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Overflight of an erg in the Arabian Desert - watch for a road in the second half of the clip to give it some scale. Check out how the crests of the dunes and their directions change - an indication of inconsistent wind directions across this dune field.

Russian Grammar: Accusative Case
  • the accusative case is used to indicate the direct object of a transitive verb

Noun Endings for the Accusative Case Singular

  • inanimate masculine nouns and neuter nouns have the same endings in the accusative case that they have in the nominative case
  • examples:
    • nominative: Моя специальность - бизнес. My major is business.
    • accusative: Я изучаю бизнес. I am studying business.
    • nominative: Моя специальность - правоведение. My major is law.
    • accusative: Я изучаю правоведение. I am studying law.

  • feminine nouns that end in take the ending
  • feminine nouns that end in take the ending
  • examples:
    • nominative: Моя специальность - экономика. My major is economics.
    • accusative: Я изучаю экономику. I am studying economics.
    • nominative: Моя специальность - история. My major is history.
    • accusative: Я изучаю историю. I am studying history.

Adjective Endings for the Accusative Case Singular

  • inanimate masculine and neuter adjectives
    • no change!!!
  • feminine adjectives:
    • -ая –> ю
    • я –> ю
  • example: Мы изучаем русскую литературу. We are studying Russian literature.

Accusative Singular of the Interrogative Какой? / Какая? / Какое?

  • masculine
    • Какой язык ты учишь? What language are you studying?
    • Русский. Russian.
  • feminine
    • Какую литературу ты изучаешь? What kind of literature are you studying?
    • Русскую. Russian.
  • neuter
    • Какое право ты изучаешь? What kind of law are you studying?
    • Американское. American.

Verbs That Take the Accusative Form

  • изучать (to study something in depth)
  • учить (to study, learn something)

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Particles Masterpost!

Particles come after the part of speech they’re indicating. Some of them (such as 은/는 or 이/가 or 의) are dropped when speaking in 반말, but they must be used when speaking in 존댓말.

은/는 – indicates the subject (who is doing the verb, what/who specifically are you talking about). Can also be used for comparison or emphasis.

오늘은 날씨가 아주 좋네요. – The weather’s so nice today. (compared to recent/other days)

을/를 – indicates the direct object (what is being acted upon).

난 아까 김밥을 먹었어요. – Earlier I ate kimbap.

이/가 – indicates the topic (clarifies the who/which/what). *Used in negative sentences!

커피가 좋은데 난 마시면 머리가 좀 아파요. – Coffee is nice/good but if I drink it my head hurts.
저는 미국 사람이 아니라 캐나다 사람이야. – I’m not American, I’m Canadian.

도 – ‘also,’ ‘even though.’ Can also be used for emphasis.

난 대학생이에요. 오빠도 대학생이죠. – I’m a college student. You’re also a college student, right?
아직도 안 시작했어? – You still haven’t started?
매워도, 엄청 맛있네. – Even though it’s spicy it’s really delicious.

께서 – honorific topic; can replace 은/는/이/가.

김사장님께서 일찍 도착하셨어요. – President Kim arrived early.

에 – at/to (time or place); per (time).

학교에 가야 되지. – I have to go to school.
오후 3시에 집으로 돌아갈게. – I’ll return home at 3pm.
이 약을 하루에 2번 먹어요. – Take this medicine twice a day.

에서 – at (where the action happens); from.

미국에서 왔어. – I came from America.
인천공항에서 만나자. – Let’s meet at Incheon Airport.

부터 – from (time or place).

이비행기는 부산부터 제주도까지 가고 있어요. – This plane is going from Busan to Jeju Island.
오후 4시부터 공부했어. – I’ve been studying since 4pm.
그 학생은 나를 처음부터 싫어했어요. – That student hated me from the beginning.

까지 – all the way up to (time or place).

