directed evolution

people who say shit like “we’re becoming so dependent on technology” need to realise that clothing, cooking, language, tools are all requirements for our species to survive and function. We evolved from homo erectus because of cooked food.

People who say shit like “technology will allow us to direct our evolution beyond humanity as we know it” need to understand that, in concept, there’s no difference between wearing shoes and replacing our legs with carbon fibre and hydraulics.

Human beings are necessarily technological. We have always been cyborgs.


i.) Her smile. The imperfect crooks and snaggleteeth that always meant I was off the hook. It was the first thing I looked for every time I made her mad and I never failed to find it. And it was the best form of comfort a ten year old could ever ask for. If I could have it for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t forget how to forgive myself.

ii.) The calluses on the rough side of her hands. Impervious to the fires she cooks over, I wonder how many meals it took before she grew used to the heat. I can barely touch microwaved Pyrex but she can mold hearths out of flames. Turn any morsel into love. Leave no tough situation without hope.

iii.) Her spine. God knows how many times the universe has tried to knock her down. Undo evolution and direct her head towards the ground. But every time it came around she built herself back up again. Like reconstructing toothpicks into a tower, she was careful to give herself a stronger backbone no matter how long it took and how many times she would have to do it again.

iv.) The seasons in her eyes. Only she can call upon the heavens to bring hurricanes and rainbows into our home all at once. There is nothing more versatile than the emotions she reveals in those glass windows. No wonder why we call her Mother Nature.

v.) Her spirit. I have seen her body broken. I have watched my father tear at her limbs. I have listened to her curse the world she was born into. I have held her as she let the blood of her family run through her fists. And not once has she given up her will to survive.

vi.) The love that has raised me. It is both tender and fierce– a characterization of who she is. A relentless promise to watch me turn out alright. A million sacrifices that I can never repay. An infinite expanse of time that she has invested in my being. A soul she crafted with her own two hands. I can only wish that my love can be as honest and unselfish as hers.
—  The Qualities I Wish to Inherit From My Mother
Which is the right way? Indifference, perhaps. That’s not possible; since we are here, we can’t help participating; we can’t be detached from the manifest world since we are immersed in it. We cannot reject the world. Then let’s take everything seriously; that’s equally ridiculous. Or can I be like a tree: but I’m not a tree. Or can I follow the drift of history, in the direction of cosmic evolution? But nobody knows quite what that means. I don’t know the basic elements of the game. One ought at least to feel at ease; I cannot, because living is the source of my unease. Anxiety is ignorance. Non-anxiety is also ignorance. I seem to be going around in a circle. Perhaps I’m not going around in a circle. Perhaps there is no circle. I cannot laugh, nor weep, nor lie down, nor get up, nor desire, nor not desire. I am paralyzed.
—  Eugene Ionesco

rvnclw7  asked:

What can we learn from Pokemon's fossils about their evolution history? Can we do that, like we did to horse's evolution history?

I’m glad you asked! We talked a lot about evolution in today’s entry on Kabutops, about what was happening to the ancient kabutops during their transition to land. But what became of them after that?

You might be aware of the fan theory that Genesect is actually a Kabutops modified by team plasma–

But have you heard of the fan theory that Kabutops evolved into scyther?

“Firstly, examine the body shapes of both Scyther and Genesect: a segmented thorax, and an abdomen that supports its legs. More evidence is supported by Genesect’s strong similarity to Scyther’s direct evolution, Scizor. Genesect’s shiny form is a light red, very similar to Scizor’s coloring. Also, the stripes on the abdominal area of both pokemon are similar, as well as both pokemon’s legs. The legs on both are not only segmented, but also feature only one pronged toe on each foot. This may lead to Scizor and Genesect being much similar, but due to Scizor’s steel evolution compared to Genesect’s direct modification, this would not be accurate.

Kabutops and Scyther also share one strong similarity, that being their forearms. Both are long, bladelike weapons, referred to as scythes. Genesect also features on aspect that strongly relates it to Kabutops: its head. Both have strikingly similar head structures, as well as skinny, segmented arms (a trait also shared by Scyther and Scizor). It is possible that kabutops’ pelvic area fused with its telson (its “tail”) to, over time, form the abdominal area featured in Genesect, Scyther, and Scizor.”

So that’s one cool evolution theory we can learn from pokemon fossils! Also, check out this evolutionary tree from pkmnoriginsproject!

What are your guys’ favorite evolution theories about ancient pokemon?

-Professor Julie

Historical Space First :Direct imaging of four planets orbiting the star HR 8799 129 light years away from Earth

HR 8799

Kudos to Jason and Christian!

The era of directly imaging exoplanets has only just begun, but the science and viewing pleasures to come are appealingly apparent.

This evocative movie of four planets more massive than Jupiter orbiting the young star HR 8799 is a composite of sorts, including images taken over seven years at the W.M. Keck observatory in Hawaii.

The movie clearly doesn’t show full orbits, which will take many more years to collect. The closest-in planet circles the star in around 40 years; the furthest takes more than 400 years.

But as described by Jason Wang,  an astronomy graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, researchers think that the four planets may well be in resonance with each other.

In this case it’s a one-two-four-eight resonance, meaning that each planet has an orbital period in nearly precise ratio with the others in the system.

The black circle in the center of the image is part of the observing and analyzing effort to block the blinding light of the star, and thus make the planets visible.

