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Did you know that there have been three American presidents that were direct descendants of a previous president? These were John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Harrison and George W Bush. Interestingly all three of these also lost the popular vote for their first term election.


Hobbit/LotR Ask Meme:  Thepievanquisher, Meztliel and Anonymous asked 5. Favourite member of the Fellowship? 

“Gimli was a dwarf of Durin’s Folk, a direct descendant of Durin the Deathless through Náin II’s younger son Borin, and in turn Farin’s younger son Gróin, and his younger son Glóin. Despite being too young at the time of the Quest of Erebor (only 62), he became famous as the only Dwarven member of the Fellowship of the Ring.”  

Got into it with a friend about why he thinks Idris Elba shouldn’t play Roland Deschain

He insisted that Roland couldn’t be Black because he was meant to be a direct descendant of King Arthur

I’m over here like

Not to mention that King Arthur is fictional and so is Roland Deschain and Stephen King can do whatever the fuck he wants so take your bigotry elsewhere bro

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Please read this, and if you’re non native, it is okay to reblog this, in fact I ask - no, beg - you to.

If you want to be an ally to indigenous peoples of the Americas, don’t be just reblogging stuff anti Col*mb*s, and especially don’t be just ignoring today.

Be reblogging stuff of native greatness. Be talking about us. Talking about our accomplishments, our ability to survive over 500 years of people against us. Talk about Charles Curtis, the first Native American (his mother was fully native of the Kaw, Osage, and Potawatomi tribes) vice president (to Herbert Hoover, served 1929-1933). Talk about the Native American Literature Renaissance throughout the 20th century. Talk about our water protectors out in the Dakotas.Talk about Nancy Reagan, a direct descendant of Matoaka (or as you probably know her, Pocahontas), and while her blood wasn’t much, she often volunteered and helped native communities, she was more native in her spirit than some full natives. Talk about the fact we have built our own media networks, both in movies and tv shows. Talk about how we fought in World War I, despite not even being American citizens (we wouldn’t gain citizenship until 1924). Talk about how the Navajo helped the Allies win World War II, with using their language as codes. Talk about all the great things we’ve done to make this country to how it is today.

And during this, don’t forget the modern issues. Kidnapping of native children and putting them legally through the adoption system (and usually ending up with white adopted parents) is today higher than during the residential school years. The United States to this date refuses to acknowledge or apologize for the schools. Many of our reservations are in water crises (including the Navajo’s who’s have been going on since 1942). Talk about the missing and murdered indigenous women that Canada refuses to acknowledge or help. Talk about that native women are the most likely than any other race to end up becoming sex slaves, and to end up facing rape and domestic abuse, usually by non native men too. Talk about that natives make up less than 1% of the United States and Canada, yet make up 1.9% of police brutality cases, making our rate higher than that of any other race.

Talk about resistances against these. Talk about the Oka Crisis. Talk about those water protectors I mentioned above. Talk about Idle No More.

Don’t forget that the alternate title to this day, and the title we are fighting for, is Indigenous Peoples Day.

Pay attention to us. Talk about us.


Lady Konari, the Vanished

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The Ko-Akotan scholars toil surreptitiously within the Grand Archives, seeking to further their knowledge of the world they inhabit. Three matoran, known as the Grand Scholars, lead their research: Korva, Kotapa, and Otelle. There was once a fourth. A direct descendant of the first Turaga of Ice, the founder of the Grand Archives, she donned the mask so many have come to associate with profound wisdom. Unlike her compatriots, she was wary of their reckless pursuit of greater truths and the potential degradation of their moral integrity.

Being the most able-bodied of the Grand Scholars, she often led the more dangerous exhibitions. One day, after venturing into the Archives’ deepest chambers with a team of scholars, she simply vanished. What had become of her, none are certain.

There are whispers about her fate. Some that she had discovered the true nature of the world, and exiled herself to protect the truth- or succumbed to madness. Others that she grew weary of the scholar’s arrogance and departed in search of her own answers. The faintest that Korva was personally involved- weary of her objections to Korva’s more ‘questionable’ methods. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: she had sealed the Archive’s depths, and the key is nowhere to be found.

