Jon x Reader

When Jon first started sending Ghost to follow you it had almost been sweet, the tiny albino puppy growling at anyone who dared approached you in an unsavoury manner, however this continued until his ears were level with your shoulders.


You could never get Jon to make the Dire-wolf to leave you alone, he’d always mumble something about not controlling him all the time, which meant you had to put up with the giant protector.

“Hello Ghost.” You hummed when you felt the familiar snout nuzzle into your hand. He made a low whine in response and followed you as you collected baskets of food and jugs of wine to take to the main hall.

With Ghost leading the way to the Winterfell halls people scattered to get out of your way. Once you reached the hall you set down your heavy load, handing wine off to the handmaidens that were waiting for you.

“What took you so bloody long?” One of the cooks asked as you set down the last basket of food. “Keep that giant beast out of here” She hissed once she looked up and saw your usual companion.

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I love House Stark but…

I am more excited for Arya and Sansa to see the Hound again than I am for the Arya-Jon reunion. I also want Dany-Ghost snuggles and Lyanna-Jorah confrontation more than I want Arya-Jon.

I think it’s because I know that Arya-Jon will likely be heartfelt and teary but I’m more intrigued by how they will incorporate Clegane into life at Winterfell, and how spicy Lyanna Mormont is going to be about Jorah dishonoring the family.

Also I swear if Ghost doesn’t become Dany’s too-big-to-be-a-lapdog lapdog by the end of the first ep I will riot.

The Beast of Gévaudan is a large wolf-like creature that terrorized Gévaudan France in the 1700′s. The Beast was as big as a newborn calf and was black in color with specs of rust colored fur on its back. It hunted women and children and eventually a huge hunting party went to go hunt for it and the Beast was eventually killed by François Antoine on September 21st 1765. Most believe that The Beast of Gévaudan might have been a large wolf or extinct wolf species such as the dire wolf while others believe it was a werewolf.

802: Dire Wolf of Skinwalker Ranch

If anyone has not heard of Skinwalker Ranch, I highly recommend either reading or listening to a podcast/ video on the subject matter. 

Book to recommend would be Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher

Hide your Cattle…

‘Foundations of the Empire’
new illustration from my 1920+ universe, present a scene when the emissary of the mysterious 'Factory’, presented the mech to the Emperor of Saxony for the first time and change the fate of the world forever… Gunter was called for an audience

as references for the building, I used a photos of the Poznan Opera house, which I did a few years ago when I lived there, proces below, cheers!