The images were initially captured by a team of astronomers including Christian Marois of the National Research Council of Canada’s Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, who analyzed the data.  The movie animation was put together by Wang, who is part of the Berkeley arm of the Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS), a NASA-sponsored group formed to encourage interdisciplinary exoplanet science.

The star HR 8799 has already played a pioneering role in the evolution of direct imaging of exoplanets.  In 2008, the Marois group announced discovery of three of the four HR 8799 planets using direct imaging for the first time. On the same day that a different team announced the direct imaging of a planet orbiting the star Fomalhaut.

My notes on Runes and their meanings: 

Image above is my Lapis Lazuli runes

Fehu: success

positive:Possessions won or earned, earned income, luck. Abundance, financial strength in the present or near future. Sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness. Social success. Energy

negative: Loss of personal property, esteem, or something that you put in effort to keep. It indicates some sort of failure. Greed, burnout, atrophy, discord. Cowardice, stupidity, dullness, poverty, slavery, bondage.

Uruz: energy

positive:Physical strength and speed, untamed potential. A time of great energy and health. Freedom, energy, action, courage, strength, tenacity, understanding, wisdom. Sudden or unexpected changes (usually for the better). Sexual desire, masculine potency. The shaping of power and pattern, formulation of the self

negative:Weakness, obsession, misdirected force, domination by others. Sickness, inconsistency, ignorance. Lust, brutality, rashness, callousness, violence.

Thurisaz:  conflict/change

positive:Reactive force, change, conflict

negative:Danger, defenselessness, compulsion, betrayal, dullness. Evil, malice, hatred, torment, spite, lies

Ansuz:  communication

positive: A revealing message or insight, communication. Signals, speech, true vision, power of words and naming, the taking of advice, true words, wisdom

negative: misunderstanding, lies, manipulation

Raidho: travel

positive:Travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction. A journey, evolution, change of place or setting.

negative: being static, or feeling dislocated, out of place

Kenaz: knowledge/creativity

positive: vision, revelation, inspiration, harnessed creativity and knowledge

negative: lack of creativity, false hope, instability

Gebo:  gifts (in a sense of sacrifice and of generosity - balance)

positive: a well balanced relationship

negative: greed, dependance, loneliness (not well balanced)

Wunjo: Joy

Positive: comfort, pleasure, harmony

negative: sorrow, alienation, or other extremes such as mania and rage

Hagalaz: destruction/an unexpected internal storm that will lead ultimately to calm. The greater the challenge the more you gain overcoming it.

cannot be reversed

Nauthiz: need/cravings

positive: innerstrength, a warning to control your emotions and not give into temptations

negative: opposite — give more freely to your emotions, etc. Don’t be constrained

Isa: Ice (frustration)

Ice. Stagnation. Lack of emotion/change. Blocking progress.

No reverse.

Jera: A Year of Good Harvest

Success and continuity. Just rewards for your efforts. Profit, achievement, justice.

Eihwaz: momentum

positive: speed, quick wits, forward progress, moon, confidence, Movement can help with change for the better.

reversed: reluctance, muddled thinking, slowness

Perthro: Mystery, chance, a gamble, unknown outcome

reversed: Take no chances - failure is likely. What appears clear-cut hides a deeper meaning. You are tempted to be rash - but do not succumb.

Algiz: Protection. A shield. guard. You will be safe if you keep your defenses up and avoid recklessness.

reversed: bewared,  you are unprotected and open to attack. be less short-sighted and put up your guards.

Sowilo: The Sun

discovery. victory. energy. awareness. understanding.

no revsed.

Tiwaz: courage, compassion, bravery/fearless. new challenges but perseverance.

negative: naivete, shyness, cowardice, need for concentration.

Berkano: birth/growth (both physical and mental), new beginnings.

reversed: lack of growth, decline or loss. a bad time for new ventures.

Mannaz: the self / humanity / inner self / your ego

balancing mind and body and spirit. balancing ego.  self actualization and self awareness (similar to the hermit major arcana card — note that for reversed)

Laguz: Water

creativity/going with the flow/positive outcome if you tap into your subconscious (deep like the ocean).

reversed: struggling against the current. the tide may take you away from the shore you know but to new horizons.

Ingwaz: internal growth, personal development

no reversed

Inguz is that potential energy that must accumulate gradually in storage before being released as a single surge of energy. It represents the process of a mental ‘seed’ desire implanted by the conscious mind into the subconscious for incubation and gestation, later to emerge as a new creation in your life affairs.Thus, Inguz contains within its lore the true meaning of sacrifice. Such sacrifice occurs when one form is called upon to die so that a newly evolved form may begin to grow.

Dagaz: day or dawn

awakening, awareness, change, illumination, bold new beginning

reversed: A completion, ending, limit,

Othala: homeland, ancestral power

connotations of family and ancestry.

Generally can be a warning to be more forward thinking, not to overall romanticize or focus on the past.

reversed: disrespect/bad karma

I love how men have evolved over the years and are willing to do things that even ten years ago would be labeled as ‘gay’ and ‘not manly’.

Like, ‘This is my bro and if I want to touch his ass while smiling for the camera, I will do it and fuck your judgments!’ 


If I so casually grab my bro from behind and hug him, this is how I communicate happiness over our friendship, screw you if you don’t like it.’.

And I’m over here like, ‘you kick ass’.

Because now, it is helping evolve the word ‘gay’. 

‘Gay’ can rarely be used as an insult anymore. And the more positive situations like these, that occur, the faster the time will come where some douche calls someone ‘gay’ and it’s taken like the highest of compliments.