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Harry Styles Imagine - He Finds Your Old Tumblr

I can’t believe I’m writing 1d fanfiction again but here I am.

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Could you pwetty pwease write an imagine the reader is dating Harry Styles and he finds her old tumblr? It would be so much fun

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Your P.O.V.

The dramatic show was playing on the huge telly in front of Harry and me. It was Sunday and we had woken up early, which meant we’d eat breakfast and scroll through the channels if there was something interesting there. The sunlight was creeping in through the white curtains but it didn’t heat up our home. It was winter which meant it was cold here in England. We were cuddled underneath a soft blanket and I was still drinking my bitter morning coffee as Harry looked at his phone.

Everything seemed completely normal. We were still a little tired as we were cuddled up on the big couch in our shared living room. Suddenly, I heard Harry chuckling lightly as his forest green eyes were glued to the phone.It caught my attention but I didn’t ask him about it, thinking it was just another funny message from a fan.

This kept going for at least ten minutes. I tried to focus on the show but Harry kept gasping or laughing, which had me really intrigued. I wasn’t nosy but I felt like he was so audible on purpose. ‘’Is everything alright?’’ I asked my boyfriend and I put my cup away on the black coffee table. He turned to look at me and he struggled to contain himself. His pink lips were curved into a smile and his eyes were full of joy.

‘‘I had no idea, Y/’‘ Harry started mysteriously but he couldn’t finish the sentence as he giggled again. Something about this made my gut feel bad. ‘‘Harry, what’s so funny?’‘ I raised my eyebrow and tried to glance at his phone. As I saw what he had been looking at for all this morning, my heart sunk in my chest and I felt a cold shiver running down my spine, causing my hair to rise.

It was my old tumblr of him and his bandmates!

Quickly, I snatched his phone away from his big hands and had to double check to be sure. As I read my old username, I wanted to fly off the planet to the moon. He had scrolled down a lot, which meant he had seen enough. ‘’Is it really yours?’’ He wanted to know, clearly finding this hilarious.

I clenched my jaw and then took a deep breath, preparing myself for the shame that would follow. Why didn’t I delete my blog ages ago?! ‘’Yes, Harry. How did you find it?’’ I asked him quietly, not being able to face him. No, absolutely not. I just looked at my old posts and felt a burning sensation on my cheeks. The things I had said on the internet..

‘‘I did some digging, love’‘ He let me know. That’s when I shut all the tabs and put his phone away, getting up from the couch. Without explaining, I ran up the curvy stairs, straight into our bedroom. I didn’t want to face Harry for the rest of this morning. My mind was determined on deleting that blog for good.

I grabbed my laptop and sat on the bed, cursing underneath my breath as it opened slowly. Harry had followed me and I could tell as his footsteps approached the bedroom. For some reason, I felt a little angry. I was angry at myself for not deleting my blog and I was angry that Harry had seen so many embarrassing posts and reblogs. I didn’t even want to know what he had seen!

As I logged onto my computer, the bedroom door opened. ‘’Love, are you alright?’’ Harry wanted to know, this time sounding concerned. ‘’Yes, I’m good’’ I sighed, still avoiding eye-contact. I went on Tumblr and tried to remember my password. Meanwhile, my boyfriend sat down on the bed right next to me. I clenched my jaw and held my breath, afraid he’d tease me although Harry was a gentle soul.

‘‘I think it’s sweet’‘ He admitted, surprising me. My E/C eyes widened and I dared to look at him. ‘‘No, it’s not sweet. It’s humiliating’‘ I replied sharply, then looking back at the screen. I saw my dashboard which was flooded with One Direction related posts. So many memories came back to my mind and it kind of hurt to delete this but it had to be done. Sooner or later, his fans would find it and then it would be the end of my social life.

‘‘Done!’‘ I declared and then put my laptop away, relieved that no one could ever see my blog again. Harry pulled me into his arms out of the blue, taking me by surprise. ‘‘I liked the one post where you said ‘I wish I could meet him so I could hug him and never let go’ ‘‘ Harry mimicked one of my posts, making me bury my face into the crook of his neck, partly of shame. 