Guiding Moonlight

“As my mind began to succumb to despair, I glimpsed it- a faint sliver of light. It was a fleeting thing, yet I yearned for it. Driven by some ineffable desire, I pushed forward. The pain of the wind lashing at my skin, the cold burning away my nerves, vanished. It was then I was consumed by brilliant blue and silver. I had at last found it- my savior- my guiding moonlight.”

Bonus: Ice Blades and Ice Shield

Relics which predate even the Ancients. Legend tells of a stoic warrior with a wit as sharp as ice and a resolve as immovable as the mightiest glacier.

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can you tell more about Morrowstar? I'm really interested in how a savannah cat warrior would play out! Would clan cats see them as half wild cat, a decendant of the big cat clans?? How big is Morrow compared to the other clan cats?

I’ll definitely be posting more about Morrowstar soon!! and indeed a major part of the plot around her is that many cats consider her as almost a demi-god, revered as a direct descendant of the big cat clans

in the meantime fellstar (larger than average cat) and singingstar(average cat size) are here to give a little comparison. she big

The Three Sacred Treasures: Opposites to shinki?

 Okay so I don’t usually do these analyses (unless they’re about Yato sweats) but, in sight of the unfairness that ended up being the covenant due to the inability of the Three Sacred Treasures to permanently die, I began brainstorming last night about possible explanations to… 


 This is just me rambling theories, not even sure if it’s been theorized before. It’s also an excuse to talk about lore and wash my salt over Heavens’ unjust system of laws. If I’m mistaken in anything related to lore, feel free to correct me!

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Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment, although its literal meaning is closer to “awakening.” The verbal root “budh” means to awaken.

The Mahabodhi (Great Awakening) Tree  in  Bodh Gaya in the Indian State of Bihar. Said to be a direct descendant of the tree under which the Buddha sat when he attained enlightenment. One of the most sacred sites for Buddhists.



I recently returned from Standing Rock in North Dakota. As some of you may know, there is an Oil Pipeline routed to go under the Missouri River adjacent to The Standing Rock Native American reservation and through Treaty land.
During my visit I was able to get candid interviews where people spoke about there experience and reason for being there, one of them being a direct descendent of Chief Crazy Horse. All in the Name of Protecting Water because Water is Life!


OOT Link: I shall teach my direct descendant the ways of the sword only if he shows great courage and wisdom. He shall first be challenged by having to find me in the physical plane. Once he has done that we shall only meet in my own pocket plane. I shall only appear before him as a majestic beast, or a frightening and intimidating knight. And I shall only help him indirectly, never assisting him too much for I fear I may coddle him that way.

TP Link: Hey, is this the right timeline? Ah, who cares. Yo, I’m a fucking wolf and I’m gonna follow you around and help out and stuff! You hungry? Let’s get some food. Here, let me help kill some bokoblins and whatnot, we’re friends after all. Gosh, I love helping!

Magi 328, aka: why are certain people immune to Sinbad’s changes?

(This will be tagged because of some spoilers)

And those main people are Aladdin, Alibaba, (and maybe, I’m not completely sure) Hakuryuu and Judar.

And I have a theory to go with that question.

Personally, I think that none of the aforementioned people have been affected because of their extended time and connections to Alma Toran and the Dark Continent.

For Judar, it’s pretty simple; his Rukh is still (most likely) black, leaving him immune to Sinbad’s changes; that, and his extended time with Alibaba on the Dark Continent.

Hakuryuu is pretty much a direct descendant of Arba, so no surprise that he would be immune. Plus, you can make the argument of him not being “one person” after he received Kouen’s limbs via Phenex’s healing power, which, as we know, made it impossible for Arba to control him. So this may have made it impossible for Sinbad’s changes to affect him.

Alibaba spent a lot of time after the battle against Judar and Hakuryuu talking with the spirits from Alma Toran in Il Illah, as well as an extended period of time on the Dark Continent with Judar, so we can assume he’s got some kind of immunity to Sinbad’s change, since his soul is technically over 100 years old now. Maybe the magicians from Alma Toran taught him something? Who knows.

