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I like to work with women. I don’t have so many possibilities because most of the time I work with male directors so… And I like the complicity and the intimacy between women on set. I think that between women you get straight to the point easier sometimes.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci directed by women by filmography:

A los que aman dir. Isabel Coixet (1998)
The Matrix Reloaded dir. Lana and Lilly Wachowski (2003)
The Matrix Revolutions dir. Lana and Lilly Wachowski (2003)
The Man Who Loves dir. Maria Sole Tognazzi (2008)
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee dir. Rebecca Miller (2009)
Don’t Look Back dir. Marina de Van (2009)
The Whistleblower dir. Larysa Kondracki (2010)
It Happened in Saint-Tropez dir. Danièle Thompson (2013)
The Wonders dir. Alice Rohrwacher (2014)

“Lesbians are the most toxic of the LGBT+ community”

Nah, but I get it’s easier to project the massive amount of misogyny and homophobia you harbor toward homosexual women whom most of the BT and even G sometimes (and even other lesbians sometimes due to self hatred) feel entitled to in various ways because we are women and direct a lot of sexism and homophobia toward because we are women who only like women - whom you have no respect toward.

So let’s fix that projection and show what you really think: “Most of the alphabet soup community has the most toxic perceptions of lesbians.”

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.

if you like wearing black, do it. if you like wearing pink, do it. if you are a fan of one direction, listen to them. if you are a fan of twenty one pilots, love them. if you watch riverdale, watch it. and if you are fond of gossip girl, good luck.  just remember, that you can love and do anything you want, because it is your life and you can be anybody you like.

The Silent Film scene from Legion, Chapter 7 just might be one of the greatest pieces of art in television history. I really do not understand yet how to explain how perfect it was. This whole series is amazing so far, but that scene is everything the show is trying to do all at once and they nailed it.

Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

This is it. This is the best headline yet. 

fire and persuasion

edan never wanted to go back, she never wanted to step foot on the cobbled terrain or look in the eyes of people who labeled her as a hero. her prophecy was fulfilled, the fates had rested their scissors down and let go of her thread. olympus wasn’t supposed to need her again. 

but it did. 

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April 2017 U.S. Film Releases Directed By Women

April 7
Their Finest dir. Lone Scherfig (LIMITED)
Alive and Kicking dir. Susan Glatzer (LIMITED)
I Hate Myself :) dir. Joanna Arnow (LIMITED)

April 14
Heal the Living dir. Katell Quillévéré (LIMITED)

April 21 
Unforgettable dir. Denise Di Novi (WIDE)

April 26 
Obit dir. Vanessa Gould (LIMITED)

April 28 
Buster’s Mal Heart dir. Sarah Adina Smith (LIMITED)

Seen at The Women’s March Chicago.

The woman holding it was there alone, and when I asked to take the photo, she told me that her seven year-old daughter helped her pick her signs and was so excited that One Direction could be a part of it and for people to see her mom’s cool sign. Talk about a girl almighty!

art by @risarodil 


Cannes 2017

When you’re betting on Cannes it’s always best to bet against the women. That logic held up this year as the Cannes 2017 lineup was announced and the Competion titles i.e. the films that compete in the main program that are the most watched and are eligible or the main awards, and only 3 of the 18 films were directed by women. Since the 70s that’s been pretty much par for the course for Cannes when the number of films directed by women have hovered between 0 and 4 in any given year. Still it’s a huge disappointment given the amount of acclaimed women directors who have movies being released in 2017.

The three women who had films that made it into the main competition, Sofia Coppola, Naomi Kawase and Lynne Ramsay, are worthy additions to any festival line up and were expected to show up at Cannes having all had films that have competed for the Palme d’Or before as well as all having served as jury members in the past.

But Agnès Varda who is a French legend who last showed up at Cannes in 2015 to accept an Honorary Palme d’Or for her body of work, showed up Out of Competition, an especially bizarre choice given her long history with the festival and the fact that, at 88, this might be the last film she makes.

It’s also disappointing not to see Cannes adding any new female talent in their main competitive slot while making room for them in their less prestigious categories. Cannes is a festival that likes to keep it in the family, so to speak, by inviting back the same directors again and again. And when they keep passing over female talent that means that the problem Cannes has with women directors is one that’s going to keep continuing for decades.

Here are the female directors and their films, announced for Cannes so far:


The Beguiled - Sofia Coppola
Radiance - Naomi Kawase
You Were Never Really Here - Lynne Ramsay

Out of Competition

Visages, Villages - Agnès Varda & JR

Un Certain Regard

Jeune Femme - Léonor Serraille
Western - Valeska Grisebach
After the War - Annarita Zambrano
Beauty and the Dogs - Kaouther Ben Hania
The Desert Bride - Cecilia Atan and Valeria Pivato


They - Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
Sea Sorrow - Vanessa Redgrave

70th anniversary events

Top of the Lake: China Girl - Jane Campion & Ariel Kleiman
Come Swim - Kristen Stewart

Short Films
Grandpa Walrus - Lucrèce Andreae
Across My Land - Fiona Godivier
Push It - Julia Thelin

oh ffs

Obviously the greatest portion of my love regarding Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries goes to Miss Fisher herself and the kickass lady who plays her (Essie Davis). She is smart and brave and sassy and intelligent and absolutely prepared to kick the patriarchy in the ass while also looking incredibly stunning, particularly her dresses and hats (I covet her wardrobe like whoa). Honestly even if everything else in this series were subpar, I would still watch it just for her. Both the character and the actress have charisma stats that are off the flippin charts.


It’s bad enough that he is laconic and sassy and intelligent and awkward and much kinder than he seems to be. Please also consider:

  • His actor (Nathan Page) single-handedly redeems the fedora by rocking it hardcore
  • He actually uses the grammatically correct phrase LIE LOW vs. lay low