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The Signs Loving Somebody
  • *Check Sun and Moon Sign*
  • Aries: excitement, restlessness, caring, delicate, a truthful kind of love
  • Taurus: communicative, smiley, wants to connect, so thoughtful, a sweet kind of love
  • Gemini: forward, honest, endearing, can be quite nervous, intuitive, a unspoken kind of love
  • Cancer: emotional, affectionate, kind, hilarious, always has heart eyes, a once in a life time kind of love
  • Leo: passionate, supportive, sometimes mixed signals, positive, a lasting kind of love
  • Virgo: sincere, hesitant, soft, often goofy, an "I'm here for all of you" kind of love
  • Libra: affectionate, pure, harmonizing, proud, 'a meant to be' kind of love
  • Scorpio: beautiful, emotional, deep, sometimes tense, wild, an unforgettable kind of love
  • Sagittarius: full speed, committed, generous, unstoppable, an intense kind of love
  • Capricorn: stubborn, faithful, intimate, slow, a forever kind of love
  • Aquarius: sexy, earnest, confident, clingy, a daydream kind of love
  • Pisces: heart stopping, romantic, shy, devoted, a soulmate kind of love
How Direct Are the Zodiac Signs?

Aries: Even if they wanted to soften their words, they wouldn’t be able to. When they want to say something, they’re going to say it.

Taurus: Taurus are direct and don’t like to repress their thoughts, but they are disposed to edit what they have to say when in the presence of someone they deem “sensitive”. On the other hand, they can become brutal in an argument, for they are willing to be harsh and unforgiving when trying to get their way.

Gemini: Gemini won’t cushion their words when delivering bad news, but it isn’t because they’re trying to be mean. It’s simply because they are used to people responding positively to what they have to say, so they have difficulty understanding when bluntness is or isn’t appropriate.

Cancer: Cancer are pretty straightforward. However, they are perceptive, and if they feel like what they have to say might hurt you, they’ll change the way they word it. They don’t see softening their method of speaking as censorship, and will have no problem altering the way they talk.

Leo: They aren’t too blunt, but they don’t like to change what they have to say for another person- they feel fake when they do so. Their mentality is ‘If you don’t want to hear what I have to say, don’t listen.’

Virgo: Although they can be critical, they don’t like to be unkind and will word things as kindly as possible. When impatient, however, they can grow blunt and hurtful.

Libra: Libra won’t censor what they say, but that is only because they naturally have a gentle way of speaking, so as to not hurt others.

Scorpio: To modify what they want to say is an annoyance at best and an obstacle at worst, but they’ll be gentle with their speech if they feel it necessary.

Sagittarius: They are direct and hate to censor themselves, and will only do it when trying to make a good impression.

Capricorn: Capricorn is blunt and don’t like to monitor what they have to say, but if they feel it will help them make a point, they will do whatever it takes to make the other person/people understand.

Aquarius: Aquarius are naturally plain-spoken, and changing that, even for a brief period of time, can cause irritation. They don’t care too much about how they express their ideas, so long as the message gets across.

Pisces: Like Libra, Pisces don’t want to hurt anyone, and will strive to do so as little as they can. They are gentle and sensitive as well, and this manifests itself in their manner of speaking.

Astronomical & Astrological Events in August 🌌
  • August 3rd: Uranus Retrograde
  • August 4th: Jupiter square Pluto
  • August 7th: Full Moon in Aquarius (Lunar Eclipse)
  • August 11th: Uranus semi-square Neptune; Perseids Meteor Shower
  • August 12th: Mercury Retrograde; Perseids Meteor Shower
  • August 16th: Jupiter biquintile Neptune
  • August 21st: New Moon in Leo (Solar Eclipse)
  • August 22nd: Sun enters Virgo
  • August 25th: Saturn Direct
  • August 26th: Venus enters Leo
  • August 27th: Jupiter sextile Saturn
  • August 31st: Mercury Retrograde enters Leo