‘‘Stop it!’‘ I whined but couldn’t hold back a laugh. It was a little funny but mostly it was awful. ‘‘Why? Your wish came true’‘ Harry pointed out and leaned against the soft pillows so he could hold me a little better. ‘‘Yeah but some of the things there were pretty..strange, I guess’‘ I sighed as I remembered my past self sitting on my laptop, writing down my thoughts about Harry and the others. I had no clue back then.

Harry let out a chuckle again and then he took a deep breath. ‘’Don’t worry, darling. If you could read my messages with my friends from the time when we were still friends, you’d laugh at me too’’ Harry reassured me, trying to make me feel better. ‘’Why?’’ I questioned him, trying to change the focus away from me.

Harry faced me with a smirk. ‘’You wouldn’t want to know’’ He warned me softly and then put a strand of my hair behind my ear. ‘’I do tho’’ I fought back, now eager to know what those messages included. ‘’It would be fair since you got a pretty good look of my tumblr, right?’’ I added with a big smile. 

‘‘We’ll see, we’ll see’‘ He sighed and held me tighter, almost like he wanted to keep me here so I wouldn’t go downstairs to his phone. I stayed, too tired to run around the house at this time. In the back of my mind, I would remember to make him read those messages to me. After all, it would probably make me feel better about myself now that he had seen my old tumblr.

You’re Drunk

SMUT SMUT SMUT enough said.

~ You and Harry are college buddies who live together and one time he comes home drunk, and very horny ~

Warning: smut, just that.

You were awaken by the crashing sound coming from the front door. You just knew right away that it was your flat mate since it wasn’t the first time he came home after midnight. He was definitely drunk because no sober person would curse a chair after knocking it over.

You sat up in bed and pulled up the cover to hide your revealing lace nightgown as Harry stumbled into your bedroom because you always went to bed leaving the door open. He would always go straight to his bed whenever he came home late, which was all the time, but this time you didn’t know why he went to your room instead. You just thought he was probably so drunk that he forgot where his room was. 

“Had fun I see,” you said to him. His eyes were weary and his skin flushed. You could smell the entire party on him.

“Yeh should’ve come.”

“I hate most people there.”

His large feet got in his way and he almost lost his balance, holding to the door knob to keep himself standing before he leaned against the doorframe for support.

“Did I wake yeh?” he asked with a crooked smile, closing his eyes because the room was starting to spin.

“No, I just happened to stay up until 2 AM waiting for your drunk ass to burst into my room,” you said and he seemed amused by you being sarcastic.

“I think…I think I drank too much—fuck,” he shook his head, which fell on his shoulder, heavy from the liquor.

“You think?”

“Stop mockin’ me,” his words tangled together on his tongue as he stumbled forward then crashed down right in front of you on your bed. You needed sleep because you had classes the next morning so there was no way you would let him fall asleep there. You grabbed his shoulders to pull him up but he let his full weight fall on you, knocking you flat down on your back with him lying on top. You told him to get off but he was too drunk to move, instead he was nuzzling into your neck. 

You had admitted to yourself a long time ago that you had a crush on Harry. Why wouldn’t you? He was a handsome young man with a good heart. But you never let him know about your little crush because you thought he wasn’t attracted to you. As Harry was snuggling into your arms, you could have just pushed him off and kicked him out of your room but you couldn’t do it because you enjoyed the feeling.

“I missed yeh, pet,” he almost sounded like a child and it was too adorable. Drunk Harry could be cute and yet so sexy. 

“Um…How was the party?” you asked, changing the subject as you felt your body temperature increase and your face turning red.

“S'fine. Kayla was all over me though.”

“Was she?” Kayla was just one of Harry’s friends who was obsessed with him.

“But I said “no, no, I have to go back to Y/N”. Yeah. And-and I asked Jack to drive me home ‘cause I missed yeh.”