삶이 힘들어도 끝까지 보기 마세요. – Even though life is hard, don’t give up until the end.
머리부터 발끝까지 예뻐. – You’re pretty from head to toe.
4시까지 기다릴게. – I’ll wait until 4pm.

의 – possession. my, her, his, etc. *저 + 의 = 제,  나 + 의 = 내

그 학생의 가방은 멋있지. – That student’s bag is awesome.
오바마께서는 미국의 대통령이잖아요. – You know that Obama is America’s president.

들 – plural.

여러분들 (everyone), 학생들 (students), 그들 (them), 애들 (kids)

만 – only (usually replaces 을/를).

어제 공부만 했어. – Yesterday all I did was study.
난 아침에 우유만 마셔요. – In the morning I only drink milk.

하고 / (이)랑 / 와/과 – and/with. (*와/과 is formal and mostly used in writing, (이)랑 is more informal and mostly used in speaking, 하고 is just used to link nouns together in a short list.)

저는 다음 주에 친구와 해변으로 갈 겁니다. – Next week I’m going to the beach with my friend.
엄마랑 셀카를 찍었어. – I took a selfie with mom.
김치하고 고추장을 넣어야지. – I have to add kimchi and red pepper paste.

(으)로 – by means of; in the direction of; asking for a favor.

인터넷으로 찾는 중이에요. – I’m looking on the internet.
산으로 갑시다. – Let’s go to the mountain.
그건 영어로 말해도 돼요? – May I say that in English?
창가 자리로 예약해 주실 수 있어요? – Can you reserve a window seat for me?

에게 / 한테 / 께 – to. (*에게 is polite, 한테 is more conversational, 께 is very respectful)

아버지는 언니한테 돈을 줬어. – Dad gave my sister money.
선생님에게 다 이야기해요. – I tell everything to the teacher.

에게서 / 한테서 / (으)로부터 – from. (*에게서 is polite, 한테서 is more conversational)

오늘은 내 생일인데 남자친구한테서 꽃다발을 받았어. – Today is my birthday and I got a bouquet from my boyfriend.
선생님에게서 많이 배웠어요. – I learned a lot from my teacher.

(이)나 – gives the impression of “good enough.” Replaces 이/가 or 을/를.

떡볶이 없어? 그럼 김밥이나 먹자. – There’s no spicy rice cakes? Then let’s just have kimbap.
시간이 있으면 커피나 한잔할까요? – If you have time, shall we get some coffee?

What’s that rising from the clouds? The space shuttle. Sometimes, if you looked out the window of an airplane at just the right place and time, you could have seen something very unusual – a space shuttle launching to orbit.Images of the rising shuttle and its plume became widely circulated over the web shortly after Endeavour’s final launch in 2011 May. Theabove image was taken from a shuttle training aircraft by NASA and is not copyrighted. Taken well above the clouds, the image can be matched with similar images of the same shuttle plume taken below the clouds. Hot glowing gasses expelled by the engines are visible near the rising shuttle, as well as a long smoke plume. A shadow of the plume appears on the cloud deck, indicating the direction of the Sun. The US Space Shuttle program concluded in 2011, and Endeavour can now be visited at the California Science Center.

Image Credit: NASA/International Space Station

Time And Space

Be Mine... Morphine, Please?
  • Tentoo x Rose
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Fluff, hurt/sick, holiday, valentine’s day, drabble, one shot

“Hi, I’m looking for the Doctor?” Rose said breathlessly as she arrived at Urgent Care.

The lady behind the counter pursed her lips.  “Which one, love?”

Rose closed her eyes and shook her head as if to clear it.  “Sorry.  I mean Noble.  Doctor John Noble.  He’s a patient.”

“Ah!  I see,” the woman tapped a few keys on her computer.  “He’s in room 160, down the hall on the left.”  She pointed.

