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KNOCK FIRST!?! and he prob just wanted to play with em too?

I still firmly believe Baku has as much, if not more all might stuff that Midorya. ;A; Kiri lived to be forced not to tell the tale tho (︺︹︺) . Also inspired by that one chapter?? 100 I think where Midorya was blasted off his feet by Mei??

Orisa PSA: Centaur Mom

Now that Orisa is finally revealed, let’s talk about some cool facts about our new favorite Centaur Mom!

Orisa is our first African hero from Numbani! Rejoice! Hailing from the fictional African city, Orisa’s primary directive is to protect the innocent. She is programmed with an adaptable and strong moral compass, meaning she will always do what is right and can update her own morals as needed.

Orisa’s ultimate ability, Supercharger, is based on a traditional Djembe, or African drum. Orisa can deploy this drum in battle, amplifying her team’s damage if they stay in range. 

These drums are key in most African musical activities, and encourage multi-person dancing and freedom of movement. Orisa’s body and drum are adorned with the zig-zag patterns common to many African textiles (like Bògòlanfini). Many of Orisa’s sprays feature her and her creator, Efi Oladele, playing these drums.

Orisa’s legendary skins, Dynastinae and Megasoma, are named and modeled after two different species of beetles. 

Dynastinae, also called the Rhinoceros beetle, is a common household pet in many parts of the world and is associated with strength, honor, and power.

Her second skin, Megasoma, is based on the Elephant beetle. This beetle is less common as a pet, but is nonetheless just as strong and powerful as it’s blue cousin.

The two protrusions on Orisa’s head are not horns, but tusks! African Elephants hold a special place in the ecosystem and culture of Africa, symbolizing power and honor, as well as having a very strong emphasis and protection and family. Elephants never forget!

Orisa’s mask-like face is based on a Baluba mask, a mask of the once-enormous Luba Kingdom in Africa! This specific type of mask represented the arts and creativity, and carvers in the Luba Kingdom had a high place in society.

Fun fact: Orisa is currently in the game right now on the live servers. Thing is, she’s smashed into a wall in Numbani Airport.

Orisa was the OR-15 unit that tried to engage Doomfist (or whoever crushed the airport) head-on, earning her a spot in the wall. Eli saw this and knew that this specific OR-15 had the capabilities to become something amazing if given a little TLC. Now, Orisa is back and better than ever! Get ready for centaur mom, she’ll be dropping onto the live servers in a few weeks, rebuilt and ready for action!

  • Me: is 5'1", nervous on the phone, and gets winded from going up stairs
  • Thanos: breathes in Peter Parker's direction
  • Me: 🖕❌🖕❌🖕❌🖕❌🖕❌ fuck off fuck oFf🖕pls ❌just fuck🖕🖕off right🖕🖕now🖕🖕🖕right❌now❌❌ if λou dont ill make you my self🚫ill make you🚫thats right you better fuck off right now right now (chorus: ᏒᏆᎶhᏆ ᏁᎾᎳ) byyyyᎽe🚫🖕🖕 🖕BYYYYᎽуⓎy̸¥ᎽᎽᎽᎽᎽᎽᎽᎽyyyeeee 🖕🖕🖕🖕🚫🖕❌❌❌🖕🖕Fuck off
How to protect yourself from chemical agents, and what to do if you’ve been pepper sprayed.

Are you counterprotesting racists this weekend? Be prepared for pepper spray.

An excerpt from “Defend the Territory! Tactics and Techniques for Countering Police Assaults on Indigenous Communities”.

Protective Gear for Chemical Agents

“A minimum defence against chemical agents is the use of eye goggles and a covering over the nose and mouth (such as a bandana or mask).   This is greatly improved with a filter mask in place of the bandana.  The most effective protection against chemical agents is a military issue gasmask. 

Goggles:  Goggles vary from those used in swimming to skiing goggles or workshop-type eye protection goggles. Swimming goggles and other types that form a tight barrier around the eyes, thereby keeping out chemical   agents,also have a tendency to fog up. Those with small air holes along the side and top rim fog up less, but can allow small droplets of chemical agents into the eye area.

Bandana:  Improvised protection against tear gas has included goggles (the type that seal around the eyes and have no small airholes) along with a bandana soaked in apple-cider vinegar. The bandana can be carried in Zip-loc bags until needed.  A bottle of apple-cider vinegar should be carried in a group, as the bandana can become dried out.  Any piece of suitably sized cloth can be used in place of a bandana.

Filter mask:  These are usually half face masks that cover the nose and mouth, with filters that can be replaced. They can be acquired from hardware and industrial supply stores, for uses such as aerosol painting, renovations, or jobs producing large amounts of dust.  An average cost is $25.  A recommended mask is the 3M half mask filter with a P100 filter (P100 is a recommended rating for CS, CN, and OC chemical agents). Goggles must be worn with a half face mask to protect the eyes. Full face mask versions are   also available, although more expensive.