You were taken aback and nervous at the same time, wondering to yourself if he knew what he was talking about or he was just speaking nonsense out of drunkenness.

“You’re so warm,” his hips swiveled against yours and you could feel his content smile against your neck. You held your breath and pushed his hips back.

“Let’s get you back to your room.”

Harry let you sit him up, sleep was in his eyes and he looked like a drunk little boy, which amused you. He smiled at you and thanked you for what reason you weren’t sure. You giggled and attempted to get yourself off the bed but he was quick to wrap his arms around your waist and shifted you into his lap, burying his head in your neck and pressing his lips to your jawline. Your whole body immediately reacted to him even though you were shocked by his action. You knew you shouldn’t have but you wanted more.

“Harry, what-” you tried to stop him but his wide palms slid up your back, holding you in place as his lazy kisses fell down your collarbone to just above your breasts. You felt his warm touch burning your skin over the thin fabric of your gown and didn’t try to protest when he cupped one of your breasts with his large hand. Your eyes went shut and you didn’t even know how he managed to get your dress off you, leaving you in just your panties half naked in front of his lustful eyes. His tongue found your nipple, flicking it and circling it slowly. You held onto the back of his head and let a light moan peel up your throat, automatically moving your hips, rubbing yourself against the cool metal of his belt buckle.

“Harry…we shouldn’t…” You didn’t know why you even tried to stop him when your whole body was participating in the action, but you still felt like you should have said something because he was drunk and you were sober. 

“I want to fuck yeh,” he asked with your nipple still between his lips and the sight of it along with those words were enough to make you lose your mind.

“You need to sleep.”

“M’not tired.”

“But you’re drunk.”

“I still know wha' I want,” His voice was rough against your ear and you rolled your eyes closed as he pressed a kiss to the spot below your jaw then across your cheek then you just completely gave in and let him kiss you. His tongue pushed against yours, letting you taste the liquor. You immediately moaned against his hot mouth because you could feel how hungry he was for you. Harry raised his arms up into the air and let you peel his shirt off and it didn’t take more than a few seconds for your panties to get ripped off.

You laid back down again with Harry between your opened legs, pushing his cock against your heat through his black trousers. You two kissed like a horny couple in love. He kept grinding his hips into yours and it was sending electricity through your core, making you a moaning mess beneath him. Harry pushed his hand between your bodies and drove two fingers into you suddenly. You gripped his arm as he pumped his long fingers hard and fast while sucking on your bottom lip. Harry pushed his fingers deeper, curling them against your walls, at the same time working on your clit as well. You sucked in a breath and clenched around his digits.

“Fuck, Harry—” His hand felt so good it was making you see stars. You rolled your hips quickly, his fingers still tucked inside you as you held his wrist. Riding his fingers like they were his cock as he watched with lustful eyes, his lip tucked between his teeth. You pulled his hand free and looked at him, his face was pure sex and desire and arousal so you just had to crash your mouth against his again. You unbuckled his belt and pulled open his button fly with a tug, sliding your hand between his boxers and jeans to rub him, get him fully hard and ready for you. You had turned into a completely different person and he really enjoyed how you were taking the initiative. 

“Fuck, baby. Let me fuck yeh.” Your entire body was on fire, strongly reacting to the sound of those words on his lips. You gripped his ass as he wasted no time driving into you. You tossed your head back on the bed and the two of you both groaned. He sucked the skin of your throat before planting his hand on the bed and gripping my hip with his other. He was going hard and fast, destroying your entire body with his thrusts. You soon forgot that he was drunk and just paid attention to how good he was making you feel.

You lifted your leg up his hip and he moved his arm to hook it under you knee and throw your leg over his shoulder. His face was red from pleasure and he slightly opened his mouth, his breath caught in his throat and you were so turned on watching him fuck you. You pushed his hair off his face and held his cheeks in your hands.

