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1D/HL Fans in Lincoln, UK

Hi everyone,

This is a bit weird but basically I’m at Uni in Lincoln and I don’t know many people so I’m looking for people in the Lincoln/ Lincolnshire area that might want to chat or meet new people. I’m super nice, have an Irish accent and always have a good supply of alcohol in my cupboard! Hit me up if you’re feeling it :)


Oh man, I just love those moments when the curtain slips enough that we get a peek at all the work it takes to make this go down.

So the ref has an earpiece that feeds him directions from backstage; he’s basically the director’s proxy in the ring.  As this scene unfolds, someone backstage decides Miz needs to turn his aggression outward on the crowd.  They whisper that in the ref’s ear.  The ref finally manages to get Miz’s attention (the crowd is being really noisy, so he has to speak louder than he usually would, and the mic picks it up) and tells him to change approach.

Without missing a beat, Miz instantly jumps up and starts addressing the audience.  Improv live drama, performed with extra explosions and acrobatics.

Also. It’s come to my attention that people are using that “carnivorous pets can’t be vegan” post to bully and bash on vegan people in general.

I don’t condone this sort of behavior. It’s childish to attack someone over a dietary lifestyle. There is nothing wrong being a vegan human.

The post was directed to morons who feed their carnivorous pets a vegan diet, not vegans in general, and even so not all vegans do this. It was made in frustration after a particularly annoying encounter with an asshole with this belief. I had no intention of becoming viral.

Stop using my post as a proxy to bully people


NieR: Automata Gameplay Trailer


Direct Feed footage of the stables and all their mechanics, as uploaded by GameXplain, featuring Andre the horse.


new direct feed footage found on GameXplain youtube!


Direct Feed footage of Breath of the Wild on the Switch, as posted by Polygon.

have some soutaku headcanons bc my fic of them isnt coming out well ;v;;;

  • souma stares at takumi more often than takumi does at him
  • takumi has a playlist inspired by souma he listens to whenever he’s upset. the songs consist of pop, 8-bit remixes, game tracks, launchpad mashups - upbeat cheery pick-me-up songs in general
  • when they came out as a couple to the polar star dorm the dorm tried their Very Best to act like they were surprised. their Very Best was terrible. kinda like the “someone’s coming, act natural” meme terrible
  • souma picks up the weirdest, most useless italian phrases from takumi. like “dirty socks”, “turn right”, “washing machine”
  • they really like holding hands. and playing with each other’s fingers, the like. it’s very cute.
  • takumi always kisses souma goodbye on the cheek. souma always laughs and blushes when he does.
  • they share food unconsciously. souma will just open his mouth in takumi’s direction expectantly and takumi feeds him whatever he’s having without a second thought, and vice versa. they do it like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
  • souma polished+sharpened takumi’s mezzaluna thrice a week before takumi won it back. he had a teacher well versed in italian knives teach him how to properly sharpen it, too.
  • takumi really enjoys riding on the back of souma’s bike. 
  • once when he sprained his ankle souma rode him around campus until he got better (this was before they got together. takumi faked his sprain for another whole week just to spend more time out of class with souma bonus: souma knew)
  • theyre both kind of scared that one day they might scream and fight so badly and say something they dont mean. so they make sure to resolve any issues/misunderstandings asap.
  • souma and takumi love each other so much but are so Shy about it. they fall all over each other, giggling and blushing and its horribly cavity inducing. 

okay but Harry would be so much fun and adventurous to go out with like??? he would wake you up on a Saturday with his lovely and disarming smile only to ask you in his cute British accent to go and visit the ducks in the park, “can we also feed them, babe?” and he would make sure your scarf is well wrapped round your neck and he would be one nose-kisser meanwhile he makes sure your hands are warm in his own pockets like??? but alSO LEMME TELL YA HE WILL ALSO RUSH YOU HOME BECAUSE HE CANNOT WAIT TO UNWRAP YOU BEFORE SLAMMING THE DOOR SHUT AND MAKING OUT ON THE KITCHEN TABLE BECAUSE HE’S ONE IMPATIENT LAD
as long as skies are blue | One Direction (Band)
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Summer Camp!AU. Louis has been a football instructor at Lake District Camp for three years when twenty-year old Harry Styles - the latest addition to the counseling team - stumbles not so gracefully into his life. It’s not that Harry is everything Louis can’t stand-except. He is. But that doesn’t stop him from walking in on the naked boy too many times for it to be a coincidence.

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