direct positive photography


I gave my Calumet 4x5 a go today, and it worked! Except….

I’ve read that the Ilford paper I decided to use was 6 ISO, but it’s definitely 3 ISO, or my developing time is too long. But when you’re developing for 60 seconds, it’s a bit hard to gauge. On the next run, I’m going to meter for 3 ISO and shoot that, and see what it gives me. So far though, I REALLY like the results. The sharpness looks pretty nice on RC paper, and once I get the exposure times figured out, I think it’ll look even better. I’m still working on how to clean up the prints, as the Dektol developer I’m using tends to leave little bits on the prints (as it comes powdered). I’m thinking I may switch to a liquid developer. We’ll see as time goes on, for now the experimentation will keep going.

still in bloom and summers almost done! if anyone knows what type of flower this is, let me know! the last picture was taken at my uncle’s house along with this one and they have the prettiest plants!