“Fuck, yeh feel good,” he managed to speak as you told him to fuck you harder if it was possible. You were digging your nails into his flesh, listening to the sound of your skin slapping and dirty moans filling the room. Both of you were loud and out of control as his cock slammed into you deep and hard. 

“Fuuuuck, Harry. Oh God. Oh shit.“ 

"Shit. Yeh gonna cum fo’ me, baby? C'mon.” His words breathed against your mouth and you felt like you were about to explode. You could hardly handle the tone of his voice when he was fucking you even deeper and it didn’t take you much longer to release. Your body started contracting and tensing. You screamed out his name, letting it pour passed your lips over and over again until you felt the warmth of him spilled deep inside you. Thankfully you were on the pills. You clung to his back as he panted against your neck, your core still wrapped around him, pulsing and contracting. He groaned and rolled to his back, pulling you on top of him while you petted his face. 

“Are yeh okay?” he asked and you nodded your head yes. 

“Yeah, are you?” 

“Yep.” Harry kept his eyes close, still trying to breath steady again. The fucking session might have sobered him up, you thought.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you fo’ so long,” he said after a moment, making you giggle and hide your face in his chest.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, it’s so hard when we’re livin’ together.”

You bit your bottom lip and felt heat rushing up to your cheeks.

“I have a crush on you,” you confessed. You had thought of a few scenarios in which you finally told him how you felt but this was definitely not one of them. Harry seemed quite indifferent toward what you had just said to him though which made you think he might not feel the same.

“I knew tha’. I mean…yeh made it quite obvious, the way you’ve always looked at me.”

Your eyes widened as you gasped and smacked his chest slightly. “And you didn’t say anything?” 

“I thought it was cute tha’ yeh tried to hide it. But if it makes yeh feel better…” He locked eyes with you and a playful dimpled smile appeared on his pretty face. “…I have a crush on yeh too.”

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Harry Styles Imagine - He finds out you’re pregnant

Your P.O.V.

The stick in my hand wasn’t showing anything yet. My nerves were killing me and I felt like I’d explode. For two weeks I had been experiencing morning sickness and I’ve been really bad, my period was late and I felt moody. So I got a pregnancy test and I was currently waiting for the answer. I was scared. 

If I was pregnant, how would Harry take it? We had been together for a little past two years and he was at the top of his career at the moment, getting more popular day by day if that was even possible. I feared that he wouldn’t take this well although he loved the thought of a family. Harry was good with kids but was he ready for own one?

A beep snapped me out of my thoughts. My E/C eyes scanned the white stick and my heart jumped to my throat. A shiver ran down my spine and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. The test had two blue lines on it. That meant that I was pregnant. I nearly dropped it from my hand and I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t alarm Harry. He was still asleep, probably exhausted from his work.

Shock took over me. I started to think about all the worst possibilities, replaying them in my head and making it seem worse. I stood up with weak legs and I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My skin was a little dull because I felt so sick, my hair was still messy and I had tears rolling down my face. Suddenly I sobbed and then I held my breath. This wasn’t good.

We had used protection. One of them must’ve been bad or something but now I was pregnant with Harry. Harry Styles would be a father. 

I put the test down and then I ran my hand through my hair, feeling purely terrified and frustrated. ‘’Is everything alright in there?’’ I heard Harry’s raspy morning voice. I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to gather myself. ‘’Yes, I’m going to take a shower’’ I answered as happily as I could. Harry knew me well and I wasn’t sure if he believed me or not. ‘’You sure you’re alright? I think I heard you crying’’ He admitted and tried to open the door but it was locked.

My body started trembling because I was scared. I didn’t want Harry to find out just yet. ‘’I just hit my toe’’ I lied, feeling awful about it. ‘’Baby open the door’’ Harry sighed, obviously not buying my lies. I wiped my tears away and unlocked it, letting him walk in. Little did I remember the test on the counter. Harry saw that I had bloodshot and glossy eyes. It made him look sad.