Gas mask:  The best type of protection against chemical agentsis a full-face gas mask,such as those found in military surplus stores ori ndustrial supply stores.Common military gasmasks available include the Canadian Forces issued C4 version (no longer in production),as well as Israeli civilian gas masks.  Prices are usually around$50 or more for a military gas mask in surplus stores. 

First Aid for chemical agents

Eye/face   wash:  The  most  common  and  readily available treatment for chemical agents is flushing the eyes and face with water.  A water bottle with a small cap and which is squeezable is recommended, as this produces a stronger stream of water. (Note: do not use hot water as this will open the skin pores and increase severity of chemical agents - eds.) When flushing the eyes, the head should be tilted to the side so that contaminated water can flow off the face. Street medics often use a diluted liquid antacid solution,usually Maalox. The mix is half water, half Maalox.  It is placed in a squeezable bottle, and used in the same way as water. Along with the eyes, it is also important to wash off any chemical agents that has landed on exposed skin. Failure to do so can result in blistering of the skin.Sudecon is a decontamination wipe produced by FoxLabs (who also make pepper spray), often used by police and paramedics for CS, CN, and OC agents.  It comes in a small foil pouch and opens to a towelette 8 X 12 inches in size. The manufacturer recommends two wipes be used per casualty, andclaims to enable recovery after 7 to 15 minutes.  A Sudecon wipecosts approx. $2 each. Vexor produces an OC First Aid towelette that is similar to Sudecon.Fresh air: The casualty should be removed from the area if possible, and preferably placed in a cool, windy location.

Decontamination:  Any contaminated clothing and gear should be removed as soon as practical and placed in a garbage bag.  Contaminated clothing can later be cleaned in a washing machine, while packs etc., can be scrubbed with soapy water. If this is not done, wherever the casualty  and/or their gear goes   will become contaminated with the chemical agent (such as vehicles,rooms, tents, etc).  If possible, the casualty should also shower as soon as possible to remove chemical agents from the skin and hair.”

(Note: when removing clothing, if possible do not lift shirt over eyes, as this may increase eye exposure to chemical agents. Cut off shirt instead. - eds.)


Hunk, you big, gassy genius!

Just Give Me a Reason

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Request: Hey I’ve just discovered your blog and I really love your writing! I was wondering if you would write a Sebastian fic where the reader and Sebastian are dating and finally announce it to their singing groups at one time. The room descends into chaos because no one approves whatsoever and people begin making plans to “rescue” their beloved group member. After multiple plans on both ends are pulled off, they eventually do break up and it’s not pretty. After that the ex-couple’s performances aren’t as good as they had been and both sides begin to realize what they did to their friends. So they team up without the reader or Sebastian knowing and make them both learn half of a duet for some special performance and when that night comes it’s revealed who their dear partner is. Thank you!

Notes: So I only realized after I wrote the entire imagine that I changed it a little, instead of Y/N and Sebastian learning the duet earlier they’re just forced to sing it together. And I didn’t really do ‘multiple plans’ because it would take just way too long, but anyways I hope you enjoy!!

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The Tommo Tum...
  • Someone, Somewhere: Louis looks so fat have you seen his-
  • Harry: *jumps out his window*
  • Harry: *does eight cartwheels*
  • Harry: *uses meditation skills to levitate*
  • Harry: *smashes through their window*
  • Harry: *takes off his earings* somE ONE HOLD ME BACK THIS BITCH IS ABOUT TO GET A BIT OF MY TOMMO FIST

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Yes! I am so sorry, every time I see it!

You’ve seen the video where Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn are doing an interview and then in the background Niall comes running out but he slams his face into the sign? If not… I need to try and find it. I die laughing. 

But seriously… we must protect these boys! All of them!

They are a danger to others and themselves. 

If you all are are breakfast obsessed as i am you probably have quite the pile of
broke egg shells. Though egg shells are great for compost they also have many other unexpected wonderful practical uses as well.

1:  the membrane within the egg shell is great for wounds.
Simply swipe a little membrane off, wrap it around the cut and allow it to harden.
You can also use an egg shell to soak in some apple cider vinegar for a few days and utilize that mixture for skin irritations.

2: FERTILIZER!!! egg shells both whole and ground are great for pests and great for the plants.
You can plants seeds within old egg shells for the nourishment, loads of calcium and as a little protector from soft bodied critters that like to eat seedlings… like slugs.
You can also ground/crush shells to place in each hole before planting or transplanting, also sprinkling around the bases of
plants is again a great pest deterrent and calcium boost!
One thing i personally love about utilizing old egg shells for garden and seedling purposes is their direct symbolism of fertility,protection and new beginnings.

