Liberals, we need you now to join an actual #Resistance to Trump, fascism, and capitalism, the latter of which will perpetually produce the conditions that breed the former. Support us in the battle against oppression, understand that these problems are systemic, and move to the left. Oppression can’t be defeated with centrism.

Oh and stop calling the cops on direct actioneers.

Assata Shakur once said: if ever there was a decision between armed struggle and social programs (like free grocery programs, free health and education programs, free communal/local crime prevention programs etc), a revolutionary movement should always choose the social program approach.

Social programs represent an experimental view of the world we all strive for whereas an armed insurrection in the immediate present wouldn’t.

This isn’t to say that violence is completely barred – especially in terms of action and self defense against fascists, criminals, injustice, oppression, etc – in the mean time; only that a revolutionary movement shouldn’t put all of its efforts being armed to the teeth, ready to mobilize, and start destroying the state and capitalism at the drop of a hat when they can spend their time investing in social projects for the people’s immediate benefit while spreading ideals, goals, and principles for now and the future.

Armed struggle is an inescapable consequence for any revolutionary movement, however the result would be always be failure if the people don’t know what they’re fighting for and if they solely rely on the well-read militants for deciding what’s right and wrong.

A small movement that can’t defend itself but can understand itself is a seed that can grow; but a movement that can defend itself with no self understanding is a hollow shell.


The fight for access to clean water is far from over and the media need to make sure it’s covered every step of the way. 


The 43 group was a Jewish antifascist group in England, consisting for a large part of people who had served in the war against Nazi Germany, only to find that fascism was alive and well in their own country when they came back home. These are some of the people who helped destroy Mosley’s Union Movement in the 1940′s. From this amazing [documentary]

i just want to say … everyone who reblogs donation posts, everyone who donates to people in need, everyone who cares enough to help on here … you’re life savers, you truly are. 

Like I know it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to a lot of people to just reblog a post or to just donate a couple dollars, ….but … you save lives.

you got me the medications I needed to live my live, you have gotten my friend the money so they can not starve, you have raised money to get people out of abusive and potentially deadly living situations, you’ve helped people have proper funerals so their families can mourn, you’ve helped me pay for surgeries I needed to improve my quality of life, you’ve helped people get gas money so they can go to work and not become homeless, you’ve literally fucking given me a computer so I can continue to gather donations so I don’t die.

I’m just floored by the generosity of each and every one of you, yall contribute to saving lives, yall do, every single one of you who do all you can is quite literally unimaginable to me. I never in my wildest dreams would have expected such compassion all of you have shown. 

I owe yall my life, and I’m sure so many other people would agree. 

So shout out to all you who reblog donations posts, and to all you who donate however much you can … Thank you.


Quick Tip: How to Mask up de en Vimeo.

Boycott the New York Times for normalizing fascism. For giving racists a platform. For documenting the “sweet and wholesome” family lives of Klansmen. For making the Neo Nazi Alt Right sound hip and trendy.

For influencing citizens to embrace those who would want to see most of us killed or repressed simply for existing differently than they do.