‘‘What’s wrong?’‘ He cooed and pulled me into a hug. I bit my lips together, drawing blood as I tried not to break down. ‘‘Something..happened’‘ I began but then my feelings took over. Warm, salty tears escaped my tired eyes and I clinged onto Harry, feeling like my world fell apart. He held me close and rubbed my back with his hand. Harry didn’t like to see me sad. He usually tried to cheer me up by telling jokes or cooking with me. We could watch movies and then talk things through.

But now I needed a cry. I was afraid I’d lose Harry, the love of my life. He treated me so nicely and I wanted to treat him the best as well. With him, I was the happiest. So if he wouldn’t take this well, I wouldn’t be sure what I’d do with my life.

Suddenly Harry froze, stopping whatever he was doing. I felt how his muscles tensed around me. Then he stepped back and looked into my eyes. I saw how his forest green ones were wide open and his pinkish lips were parted. His expression seemed shocked yet unsure. It confused me because I didn’t tell him yet.

‘‘Y/ that-’‘ Harry tried to ask me but nothing came out. He was looking at something beside us. I tilted my head and saw the pregnancy test. My body froze and I stepped back, feeling dumb since I left it there, for anyone to see. Then I hurried to grab it and hold it against my chest. Harry and I just stared at each other silently for a while. 

We were both dumbfounded with a million thoughts running through our heads. His eyes got glossy and then he broke the silence. ‘’Is that what I think it is?’’ Harry asked me with a small voice.I sniffled and nodded. ‘’I’m pregnant’’ I managed to push the words out of my mouth. My head hurt and I felt like spinning. I had to sit down so I sat on the floor, hugging my knees as I stated crying.

That’s it. Harry would leave me.

‘‘I’m s-sorry, please don’t..go’‘ I sobbed and tried to look at Harry. He looked at me with a blue look before joining me on the floor. He looked at the test, probably wondering how it happened or when. He knew we always used protection and the worst thing that could happen was that he’d suspect I had cheated on him. I hadn’t. I would never do that to Harry.

Harry put the test down and then pulled me on his lap. It took me by surprise as he hugged me tightly, like he would never let me go. ‘’This is amazing..’’ Harry managed to say and then he faced me, tears in his eyes yet he was smiling so brightly. I didn’t understand anything.

‘‘Aren’t you..mad?’‘ I asked him and looked away, feeling embarrassed. Harry cupped my face and wiped away my tears. ‘‘No. I would never be mad at something like this.Why would you think so?’‘ He wanted to know, speaking with a soft voice. My heart started fluttering as my fears vanished. They were replaced my joy and excitement. Was this real? Were we going to be parents?

‘‘I just thought since you’re so successful and I was scared this would ruin things’‘ I admitted honestly. Harry shook his head as I spoke. ‘‘My career isn’t bigger than this Y/N. You know you can tell me anything’‘ He cooed lovingly, sniffling a little bit. He made me smile.

‘‘We’re going to be parents’‘ I whispered and then laughed, having tears on my face at the same time. ‘‘Mommy Y/N’‘ Harry said, getting excited as well. ‘‘Daddy Harry’‘ I answered and we both hugged again.Harry’s strong arms held me close to him and I was holding onto his shirt. We just cried from happiness. This time I felt relieved. 

I was so lucky that I found Harry. He was the best boyfriend ever and I knew he’d be the best father as well.

A/N: I hope you like this. I have written really really little pregnancy things. Any thoughts? :)

Harry: “Hey, I got this idea for a new song!”


Harry: “Oh, sorry Niall, wrong number" *hangs up*


Harry in disney classics

harry styles starring in: Tarzan

harry styles starring in: Bambi

harry styles starring in: The Lion King

harry styles starring in: The Little Mermaid

Harry Styles (Alex) Imagine - Bad News

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Your P.O.V.

It was late in the evening and I was just done with milking the cows. I fed them and started to make my way inside the house I shared with my husband, Alex. It was a cool day and I had to wear a little more clothes. Luckily, it wasn’t bad. The world was suffering and everyday seemed to get worse.