“Thank you,” Rose said hastily as she turned away and hurried in the direction the woman had indicated, her boots clicking rapidly on the mottled yellow linoleum.  She sailed past several glass walls with curtains drawn, room numbers embossed on plastic tiles that were epoxied firmly on the door frames.  120… 140… 160!  She flew through the door, jerking the curtain aside–and there he was, stretched out on the bed, several pillows propped behind his head and back, and a couple of ice packs draped across his ankle.

“Rose!” he cried, a grin splashed broadly across his face.  “You’re here!”

She was at his side in an instant, bending to give him an awkward and painfully tight hug.  “Of course I’m here, you plum!  God, what happened?”  She sat on the edge of the bed and he winced slightly as the mattress shifted.


Rose arched an eyebrow.  “Puppies?”

“Yes, puppies.”  The Doctor grimaced.  “Puppies.  In our back garden.  I didn’t see one of them and tripped backwards over it.  Got myself a nice concussion to go with my sprained ankle.”

“Oh my god… hold on a second…”  She furrowed her brow, sitting up straighter.  “What were puppies doing in our back garden?”

The Doctor chewed the inside of his bottom lip and studiously avoided her gaze.  “Well… it was either that or the living room, and I wasn’t sure you were quite ready for that…”

She blinked several times, mouth moving in an attempt to form words, but nothing came out at first.  “What?” she finally squeaked.

The Doctor grinned sheepishly.  “Happy Valentine’s Day?”

Jon’s Twin

A Wattpad request! I do not own Tormund or Jon. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: mentions of pregnancy, ALL THE FLUFF!

Pairings: Tormund Giantsbane x fem!Snow reader, Jon Snow

Originally posted by cybertronicvagrant

You padded through the corridors of Winterfell in search of your Wildling lover. Your hand rested on your six-month pregnant belly as you looked in every room you passed. “Where is he?” you asked yourself out loud. “Who? Tormund?” your twin’s voice made you jump. “Jon! How many times must I ask you not to do that?” Jon laughed softly. “He’s out in the training yard.” You kissed him on the cheek and headed in the direction he indicated.

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Head-Wounds and Heroes, part 2


Part 1


You stayed on the couch for a little while longer, still in awe that you were actually in 221B. Sherlock turned his attention to his microscope but you could still feel his eye on you.

“Um, Sherlock?”


“Where’s your bathroom?”

Sherlock squinted at you momentarily before nodding down the hall. You stood, wobbling ever so slightly, and headed in the direction he indicated. You carefully shut yourself away and examined yourself in the mirror above the sink.

A small bandage was on your forehead, directly over a large bump. As stupid as you knew it was, you couldn’t resist prodding the wound, instantly causing a stab of pain. You wondered what had happened to you.

You chose this time to take in the rest of your appearance. Thankfully your hair and makeup weren’t too mussed. The clothes you were dressed in were simple, yet fit you nicely. You examined your pockets; nothing was in them, not even a cellphone.

Stepping back into the living room, you tried to casually look around for your phone.

“Table,” Sherlock said, not looking up.

“I’m sorry?”

“Your phone. It’s on the table.”

You stepped over to the couch and found your phone sitting on the coffee table. You picked it up to find that it was in the same case you remembered. It opened with the password you entered and all your apps popped up.

Sparing a glance at Sherlock, you opened Facebook. Your page and timeline looked the same, and yet…

Location: London, England.

‘Well… that makes sense,’ you thought. ‘All things considered.’

The posts on your wall were different from what you remembered. They talked about work and nights out and such, but the people you’d tagged were not people you knew. Did you have an entirely new friend set now that you were in a fictional world?

‘Again, makes sense…’

“Why do you look as though you’ve entered another dimension?”

You looked up to find Sherlock staring at you. “What?”

“It’s not unusual for a head-wound victim to be a little out of sorts. But you’re examining your social media as though it’s the Rosetta Stone.”

You glanced down before turning the screen off, slightly embarrassed at having been found out by the detective. “Sorry. I just… am having trouble remembering a few things.”

“Such as?”

“Um… what exactly happened?”

“You fell at work.”

“Right. And that’s…”

“You work at a small shop.”

