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This post got me thinking about all the ways the Foxes are petty with each other just to be assholes. So here’s some thoughts I had on the lengths the Foxes go to in order to get on each other’s nerves. 

  • When Kevin looks through the cabinets and finds candy and sweets, he always moves them to the top most shelf so that Andrew can’t reach. Oddly enough, he’s never seen Andrew climb the cabinets for the sweets. And yet somehow, he always has a bag of them open in his lap. Turns out Andrew just planted the sweets in the cabinet as a decoy and has his own hidden stash under his bed.
  • More often than not, Kevin gets super bossy during practices. So Dan likes to assert her position as captain by making Kevin run random laps in the middle of practice. Eventually, Kevin had broke down and turned to Wymack asking “Are you seriously letting her stop the scrimmage for me to run a lap?!” but Wymack just shrugged and said, “She’s your captain.” Secretly Wymack enjoyed Kevin’s incredulous expression of annoyance.

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Identity Theft

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “63 and 67 separately jughead x reader please if its too much then could you just do 67 thank you”

#67 “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!”

Warnings: I think there’s more than one curse in this one? Also allusions to sex but no actual sex because I’m innocent

A/N: I didn’t want this to get sexual like it did but OOPS I guess I’m just really thirsty lately

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i hope everyone gets involved in finding jason’s killer during the last episode and gets rid of these side stories

gimme group scenes where they discover information that puts them in danger

headcanon: andrew hates bugs

+ like loathes them
+ specifically centipedes and spiders because “nothing should have that many legs”
+ every time he sees a bug in his home he flinches, backs away, and tells it to fuck off for good measure
+ and then continues to COMPLETELY ignore the spot of the house it’s in until he’s sure it’s bound to be gone
+ once he didn’t go near the toaster in the corner of the kitchen for eight straight days because there was a spider living there and he refused to ask neil to kill it
+ the only reason he ended up going back is because neil finally decided to check out what was wrong
+ found the spider and smashed it with a shoe
+ which he had to physically show to andrew
+ who kept insisting the spider had nothing to do with it
+ neil knows better than to ask about it
+ the same cannot be said for nicky, defender of all bugs who also squeals every time he sees them
+ one day he asks andrew about the thing with the bugs even though kevin and neil both shot him looks that clearly said “don’t ask”
+ of course nicky asks
+ andrew just ignores him at first and pointedly directs his attention to kevin to call him stupid for something
+ and nicky’s like, “they’re not doing anything wrong andrew they’re just bugs”
+ “first of all, they are unwelcome guests in my home, just like yourself”
+ “second, legs.”
+ nicky and kevin leave not too long after because now andrew is in an even more sour mood and neil isn’t even /trying/ to help
+ later neil asks andrew about it
+ because he’s curious and also he finds it kind of endearing
+ (because scary andrew is afraid of BUGS and that boy is nothing if not a collection of endless surprises neil aches to understand)
+ he expects andrew to brush off the topic or ignore him
+ he doesn’t
+ instead andrew has this expression that can be explained as nothing other than “disgruntled”
+ “the legs”
+ hes practically grinding his teeth when he says it, like it’s something personally offensive
+ “nothing can get away with having that many legs /and/ breaking and entering.”
+ “one is a personal attack on me and my person and my home. the other is a felony”
+ neil CANNOT stop smiling
+ he kills every bug in the house without question after that


T O M B S T O N E   (1993)

written by Kevin Jarre,  directed by George P. Cosmatos,  Kevin Jarre (uncredited),  cinematography William Fraker

starring  Kurt Russell,  Val Kilmer,  Sam Elliott,  Bill Paxton,  Dana Delaney,  Powers Boothe,  Michael Biehn,  Thomas Haden Church,  Stephen Lang,  Michael Rooker,  Robert Burke,  John Corbett,  Joanna Pacula,  billy Bob Thorton,   Jason Priestley,  Billy Zane and  Charlton Heston

130 minutes

  • so i’m firmly under the belief that andrew minyard is not a soft person (and really will never be) 
  • anytime i see something with him being soft i think of this:
  • in my canon, he just isn’t! 
  • but that doesn’t mean i don’t want soft things for this boy
  • so here is a list of all the Soft Things in andrew minyard’s life:
  • the cats’ fur as they twine between his legs on a sunday morning
  • the sweet pancakes he piles on his plate while making direct eye contact with kevin and watching him squirm
  • the soft sinking feeling of falling into the beanbag after a hard game
  • the warm soft feeling of waking up in a bundle of blankets and slightly too warm skin
  • the soft touch of neil’s hair against his hand as he knocks him away 
  • the squishy padding of inside his gloves as he gears up for a game 
  • his soft body when he retires from exy
  • i’m not saying this boy does not have soft things in his life
  • just that he himself is not a soft thing
Constance Wu to Star in 'Crazy Rich Asians' (Exclusive)
Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu is in talks for the lead in Warner Bros.' Crazy Rich Asians.

Jon M. Chu is directing the adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s New York Times best-selling novel, which will feature an all-Asian cast.

Based on a screenplay written by Peter Chiarelli (The Proposal) and Adele Lim (TV series Lethal Weapon), the film will center on the lives of wealthy Chinese families living in Singapore. It follows Rachel Chu (Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to her boyfriend Nick’s hometown of Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. Before long, his secret is out: Nick is from a family that is impossibly wealthy, he’s perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Asia and every single woman in his ultra-rarefied social class is incredibly jealous of Rachel and wants to bring her down.

While the project has not been officially greenlighted, sources say it is on the development fast-track.  

Wu has become a breakout star due to her performance as lead character Jessica Huang on the ABC series Fresh Off the Boat, which is in its third season.” 

Read the full piece here

AWESOME! Constance Wu is not only one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood, she’s one of my favorite PEOPLE in Hollywood right now.

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Karamel and the musical crossover

So that’s what we have for now:

  • Supergirl 2x16: Mon-El’s secret is revealed.
  • Supergirl 2x17: That’s the episode directed by Kevin Smith, whose ending will also kick off the musical crossover.
  • The Flash 3x17: “Duet”, the musical crossover itself.

I’m guessing that, by the end of Supergirl 2x17, there will be still some Karamel angst going on. We already know that Kara will be upset not with Mon-El’s secret itself, but with the fact that he hid it from her. He will be in the crossover, so what I’m hoping for this episode is:

  • Mon-El and Barry getting along instantly.
  • Barry noticing something off between Mon-El and Kara.
  • Mon-El talking to Barry about Kara.
  • Barry talking to Kara about Mon-El and giving her some advice along the lines of “Look, I hid from Iris I was the Flash for 20 episodes, and she was very mad at me when she discovered it, but now we’re going to marry, so…”
  • Kara singing to Mon-El.

Yeah. This should be good. 😍