I made my way home and it was a short walk. As I opened the door, I heard cussing and objects falling down on the wooden floor. My heart jumped to my throat but I kept going further inside. I got past the hall and then I was in the big living room. Alex was facing me with his back, his hands tangled in his hair as he obviously tried to gather himself. The table was on it’s side on the floor and some things had fallen over. Worry crept inside of me as I feared the worst.

‘‘Darling, what’s wrong?’‘ I broke the silence, already feelings tears by my eyes. He groaned and tilted his head, still keeping quiet. I ignored my own foolish fears as I got by his side, placing my hand on his shoulder and finally, he looked at me. Alex wasn’t the type of man to get frustrated in front of me too easily. Now, he had bloodshot eyes, messy hair and he was completely tense from his head to his toes. His forest green eyes were dulled by sadness and anger.

‘‘I’m so sorry, Y/N’‘ He finally spoke and pulled me into a hug. It took me by surprise but I didn’t waste time as I hugged him back. His strong arms held me tightly, close to his chest and his head was lowered in the crook of my neck in desperate need of comfort. I held onto his soft jacket and tried to melt into his touch. It’s like he tried to hold me so tightly that he’d never have to let go. Whatever upset it this bad had obviously broken his heart and it broke mine too.

‘‘I’ fucking sorry’‘ Alex growled, sounding so frustrated and devastated at the same time. ‘‘For what?’‘ I asked him, fearing with my entire soul for the worst news we had been waiting for. ‘‘I’m going away’‘ He started quietly and stepped back. His big hands cupped my face and my own salty tears already ran down my face. ‘‘For..who knows how long. I’m going to war, Y/N’‘ Alex confirmed my worst nightmare. I could physically feel how my heart crumbled in my chest. I looked at my amazing husband and thoughts crawled into my mind.

What if he’d die

Shock took over me and I was too hurt to form proper words. I just hugged him again and let my tears spill. Alex didn’t mind our closeness at all and he hugged me back. I cried against his chest and let him cry too, if he needed. We were just clinging onto each other in our cold living room. We weren’t bothered to heat the house up. We just held each other, afraid it’d be the very last time.

My legs felt weak as I stood. As his wife, I wanted to do something, anything to make him stay. Of course I couldn’t. Millions of women like me were in the same situation and I would be selfish to ask him not to go. War was so unfair and my heart ached by just the thought of it.

‘‘I’m leaving tomorrow morning..’‘ Alex informed me after a while. I nodded and swallowed some tears. A little later I sobbed, unable to hold it back. ‘‘Aw love’‘ He sniffled and picked me up like I was light as a feather. He took me to our bedroom and got in bed with me. It was easier to snuggle and enjoy each other’s presence. 

‘‘I don’t..k-know what to say’‘ I admitted with a stuttering voice. He put some strands of my hair behind my ear and met my eyes. Although he was sad, afraid and angry, he cracked a smile for me. I saw his dimples and the crinkles by his beautiful eyes. He then wiped away my tears. Being speechless in this situation made me feel rotten inside. My stomach twisted as I imagines my husband in the warzone. 

‘‘I love you Alex’‘ I breathed out after a little while. Tears rolled down his face silently after I said that. ‘‘I love you too, so so much Y/N’‘ Alex returned those meaningful words. I’d cherish his voice forever if this was our last time like this. Of course, there was a chance that he’d survive and come back. But would he be the same man after that? Could he ever smile again after seeing countless of people dying? 

It was hard not to think of the worst situations.

Words were like stars at that moment. They were far away and hard to reach so it was easier to be quiet for a while. We spent the entire night tangled in each other’s arms, only saying a few things every once in a while. My eyes started to get heavy by the time of sunrise. Although sleeping sounded so good, I couldn’t do that. Alex had to prepare for his journey. I got in the kitchen and tried to find food I could pack for him.

I managed to make bread for him, put water into a bottle and I even got him some homemade taffy. It wasn’t much but it was better than nothing. He had very little things with him as it was time to go. Our neighbour, an old lady and her children who were grown up, promised to check the animals as we left. I’d walk Alex to the train station. It was the least I could do.