Hm. Well, you’d worked a few retail jobs at home…

“Where do I live?”

“By John’s place. That’s how you two know each other.”

You nodded (which hurt). So you and John were friends. Interesting. Although it kind of made sense… you’d always had a soft spot in your heart for the hedgehog-looking man.

“How often do I come here?”

“A few times a week.”

“And you… don’t mind?”

“Why would I mind?”

‘Because you’re the world-famous detective and I’m a stupid little girl.’

Sherlock’s mouth twitched. “You’re not stupid, Y/N.”

Crap. Had you actually said that out loud?

“Yes.” Sherlock’s brow creased. “Your side effects seem to have worsened. Perhaps I should call John.”

“No, no, I’m all right. But I should probably head home. I don’t want to bother you.”

“You’re not bothering me.”

“Still.” You stood and made for the door. As you reached for the handle, you paused. “Um… what’s the address again?”

Sherlock stood, moving into the hall. He plucked a purse from the door handle (the same purse you recognized from home). “Come along.”


Sherlock helped you from the cab and led you up the steps to your flat. He pulled a keyring from your purse and opened the door, ushering you inside.

The place was homey enough; sparse yet comfortable. You found attraction in the furniture and décor—there was no doubt that you’d put time and effort into this place.

Sherlock brushed past you and made himself comfortable in your armchair.

“Wh-what are you doing?” You hoped you didn’t sound ungrateful.

“I’ll stay here until John gets back from his date.” Sherlock glanced at the clock on your wall. “Which should be in about an hour.”

You looked at the clock. “It’s still early. Why would he–”

“You know John doesn’t date well.”

You nodded (it didn’t hurt nearly as much as last time). “And… why are you staying here?”

Sherlock pulled his phone out. “In case something happens to you. John can take the night shift, but I’ll stay until then.”

“Oh. Right.” The whole point of you coming ‘home’ had been so that Sherlock could get his work done. But if he was babysitting you…

“It’s all right, Y/N. I don’t mind.”

“Crap. Did I say my thoughts out loud again?”

“No. But I figured you were bothered.”

You stood awkwardly for a few more moments before crossing to the couch. It was very comfortable. You found a remote beside you and clicked on the television.

You flipped the channels aimlessly until something (rather, someone) stood out to you.

You watched as Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed Khan on your screen, your eyes darting back and forth from the screen to the man sitting near you. Did he know how insane this was?

“What are you watching?” Sherlock asked, his eyes trained on the screen.

“Um… Star Trek Into Darkness…”


The Signs as Musical Concepts
  • Aries: Fortissimo- A dynamic direction indicating a passage is to be played or sung at a high volume.
  • Taurus: Rhythm- A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. The heartbeat of the piece.
  • Gemini: Leap- any interval larger than a step. Disjunct Motion.
  • Cancer: Chord- Any harmonic set of three or more notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously.
  • Leo: Tonic- The tonal center of a key. The key is often named after its tonic.
  • Virgo: Leading Tone- A pitch with a tendency to move to the tonic. One of the most important pitches in the scale and must be prepared precisely.
  • Libra: Ionian Scale- Also known as the Major Scale, it is often associated with a happy/hopeful, powerful, or proud sound.
  • Scorpio: Aeolian Scale- Also know as the Natural Minor Scale, it is often associated with a sad/reflective, spooky, or dangerous sound.
  • Sagittarius: Syncopation- Involves a variety of rhythms which are in some way unexpected which make part or all of a tune or piece of music, off-beat.
  • Capricorn: Crescendo- A dynamic direction indicating a steady increase in volume.
  • Aquarius: A Capella- A style of music that is comprised solely of the human voice.
  • Pisces: Pianissimo- A dynamic direction that indicates that a passage is to be played or sung at a low volume.
料理をするのは脳にいいそうです。 - People say that cooking is good for your brain.