3: Eggshells are great for cleaning hard to reach spot or tough grime.
If you crush them rather than grind them they act as a great abrasive for cleaning in bottles
( hard to reach bottle necks and bases… just fill partially with hot soapy water, throw in some egg shells and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE)
You can even use them against your tough crusty frying pan.

4: sprinkle it in your food or your pets food for some extra calcium in your diet, its also great for those who have hens that lay…. hens need
tons of calcium.

5: Grind it and add it to your morning cup of coffee… this is something i have been wanting to try for a while now.
apparently the ground egg shell will tone down the coffees bitter aspects making it smooth and almost creamy.
Sounds amazing and as soon as i ground some up to try ill give a little post about it!

6: You can use the shells for candle molds!
Simply fill with wax, set the wick and when it is all done drying… peel off the egg shell and tada, you have a cute little candle.
Also would be great molds for making your own magikcal candles.

7: Just like sprinkling egg shells onto your plants i also like to ground them up and soak them in my sprayer… so when i give the plants a spritz… again
its giving them a nice healthy boost <3

8: Egg shells are believed to have strong protective attributes, making a simple cleansing wash,chalk and or Cascarilla is very simple and can offer protection,
just as an egg protects its embryo. That is only one of the many uses of egg shells in magic.

9: as stated above, you can make egg shell chalk!
all you need is

   Approximately five empty egg shells
   1 teaspoon flour
   1 teaspoon very hot water
   food coloring (for colored chalk)

10: Facial cleanser and toner, i always used to watch my mother use eggs for a facial mask and never understood why…. its because its great for you!
Grinding some old egg shells and whisking it in to fresh egg whites make a wonderful facial mask.

These are only a handful of the many practical uses for egg shells.
If you all have other uses, please feel free to leave them in a comment, id love to hear!

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Since it's Chuuya's birthday could you please do a top 5 Chuuya's moments?

Of course my dear, what a perfect way to celebrate the birthday of my favorite character! 

1. When he used corruption. Well, of course. This episode (and the chapter) despite the soukokuness was all about Chuuya and, as tainted as they may be, it showed his true colors. I’m emotionally attached to Corruption because it’s the testament of how selfless Chuuya is, how he’s willing to sacrifice himself and putting his life in the hands of another person (that partner he hates so much) in a blink of an eye if this means saving someone or fulfilling a mission. Thinking about how many times he did that in the past physically pains me. He didn’t know if he could have trusted Dazai on this, Dazai could have left him to die this time, it could have been all a plan to force him to use Corruption and then take him out…and yet. And yet he trusted him, once more. Despite the betrayal, he will always trust him. WHAT THE FUCK. 

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2. When he was ready to go against his orders to avenge his subordinates. Mori told him to bring Q back alive, but still Chuuya wasn’t going to stop Dazai. This shows how much Chuuya cares about his subordinates, how he doesn’t consider people as just pawns in his hands, how their deaths affected him more than he’s willing to show, how human and full of emotions he is. This moment speaks louder about what kind of person Chuuya is. He’s not an executive for nothing, he’s loyal and one of the most powerful members of the Mafia, but if you wrong someone under his direct protection, you’re dead to him. 

3. When he went to visit the ADA’s secret base. A moment in which I’m Kenji tbh. I LOVED HIM during this scene, everything was quite frankly iconic. Mori telling him that he has “enough force to crush the ADA” alone (HONESTLY), the flirting with Ranpo (wink wink manga readers the next chapter is gonna be GOOD), his overconfident attitude, the fact that Dazai canonically talks about Chuuya, “WHO WANTS TO FIGHT AGAINST GRAVITY” (*Katniss voice*: I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE), the fact that he did defeat the ADA alone with nothing but his manipulative skills. He does have so much strength, a strength that doesn’t lie just in his physical abilities. 

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4. When the almost killed Dazai. As I already said in my top 5 soukoku moments, this is such a powerful moment, the cherry on top of a perfect introduction scene. You know I’m not the fondest person when it comes to Dazai, so for a split second I almost hoped for Chuuya to kill him regardless, but I already know he would have never done it for real. Still, I can’t help but think how liberating almost stabbing him in his throat must have been for Chuuya, he finally let out a little bit of a frustration that he had inside (that’s why he was there in the first place. After four years he’s still bugged by him, he still wants some sort of revenge, he still needs a closure Dazai is not willing to give him). But you can say you’ll kill him all you want, my little Chuuya, but will you really? I don’t think so because despite everything you still care and love him so much it’s almost painful to watch.

5. His every single appearance in the official art is my favorite moment, but this one surely takes the cake. This is such a relaxed version of Chuuya, without his signature clothes, his hat, his choker, his constantly worried and angry glare. He’s simply impossible to look away from. (WHERE IS THE MODELING CONTRACT THO)

- bonus: a special mention goes to bsd wan Chuuya, he’s simply the cutest (and the most relatable)

Thank you for your message!

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