direct action

I don’t understand people who refuse to give money directly to the poor and hungry, but apparently give to charities, when they say “That way, I know where my money is going.” No you don’t. That is the quickest way to lose track of where your money went. You have no clue what that charity did with your money. You have no meaningful way to find out either. If you give directly to the poor and hungry, you know exactly where your money is going - to that person who needs it. You couldn’t be more sure about where your money ended up. It ended up in that hungry person’s pocket.

Liberals, we need you now to join an actual #Resistance to Trump, fascism, and capitalism, the latter of which will perpetually produce the conditions that breed the former. Support us in the battle against oppression, understand that these problems are systemic, and move to the left. Oppression can’t be defeated with centrism.

Oh and stop calling the cops on direct actioneers.

shit working class leftists and ppl in general don’t need to hear:

- you making fun of our schooling

- you belittling us for working actual jobs instead of going into higher education

- you complaining that we don’t “do enough about our situation”

- you looking down on us because we might not have the time or the patience to read heaps of irrelevant political theory

- again, these fucking jokes about us having no idea about politics when we’re the ones living them

- you patronizing us about health, parenting, and literally anything else

- you asking why our families didn’t just buy a house (that happened more often than you’d think)

- you making fun of our dialects and mannerisms

- you using a lack of education as an argument against your political opponents

- you pitying us like we can’t be proud of our roots

- you ignoring our self-organization and community work because it doesn’t live up to your ideological standards

- the fucking LEFT in general being classist as fuck which should be a paradox but isn’t

for real I’m just really fed up with the academic left sometimes and y'all should really look at yourselves first when you ask why the new left is so out of touch with working people. We don’t have to read Marx to know that capitalism sucks. Believe us, we know.

This has been a PSA.