1. Bande à part (1964) directed by Jean-Luc Godard
2. Chungking Express (1994) directed by Wong Kar-wai
3. Pola X (1999) directed by Leos Carax
4. In the Mood for Love (2000) directed by Wong Kar-wai
5. Ghost World (2001) directed by Terry Zwigoff
6. Amélie (2001) directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
7. The Dreamers (2003) directed by Bernardo Bertolucci
8. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) directed by Park Chan-wook
9. The Fall (2006) directed by Tarsem Singh
10. La belle personne (2008) directed Christophe Honoré

Zodiac Signs as songs by One Direction

Aries : Rock Me

Taurus : Perfect

Gemini : Night Changes

Cancer : You & I

Leo : Steal My Girl

Virgo : Best Song Ever

Libra : Kiss You

Scorpio : Little White Lies

Sagittarius : Teenage Dirtbag

Capricorn : Stockholm Syndrome

Aquarius : Drag Me Down

Pisces : Story Of My Life

[Sally and Paul are out of town for Sally’s book tour. Percy, having decided to invite the Seven and a few other friends over, is putting away anything likely to get broken. Jason, who arrived early, is helping.]

Jason(Gingerly examining what appears to be a very ugly ceramic blowfish): Is this what I think it is?

Percy(Glancing over over from the dresser): That? Yeah. You can just put it with the others.

Jason(Confused): The…

[Percy points to the closet. Giving Percy a strange look, Jason opens the door to discover shelf upon shelf of blowfish in every shape, size, hue and material imaginable. He takes a half step back]

Percy(Joining him): Kinda creepy, right?

Jason(At a loss for words): …why?

Percy(Taking the blowfish from Jason and adding it to the collection): I dunno, it’s just this weird thing Paul’s students do. Every year, his graduating class gives him a blowfish. You know- Blofis, Blowfish. It’s a tradition.

[Jason nods, but seems unable to look away. Percy stands next to him, surveying the blowfish armada]

Percy: …Honestly, I don’t even think he likes them.

[They are mercifully interrupted by Leo, who scrambles into the room, sparing three seconds of bewilderment on the blowfish closet before deciding he has more pressing matters to worry about]

Leo(Yanking Jason around by the shoulder to face him): Jason. Jason, bro, we kissed. She kissed me. Like ten minutes ago. In Percy parents’ bedroom.

Percy(Smacking Leo with a conveniently placed copy of Jane Eyre): Dude! Don’t make out in my parents’ bedroom, that’s disgusting!

Jason(Letting Percy attack Leo with Jane Eyre a few more times before separating them): I’d kind of figured you’d gotten past that already- all the ladies love Leo, right?

Leo(Eyes wide and fidgeting worse than usual): No, dude, shut up, I’m freaked out. I don’t… I don’t think I’m very good.

Jason: Good at-

Leo(Grabbing Jason by the shoulders again): At kissing! And I mean, Calypso’s done a lot more kissing than me over the years- like, even without the immortality thing. And with heroes. Heroes! Like, the legendary kind, with swords and muscles and social skills. The kind that probably knew how to kiss! I don’t want to suck so bad she dumps me! Girls dig you, I’m asking for advice!

Jason(Who has kissed exactly two girls in his life): Look, as far as I can tell, there’s two basic rules- one, don’t bite anything without permission, and two, the human tongue is like wasabi. It’s very powerful and should be used sparingly.

[Leo begins nodding, then freezes, staring at something beyond Jason’s shoulder. Percy, facing the same direction as Leo, gives a snort of laughter he hastily tries to disguise as a cough]

Jason(Closing his eyes): She’s standing right behind me, isn’t she?

Calypso(Mimicking Jason): “The human tongue is like wasabi!”

Jason: I don’t sound like that.

Percy: You kinda do.

Calypso(Sidling around to stand next to Leo, who is trying to sink into the floor): Actually, I think Leo’s tongue is like sunscreen. It’s good for your health and should be applied liberally.

Jason: I REALLY didn’t need to hear that. I really wish I could stop IMAGINING that.