料理をするのは脳にいいそうです。 (Ryouri o suru no wa nou ni ii sou desu) - People say that cooking is good for your brain.

料理 (Ryouri) - Cooking

を (O) - Direct object marker 

する (Suru) - To do

の (No) - Nominalization particle (makes the verb phrase a noun)

は (Wa) - Topic marker

脳 (Nou) - Brain

に (Ni) - Indicates the direction of an action; in this case, is like “for” (your brain)

いい (Ii) - Good

そう (Sou) - Attached to the plain form of an adjective/verb, indicates hearsay or something the speaker has heard

です (Desu) - Polite present copula

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dividers, separators
common today.

They indicate the direction, or
symbolism of movement,
to be observed.

A type of organization
Urban development that
should be more extended.

There are too many elements
of urban furniture that
could work that way.

As rescue dogs,
As they exist in Switzerland.
For more balanced and
safe urban life.


November’s Theme: Minimal

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Alright so people are saying Hisoka isn’t gay and I’m here to point out in the cultural context of Japan why Hisoka is pretty fucking gay.

Since Japan obviously has a different culture than America it’s important to remember while looking at characters made BY Japanese people, that certain attributes can have different meanings in different cultural contexts.  We may interpret certain traits differently but be that as it may that doesn’t mean that the inherent intentions of how something is portrayed can be changed just because it’s seen by an audience who thinks otherwise.

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Okay what about this

Skyrim, or a game similar to Skyrim, but with no in game quest journal, map, waypoints, or fast travel. But, when you buy the game, it comes with a physical map, and a leather bound journal. But the only thing on the Map is the geography, major cities, and major roads. The only in game form of a direction indicator you get is a compass. You become the person who must keep the journal, and write down what you need to know, where to go, and who to talk to.

Stay With Me - Clint x Reader

When I first read this I skipped to the middle and read “In a bubble bath with Ultron and his army”.

Let’s just say I was very confused.

Clint was looking for survivors, any civilians who still needed help getting out. 

“Hey, have you seen (Y/n) by any chance?” He asked as he met up with Steve.

Steve shook his head, “Last I saw her she was taking down a few of Ultron’s soldiers. I was going to help her but I got a little bit… preoccupied.” He looked down at a few members of Ultron’s army immobile at his feet. 

Clint cursed under his breath. “Okay. I’ll… I’ll keep an eye out for her.”

“She was over that way.” Steve pointed and Clint nodded, taking off in the direction indicated.

Opening your eyes almost drained all your remaining energy. Your head. Oh god your head. You looked around, wondering how long you’d been unconscious. 

You remembered slamming the bot against the wall, the light going out before the building crumbled down around you. Stupid floating city. Stupid Ultron. Stupid mission.


You raised your head, hearing Clint’s voice. The crumbled building covering your chest seemed to increase in weight and a groan slid out of your lips.

“Clint…” You whispered and by some miracle, he seemed to hear you.

He ran over to you, crouching by your side and started to move the bricks and chips of concrete off your abdomen and legs.

“Hey, it’s going to be alright.” He said, comforting you as your eyes began to fall closed.

“I’m here. I’m going to get you out alive.” He said, stroking your hair back from your face.

“Stay with me.”

“(Y/n). I said stay with me, come on. You can do this.” 

He bit his lip, his eyes beginning to sting. He held the back of your head, the red liquid soaking his gloves.

“(Y/n). Please, I love you.”

The tears begin to fall when he realises you’re not breathing. No pulse. No flutter of the eyelids. Nothing.

“I love you.”

I’m sorry! I know you wanted fluff but ughhh… I tried okay?!

Unbelievable - Elliot x reader (part 1)

(Part 2)

First part of the fic requested by a wonderful Anon:

“Hey, can you write an imagine where the reader becomes pregnant with Elliot’s baby, and to the reader it seems that he isn’t excited at all but he’s actually super excited for the baby? And if you want you could maybe write about a little bit after the baby is born??”

I hope you like this bit. I’d love to hear your opinion, really.

