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Los Angeles

Call for workshops, tabling, affinity groups to come outside of Mens Central Jail in downtown LA and support the nation prison strike on that day with a resource and food share for released prisoners followed by an action.

We are seeking speakers, affinity groups, organizations to join us. There is a planning meeting August 31st Wednesday at 3201 maple avenue.

The full call to action can be read at

We are for the Abolition of police and prisons and seek to coordinate a strike against police and state terror.

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Abt that vid, I don't get what was stopping the cops from shooting? Not that I wish they had, of course, but usually they have no problem killing unarmed black ppl? Plus isn't this "resisting arrest"? U know how they always try to use a petty excuse.

Considering the mobilized wall coming towards them to dearrest the woman, shooting someone could very well have resulted in “mob justice” – ya know, the mobilized wall essentially swamping the cops. Who’s to say, though. I’m sure they knew there were cameras and it did seem like there was a ton of people there.


HAPPENING NOW: Black Youth Project is directly confronting an organization that is at the forefront of the criminalization & police killings of Black people in this country: the International Association of Chiefs of Police or IACP. The IACP has a conference today in downtown Chicago & BYP is both shutting down streets around the conference center & some are inside the conference shutting it down. A large amount of arrests have already been made & some protestors are being cut out of their locks. Tune in, spread the word & make sure their work isn’t in vain

 Donate to their bail fund here

Find livestreams & live tweets from BYP on their twitter page here.


May 1 2014 - Nigel Farage, leader of the racist UK Independence Party gets egged.

The man who threw the egg was holding a placard which said: “UKIP… sad, scared, old men”. He was put into a patrol car by police and driven away.

The protester, who gave his name as Fred from Nottingham, said he had carried out the attack because he did not agree with UKIP’s policies.

He told the BBC: “Egg-throwing is a well established form of political protest in this country. I saw the guys outside the town hall about 10 minutes ago. I went to Tesco, bought some eggs.”


In conjunction with the Bay Area’s call for #96Hours of actions to reclaim Martin Luther King, Jr.’s radical legacy, activists shut down traffic on the San Francisco Bay Bridge for nearly an hour. Members of protest groups Black Seed and the Black Queer Liberation Collective took responsibility for the protest in a statement, citing recent police shootings. The action also resulted in several arrests. 

(Read Full Story Here) (Photo Credit: Kelly Johnson


2010 - The Red and Black Café, a radical worker-owned collective in Portland, Oregon, kicked out police officer Jim Crooker who was drinking coffee there. The clientele of the café includes locals, homeless people, activists and immigrants. Because of their ‘safer space’ policy, designed to create a safe environment for their customers, the Red and Black Café does not serve police. [video]

( By the way, the Red and Black Café could use your help! Check out their donation page )

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25 Powerful Memes to Reclaim MLK’s Legacy | AmericaWakieWakie

“"This weekend is part of a national call that will tell the world that King’s vision and mission were larger than what we have been allowed to remember. Through 96 hours of direct action and a Jobs & Economy March, we are reclaiming Dr. King’s radical and militant legacy of direct action.”

— Anti-Police Terror Project

These were originally created for MLK Day in coalition with and for the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP), a group of concerned and committed institutions, organizations and individuals working to end the state sanctioned murder of Black, Brown & Poor People.

This effort remembers and reclaims the spirit of Dr. King and celebrates his legacy of radical resistance. Let this MLK Day be one for the People! So share these with the world!

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Destroying a newly purchased Playstation 4 in front of people queuing to buy it


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Not saying don’t vote. I’m saying if it’s all you do for your community that’s apathy defined: the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. If you would like to read a nuanced critique of voting – because it is far from perfect and we ought to at least be aware of its limitations  – check out Jean Allen’s and my piece Organize or Die: Never in the History of the World has an Election Destroyed a System of Oppression. You can share it on other media platforms below. 

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