Percy(Gravely): The idea itself is so offensive, that it’s actually illegal to say the words ‘Leo Valdez’s tongue’ on TV. 

Jason(Sagely): The penalty for violating that law is ten years in prison.

Percy: Or one Leo Valdez tongue bath.

Leo(Face in his hands): I hate you.

Jason: Everyone chooses prison.

Leo(Glaring through his fingers): I HATE YOU.

[Rolling her eyes, Calypso gently pries Leo’s hands from his face and kisses him. After a moment of hesitation Leo kisses back, putting his hands on her hips]

Percy: Oh gods. Oh, gods, I’m blind! I’m blind!

Jason(Severely): Please stop. You’re upsetting the blowfish.

The Fixed Signs - Static Symphony 
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

Time stops when the cosmos is fixed. The fixed signs anchor the middle of each season, the world was spinning, weather was changing and in all of the chaos they became stationary. The fixed signs can experience the still moment in time, hibernating during the peak of the season when its radiance is most potent. Taurus is spring’s fixed sign, when the roots touching the bottom of the earth begin to shoot, when life has stopped for just a short moment so we can appreciate the beauty. Leo is summer’s fixed sign, a literal hotplate that emits solar light, the striking display by the heated summer sign, sitting high and fixed in the sky emitting beautiful, although burning light. Scorpio is autumn’s fixed sign, the season when the leaves begin to fall and prepare for a wintery death. In this way the Scorpio reflects the dying art of the season, anchoring down so profusely that she experiences the melancholic daze of the fall. Aquarius is the winter sign of the fixed signs, in between the two supernals of Capricorn and Pisces, stilling her environment with sterile intellect so wisdom becomes frozen like the snowflakes she immerses herself in. The fixed signs can be unrelenting and likely self ruling. They are attached to their own convictions because they have spent so long in still reflection. Their nature is largely stubborn and difficult to compromise with, but this is because they commonly develop remarkable faith in themselves and their own beliefs. They identify strongly with their convictions, so they cannot be flippantly mutable and simply change the mind. It’s a representation of their very being. The fixed mind is hidden by a thick valley, it sinks into the hollows so every mineral of truth, wisdom, and authenticity can be extracted. This can create a captor situation, because the individual can feel so bound, trapped, unable to breathe, and incapable of releasing the fixed energies. Fixed energy must be released harmoniously with intention and mindfulness, a conscious sublimation from an internal source of energy that easily accumulates and contaminates. The fixed signs experience frustration and temperamental reactivity. They can feel too full of energy and over excited until the state of anxious, and then become overly lethargic and self isolating. This is why their energy must be released with intention, or they often become trapped by compulsion and addiction, because a fixed sign will always return to what they know works. Fixed people are capable of substantial inner development and wisdom. They can develop an intimacy with everything, that becomes a mutual exchange of energy, this is why fixed individuals can be surprisingly sensitive socially and become easily drained. The fixed essence contains immense energy that Taurus directs through the body, Leo directs through the heart, Scorpio directs through the intuition, and Aquarius directs through the mind. Reflection and taking care of the body is important in fixed signs. Imbalanced energy can reap havoc on the physical form causing aches, illness, and tiredness in Taurus, heart palpitations in Leo, premenstrual and menstrual symptoms in Scorpio and iron or anaemic problems in Aquarius. The forceful and yet silent fixed energies express uniquely through each element. The earth in Taurus emphasises the fixed qualities so she immerses deeper into nature and her physical body, sinking down sensually. The fire in Leo is enduring with fixed energies, it’s a fire that burns bright, burns hard, and never burns out. The water in Scorpio becomes frozen emotion as it becomes trapped, often expressing itself through intense and prevailing emotional conditions. The air in Aquarius becomes static in motion, like she catches the idea as it falls from heaven and fossilises it with the intuitive functions of her mind, never missing a frequency. 


[art: kurt rykovich]

Niall: Cáncer,Libra y Sagitario
Harry:Virgo, Leo, Capricornio, Acuario, Géminis
Liam:Piscis, Tauro
Louis:Aries, Escorpio

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