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Ok im sorry this is a stupid question but i was wondering like how do youtube views work? If i want to increase the views on a video do i watch it on repeat or do i play it in different tabs?

From what I remember from trying to break VEVO records with everything One Direction ever did, you have to refresh the page after every watch for it to register it as a new view. But that doesn’t always work bc it might just register your IP address, so also leave like 15 minutes between views.
One Direction Beats Beatles' Record With Fifth Top 10 Debut on Hot 100
With its latest Billboard Hot 100 debut, One Direction bests the group's British boy band ancestors the Beatles.

Perfect’ enters at No. 10, marking 1D’s fifth top 10 start, the most among groups, besting the Beatles’ four.

With its latest Billboard Hot 100 debut, One Direction bests the group’s British boy band ancestors the Beatles.

As previously reported, One Direction roars onto the Hot 100 (dated Nov. 7) at No. 10 with new single “Perfect.” Fueling its start, it begins at No. 2 on the Digital Songs chart with 136,000 sold in its first week, according to Nielsen Music, and No. 18 on Streaming Songs (6.9 million U.S. streams), following the arrival of its official video Oct. 20.

“Perfect” is 1D’s fifth top 10 debut on the Hot 100, and second from its Nov. 13 album Made in the A.M.; “Drag Me Down” debuted and peaked at No. 3 upon its arrival on the Aug. 22. With five, One Direction breaks the record for the most top 10 Hot 100 debuts among groups, passing the Beatles’ four. Counting all artists, Taylor Swift has tallied a record 12 top 10 debuts, dating to the Hot 100’s 1958 inception.

Before “Perfect” and “Drag” (the latter of which tied the Beatles’ mark), One Direction debuted at No. 3 on the Hot 100 with “Live While We’re Young” (No. 3, Oct. 20, 2012), “Best Song Ever” (No. 2, Aug. 10, 2013) and “Story of My Life” (No. 6, Nov. 16, 2013).

The Beatles launched three of their fab four top 10 Hot 100 debuts in their original historic heyday, and one as a reunited trio (featuring the late John Lennon’s vocals) more than a quarter-century later: “Hey Jude” (No. 10, Sept. 14, 1968), “Get Back,” with Billy Preston (No. 10, May 10, 1969), “Let It Be” (No. 6, March 21, 1970) and “Free as a Bird” (No. 10, Dec. 30, 1995).

Notably, until the adoption of Nielsen Music data in the ‘90s, which made top 10 Hot 100 debuts more regular (although still fully laudable), the Beatles boasted the only such arrivals, with “Jude,” “Back” and “Let.”

1D also launches a second Hot 100 debut this week. Further down the chart, “Home” – a stand-alone track not on the new album – enters at No. 97.

i know everyone is confused as to how One Direction beat Nicki Minaj’s VEVO record of over 19.6 million or something like while VEVO’s page of ‘Steal My Girl’ only shows over 11 million views

well i did some research and this is on VEVO’s tumblr page 

more specifically i want to focus on this portion:

Nicki Minaj’s 19.6 million views were from VEVO and all syndication channels - which are listed above. so that includes, AOL, Yahoo! and YouTube

i checked both the YouTube views for SMG and VEVO just after 11 am EST time on the 25th to check and each of them had over 11 million views. this totals to over 22 million views over just those two channels, not including Yahoo! or AOL

therefore, YES! One Direction did beat the VEVO record for the most views in 24 hours and while the specific number of views hasn’t been announced yet, it will definitely add up to over 19.6 million views

mom: “get off the computer you’ve been watching that music video all day”



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