The sun was up by the time we were there. A lot of couples and even children were here, everyone in a very dark mood. Alex stood in front of me as the train came closer. I grabbed his hand and I tried to stop myself from crying. ‘’Please..please come home alive’’ I whispered sadly and looked at him, seeing the sadness reflecting in his face. ‘’I will’’ He nodded and kissed my hand. ‘’I promised’’ Alex promised me, trying to convince me. I wanted to believe him, but no one could know their fate when it came to war. 

The train arrived and made and annoying sound. People came off and then it was time for goodbyes. Alex led me by one of the doors. Before he left, he turned to me. Then he cupped my face and kissed me deeply. My heart started beating faster as I kissed him back, loving the feeling of his lips on mine, making me feel so happy.

Our lips parted and we were both heartbroken. He smiled, wanting to stay strong as he got inside. I stayed on the same spot, trying to keep an eye on him as long as I could. Alex sat down by the window and he pushed it down. ‘’I love you so much’’ I yelled, hoping he heard me. ‘’I love you too, my dear’’ Alex let me know and blew me a kiss. Just then the train started moving. I stared as he moved away from me and we waved each other bye.

Then he was gone.

My husband was on a train that would take him to war. Everything had happened so fast. It was so unfair but there was little we could do. Tears seemed to just gush down my face. I felt like the other half of me just left and it was replaced by worry and angst, fear even. Now I was afraid to get the mail and see that one letter, telling me he was dead. It was the one thing I wished to never receive. 

Stay safe, Alex.

Tell Me a Lie

“Are you gonna be back for my birthday?” You ask Harry over the phone. Your birthday is in two days, and although Harry said he would be back, you decide to check to make sure.

“Uh… kind of.”

“What does ‘kind of’ mean?”

“Well, I’ll be back but we’ve got t’ go t’ a party that night.”

“So we’re going to someone else’s party on MY birthday?”

“’M sorry. It was already planned before I realized–”

“Did you forget that it was my birthday?”


“Don’t say anything if you’re just gonna tell me a lie, Harry,” you sigh.

“I promise I didn’t forget your birthday, Y/N, but we’ve got t’ go t’ the party.”

“Alright,” at least you are getting to spend your birthday with Harry even if it’s not exactly under the desired circumstances.


You pick Harry up from the airport on the afternoon of your birthday.

“Happy birthday, love!” Harry shouts as he pulls you into a tight hug.

“Thank you,” You respond with a kiss before helping him get all his bags to your car.

By the time you get home, it’s already time to start getting ready for the party. You search your closet for something to wear, but Harry hands you a bag. You raise an eyebrow, “What’s this?”

“I got yeh a dress t’ wear 'f yeh want,” Harry smiles.

“Thank you,” you take the new dress to the bathroom to change.

Harry comes in a few minutes later, “Do yeh like it?”

“I love it, Harry,” you admire yourself in the mirror. The dress is your favorite color, and it fits perfectly. You couldn’t have picked a better dress to wear on your birthday if you tried.

The two of you get into the car and drive to the party. You gaze out the window, still confused about the party, “What’s so important about this party?”

“Yeh’ll see when we get there.”

“Okay?” You’re not sure why Harry is being so secretive about this party, but you don’t push it any further.

When you arrive at the venue, Harry holds your hand while leading you to the door. The doorman welcomes you, and you walk into an dark, empty room.

“Where is everyone?” You ask, turning to look at Harry’s silhouette.

“Surprise!” The lights come on, all your friends and family jump out. Birthday decorations adorn the walls and ceilings, and a huge cake sits next to the food. You grin, and take it all in.

The night flies by, and it’s definitely the best birthday you’ve ever had.


“Thank you for tonight, Harry,” you flop onto your bed. “I had such a great time.”

“’M glad yeh liked it,” Harry crawls on top of you. “And it’s about t’ get even better,” Harry smirks, attacking you with kisses.