And finally, Aladdin. It’s pretty obvious as to why he’s immune: he’s from Alma Toran, and he’s King Solomon’s son, so of course, he would be immune. Not to mention that he has Solomon’s Wisdom, which could also be a factor that is protecting him from the changes.

Anyway, that’s my take on it. And I have to say, I’m glad to see Aladdin taking a stand against Sinbad, but even I’m not sure how this is going to turn out, especially since it looks like Alibaba is going to have to pick sides now; which has me really anxious, but excited at the same time.

And I’m still hoping for Solomon and/or Sheba to show up…because family reunion.

@fiddlelock said: Percival Graves was not an actual person, Rowling said it wasn’t Polyjuice but Transfiguration…

Listen, sweetheart, I know you think you know what you’re talking about. But consider this:

-“Percival Graves is a direct descendant of one of the original twelve aurors“, as quoted more or less word by word from pottermore

-Percival Graves was Head of Magical Security since 1920(me thinks?) or something like that, but definitely for a couple of years

-Apart fron the fact that Grindelwald would never have donned that mask for several years, do you have any idea how long and good someone has to work in a department before being promoted to its head?!?

-Tina Goldstein does not act as if he’s been her boss for a couple of weeks but her mentor for years

-Transfiguration can also be used to adapt an existing person’s face, so why the frick does that mean anything?!?

-You’re wrong, I’m sorry.

-Actually, I’m not sorry.

Have a lovely day :-)

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Title: The Lost Shakespeare

Sherlolly. Modern DNA testing shows that Molly Hooper is a direct descendant of the Bard. It makes the papers for a while, turning her into a small celebrity until it thankfully dies down.

Or so she thinks. When she discovers she has a stalker, she enlists Sherlock’s help in discovering his or her identity, only it turns out to be one Sebastian Moran, former lieutenant in Moriarty’s criminal network, the only one to escape Sherlock’s two year takedown. Sherlock assumes it’s all about him…but it turns out that no, Moran is actually just obsessed with both Shakespeare and Molly.

Will Sherlock figure this out in time to save her from Moran’s dastardly plans, or will his hurt ego get in the way?

I always laugh whenever someone tries to kibosh the idea of Rey Skywalker with “the Jedi weren’t allowed to get married anyway!”

Luke Skywalker IS the Jedi Order after ROTJ.  Sure, Yoda and Ben can give him advice, but it’s not like they can kick him out or anything.  And Luke’s already shown that he thinks non-attachment is bullshit.

Thirty years of Expanded Universe material gave Luke a number of girlfriends, and eventually a wife and son.

The Star Wars Legacy comics starred a direct descendant.

And even in the new continuity, Heir to the Jedi shows us Luke Skywalker learning about the whole Jedi not having kids thing and laughs it off.  Then he goes off to have a romance with cute a rebel girl.

Hell.  Luke Skywalker would not exist at all if a Jedi didn’t break the whole marriage/kid rule.  So why the hell does anyone think he’d bring that shit back?

Besides if Luke is going to be strictly following the rules of the Old Order, he can’t be a Jedi anyway.  Anakin was too old at nine.  Luke was nineteen before he ever heard the word “Jedi”.

I can understand why people prefer other theories over Rey Skywalker.  Or perhaps would prefer a different Skywalker heir (Finn Skywalker is a lovely idea too!).  But the idea that Luke cannot be Rey (or anyone’s) father because of a rule of the Old Order is simply nonsense.


Qiang Fai Is the the Grand Executor of the Men of the Black Sun and a direct descendant of the Fai family line. While perhaps not as influential as the the Tao family within Tao-Fai omni industry Qiang has nonetheless asserted himself as a powerful figure willing to be at the forefront of a true Biotechnocracy. Tao-Fai omni industry much like R.O.S Tech are perhaps the only mega corporations that still maintain loyalty to their pre-war Governments.

Qiang Fai detests what he perceives to be this willingness to cling to the old world system. Fai sees China as nothing more than a hindrance to a better world order under the rule of individuals like himself, an opinion he seems to share with Otto Volker.