyebrow questioningly at you. He knew it wasn’t something you usually let him do, but considering how far out of control things had unwound tonight, it wasn’t going to be hard to lower your standards. You nod listlessly, your brow furrowed in a creased frown of concentration. The overstimulation of Seunghyun’s thickness was flooding you with feeling due to your sensitivity from your previous orgasmn. Jiyong stands, his hand remaining against your head, before moving it to tilt your jaw upwards. You open your mouth obligingly, the salty tang of his own taste mixed with the metallic bitterness of your juices overpowering your senses. His hands grasp your hair, bundling it into a thick ponytail he uses to guide you lower down his shaft, filling your mouth entirely with his member. A raspy gag escapes your throat, and Jiyong eases himself out slightly, a coy smile flickering across his face. Seunghyun’s grunts fill the room as he continues his steady pace, his thrusting smooth and even, quickly picking up speed. You moan, the vocal hum resonating around Jiyong.

‘Oh, god, Y/n.’ He struggles to articulate his words as your lips purse around him, your tongue working it’s way sloppily around his member in a twirl. The chorus of his uneven breathing joins the fray of sounds filling the room, your body quivering in sensory overload. The taste of Jiyong in your mouth, the relentlessness of Seunghyun’s motions behind you, the auditory crescendo of their combined pleasure. Your energy sags, and you begin losing track of anything but the cardinal feeling of both of the men stimulating you. Another few thrusts from Seunghyun, and your second orgasm racks through your body, bringing with it a new level of tiredness. Without warning, the warmth of Jiyong’s liquid fills your mouth, spilling down the back of your throat, and you gag, swallowing the load reflexively as your own muscles wrap tightly around Seunghyun’s presence inside you, your body convulsing against him. Jiyong uses your hair to push your head, deepening himself in your throat, remitting the last few drops of his cum into you. You gag, choking slightly again, and he slips silently from your lips, once again coming to kneel at your level.

‘Ji.’ His name is a bare sussurate from your mouth, your energy not allowing you any more volume.

‘You’re doing good, baby.’ He reassures you soothingly, his hand ruffling the locks of your hair, shifting them off your face. Your body was heated, your hair sticking flatly to the position Jiyong had moved it to due to perspiration.

‘She is doing good.’ Seunghyun grunts from behind, his hands gripping your hips to steady you and allow him to drive deeper into your core. The rawness of his power causes you to stutter out your now heavy breathing.

‘I’ll let you finish.’ Jiyong comments casually to him, before coming to stand, making his way to the couch in the far corner of the room. You watch him as he picks up the jacket he’d shed there, peeled off by you earlier in passion. He digs in the pocket, drawing out a half empty, crumpled packet of cigarettes. His long fingers spider over it, selecting one and bringing it to his lips. It was a dirty habit you hope he’d drop, but it didn’t seem like there was any chance that would happen in the near future. Seunghyun removes himself from you, your attention snapping back to the reality of what was happening.

‘Almost there.’ He mutters to you as his hands slip over your hips, twisting you to turn and lay on your back. Your tiredness prevents you from any use of your muscles, and Seunghyun hooks his hand around your legs, dragging your torso towards him. He positions your legs upright against the firmness of his chest through his shirt, his erection guiding itself between the slickness of your folds. His pace continues again, unceasingly intense in it’s rhythm. A jarring thrust sends your body sliding down the table slightly, his strong hands gripping your shoulders to pin you against him. The feeling again builds in the pit of your stomach as Seunghyun threads himself through your entire being, coaxing your orgasm from every corner of your body. You shiver, the feeling of intense pleasure again spewing from inside you, your muscles clenching for the third time around the foreign feeling of his thickness. His pumps jutter, the condom preventing you from feeling the warmth exploding from his tip despite you knowing it was happening. His smoothness turns to uneven, sloppy thrusts as he finishes, cuming as your third orgasm subsides. He hesitates, waiting a fleeting moment, before withdrawing himself slowly from you.

‘All done?’ Jiyong questions as Seunghyun turns away, smoothing the shirt you’d creased beyond repair. There was no way the three of you could go back to the party without your now ragged appearances and delayed absences raising suspicion.

‘Yes.,’ Seunghyun nods, the snap of the rubber from the condom being removed ringing in the air. ‘I have to say, that was much more enjoyable that whatever is going on out there. I can understand why you’re so into her, Jiyong.’ He walks slowly towards the rubbish bin, his natural suave demeanor returning to replace any indication he’d just had senseless sex with his best friends girlfriend. He drops the condom lightly from his palm, before readjusting his shirt again, tucking it swiftly into his pants.

‘She is something special.’ Jiyong concedes in agreement, his eyes gazing over your limp form lying sprawled on the table.

‘Thanks for letting me have a turn.’ Seunghyun’s eyes meet yours, a subtle wink flicking over his face. ‘Hopefully it won’t be the last.’ He turns on his feet, slowly exiting the room, the heels of his shoes clicking dramatically against the hardness of the floor.

‘Baby, come here.’ Jiyong purrs from his spot on the couch, his arms opening invitingly to you. You urge your muscles to move you into a standing position, your shaking legs carrying you treppidly towards your boyfriend.

‘I’m exhausted.’ You say as you collapse into his arms. He pulls you closer, cuddling you tightly against his side, his lips pressing against your forehead with a tenderness you’d come to expect over the years.

‘That was something, though.,’ He chuckles, his lips hovering above your skin, dotting briefly against it at the end of his sentence. ‘You did really well, Jagi.’ Your eyes meet his, a pleased smile curling the corners of his mouth to elicit the puffy apples of his cheeks that became increasingly prominent when he was happy.

‘That was an unexpected something, is what it was.,’ Your arms swats him lightly. ‘Next time tell me before you go inviting people to fuck me in a threesome.’

‘Are you really mad?’ He raises an eyebrow in question, hugging you tighter into him. You relax into his hold, the warmth and security he provided an ultimate comfort to your exhausted frame. You inhale the lingering scent of cigarette smoke mixed with his cologne, and you breathe deeply to allow yourself to commit it to your memory.

‘Not at all. If all of your friends fuck like Seunghyun, we should make this happen more often.,’ Your comment brings a deep chuckle from his lips. ‘Let’s ask Seungri to join us next.’

‘Don’t get ahead of yourself, baby girl.,’ He continues his chuckle as his hand reaches up to mildly play with a strand of your hair. ‘I had to admit towards the end it was all sitting a little uneasy with me. You’re my girl. Seeing Seunghyun make you crumble like he did wasn’t that fun.’

‘Nobody can make me cum like you, Jiyong.,’ Your head arches, reaching to kiss his lips softly. ‘You don’t need to worry about that. I’m all yours whenever you want me.’ Despite Seunghyun’s ability to make you completely unravel, what he did to you was nothing compared to how Jiyong made you feel. The comfort, the affection, the tender streak that came out at exactly the right moment to keep you going a little further… Jiyong knew you like no one else ever would.

‘Let’s get you home, baby. You look like you want to crawl into bed and sleep for days.’ His finger releases the strand of hair, smoothing over your face to pinch your chin affectionately.

‘Only if you’re by my side.’