I hate to say that I’m not familiar with the speech format in written English, by which I mean I’m used to indicate direct speech with dashes (- You rock) instead of enclosing it in inverted commas. I tried, though, but I’m not sure if I succeded, so, please, do tell me.

Any king of criticism is appreciated, so don’t hesitate to point out my mistakes, I always try to learn from them.

Anyway, here’s wonderwall the first part. Next one will be up in the next couple days (hopefully)

Word count: 677

“Hey, Elliot.”


“I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow.” You waited, but nothing came out of his mouth “You know, for the second trimester check-up.”


Maybe you were being too subtle. Sighing from your spot on the bed, you tried a more direct approach.

“I think you should be there this time.”

Silence. At least from Elliot, because the constant tapping of his fingers on the keyboard, fast and decidedly irritating, filled the apartment. Months before, that sound would have soothed you; now, it made you want to grab that damn keyboard and throw it out the window.

“Elliot” still no answer. You could feel the anger build up inside you “Elliot!

Hitting the space bar particularly hard, Elliot sighed loudly, turning his head to look at you out of the corner of his eye.

What, (Y/N)?

His tone of voice, harsh and weary, almost offended you. He was the one ignoring you over his damn computer while you were merely trying to get him to invest some of his apparently precious time on your pregnancy. And yet he acted as if you were annoying him.

What the fuck was his problem?

“I said I think you should be there.” You repeated, then huffed, “Could you actually look at me while I’m talking to you?”

Pushing himself away from his desk, the man spun around lazily in his chair to face you with a slight frown.

“I should be where?”

You narrowed your eyes at him as a little incredulous smile appeared on your lips. So he really hadn’t been paying any kind of attention to you in the last hour. At least. Sad anger pinched at your heart.

“Are you serious?”, the utter confusion that painted his features made you want to slap it off his face. “You are unbelievable…”

“I’m busy, in case you haven’t noticed, (Y/N).”, he spat, ”Have been for the past couple weeks, so sorry if I don’t have time to listen while you ramble.”

“Ramble?”, you tried to control the volume of your voice, but failed miserably when indignation took over. “Ramble? I wasn’t fucking rambling, Elliot! I was talking about going to the doctor because there’s a child growing inside me, has been for the past three months in case you haven’t noticed”, when you were finally able to lower your voice, it was to an angry, slightly hurt murmur. “Which I guess you haven’t.”

Elliot stared at you with those big, grey eyes of his wide open, looking more confused at your outburst than scared. You let out a shaky sigh and hung your head, refusing to let him see the watery shine that was starting to cloud your sight.

“When are you seeing the doctor?”, questioned Elliot after several minutes of strict silence. He spoke quietly, almost cautious, as if he feared you would start screaming again at the sound of his voice.

He wasn’t entirely wrong to think so.

You sighed heavily, resting a hand on your forehead, the other on the bump of your belly, noticeable for quite some time now.

“Tomorrow morning.”

His two whole minutes of silence felt like scratches on your skin, but it was nothing compared to the impact of his reply.

“I have an important meeting at work. I can’t miss it.”

Your chest started to heave, pumping bitter tears and hurtful words up to your head. You gulped them both back.

Without sparing a single glance at Elliot, not sure of what could happen if you did, you crawled slowly under the covers of the bed, pulling them up to your face before turning your back to him.

A million thoughts were racing through your head, but you couldn’t quite catch any of them. It was like standing on the platform watching train after train go by, none of them stopping for you to get on.

Anger, sadness and a regret you were trying to ignore with all of your might churned inside you, red-hot and painful.

And when the typing started, it stung like needles boring into your heart.

As a recurring theme in the Old Norse texts, we find the idea of the ‘spirit’ which can leave the body either in human or in animal form: hugr, fylgjur, or hamingja. Hugr, ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’, is able to leave the body, either in the disguise of a human being or an animal. However, the hugr is beyond human control and is best described as ‘thought’, wish, desire, or direct personality. Clearly this indicates an Old Norse ‘soul faith’ (sjæletro), in which every person can own/possess several ‘souls’. Hugr only becomes visible when a person is in a certain state of mind, and this is beyond human control (Mundal 1974: 42). In the guise of an animal, the hugr reveals the moral quality of its ‘owner’, exposing his or her intentions, just like the fylgja: a powerful bear or an aggressive wolf.
—  (page 82) Iron Age Myth and Materiality: An Archaeology of Scandinavia AD 400-1000 by Lotte Hedeager
If you do that "push people away to see if they really wanna be here" shit

I will most definitely leave.

I am not a test subject.

Do not gamble with the endurance of my loyalty to you.

I am here because i CHOOSE to be.

If i leave it’s because i CHOOSE to.

You do not and CANNOT control my free will.

If you push me away, i will take that as a direct indication that you do not want me around.

I don’t play games with my emotions.

You shouldn’t either.

Be it a friendship, relationship, situationship or otherwise…if I’m with you, I’m with you till the end.

Stop testing people who are clearly down for you. Why play with fire like that? Then complain when you get burned?

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takes breaks from editing practice video to garden in the rain 

#or am i taking breaks from gardening in the rain to live?

the chermoula tree in the backyard didn’t break, it just got so heavy on one side that it shifted. “how do you know?” my sister asked, too. 

because i got a shovel and turned some soil which is fucking beautiful right now, by the way, there are worms and roots and glops of glory ok but then
i rolled up my sleeve and put my whole arm down there along the tree till I felt giant roots spreading in all directions with indicates the lower part a tree. then i tamped that soil down like espresso, shook the branches to make it a little lighter til tomorrow AND THEN

all of the hotwheels were in the dirt, i found some while digging too lol so i found a puddle in the hardest mud in front of the chermoula, washed them off like i was trying to get them off looolllllthen i lined them up on the wall 

these are 2 of my jobs


i wanted to write something for pensversusswords to cheer her up and she asked for fluffy mermaid au

hopefully this is fluffy enough, despite all the stuff that crept in xD

Sunlight glints off the surface of the water the way it does off the scales of the schools of fish that flit by under the surface.

Steve peeks out over the waves, checking in every direction for indication of lurking predators or signs of humanity, but this isle is one of the few places where it’s still rare to spot a human. Most of the land meets the water in sheer cliff faces, but there’s a small cove that lines up with the setting sun where fine white sand fades into steep jungle. To one side water flows down the cliff face under winding strands of ivy. Colorful birds are frequently visible there tipping their heads back after filling their beaks with water.

It’s a special place, made all the more special by the fact that it’s where Steve spends his time with Tony.

The sky overhead is a pure, solid blue, broken only by the blinding circle of the sun. Steve makes his way to the beach and swims into the shallows, where the water turns to a beautiful electric blue. When he can’t swim any farther, he uses his arms to pull himself up onto the sand, just far enough so that the water’s edge laps at where his scales fade to skin. He stretches out, long as he can, and savors the heat of the sand against his back.

“Now that’s a sight I’ll never get sick of,” a voice purrs and Steve pushes up onto his elbows.

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Are all of these people declaring their personality types here aware of the fact that Carl Jung himself, who invented these types, believed that these categorizations are nothing stable but they change with time? I also wonder what a label should mean since we have no access here to evaluate if these people claiming to be this or that, do actually show these specific traits. Not everything has to do with fast evaluations and impressions, and if we’re talking psychic reality indeed then we should also invest time, effort and understanding to see beyond facades and find a way closer to our cores, it is a process and metamorphosis and not a hype or a vanity affirmation. Personality tests and so on are only useful when it comes to indicating some directions, they do not fully define us or predict our behavior after all, those wanting to skip the actual knowledge of the self we’ll always find a way to advertise their existence although this tendency will bring them no wisdom.
—  Vera Bousiou