dire hearts

You know that Mister Rogers quote?

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

I’ve been getting a lot of asks from people who want to know how to keep from losing it in the current chaos and darkness of American politics. I can’t tell you that. It’s hard. No one’s on the best footing these days, emotionally or mentally. These are strange days and they may get stranger yet.

But Mister Rogers was right. Look for the helpers - there are a LOT of them, everywhere. I know as well as anyone that dire news overwhelms the heart and mind, but don’t lose hope. Everywhere people are coming together and standing up in ways we haven’t really seen for a generation or more. That’s a good thing. That’s a *wonderful* thing. That’s the light in the darkness. There are helpers everywhere. Just make sure you are one of them.


Haise and Juuzou + Cake!

Percy: This is called “Dire Heart”

Taliesin: I pull out the second one.

Percy: This we simply call courage.

Taliesin: I pull out the third one.

Percy: This is a snowmead. And this… is green tear whiskey…

And then… Percival Fucking Casanova Dorkleface De Rolo The Third: We’re going to start with courage… And NOT talk about Dragons…

That AU where Peter’s wife dies in a terrible accident.  

She dies, but her heart?  Her heart is still just fine.  And Stiles Stilinski is a boy in dire need of a heart transplant.  

Five years later, Stiles hires Peter as a contractor to help build a new cafe that he’s planning to open in town, and Peter hears his wife’s heart beating for the first time in half a decade in this young man’s chest.  

George Harrison and Joe Brown, and a few fairly recognizable guitars. Photo courtesy of Genesis Publications, presumably © Harrison Family.

“When The Spacemen became Joe [Brown]’s backing band The Bruvvers the hits began to roll in, with Joe headlining tours that featured Del Shannon, Dion, The Crystals… and a new young band called The Beatles. ‘No one realised back then how big The Beatles were going to be but I could see they were very different,’ he says. ‘They’d been through the gamut of rock ’n’ roll in those German clubs where they were playing eight or nine hours a day.

‘They were great: George played beautiful guitar, John was an aggressive rocker and Paul was just so full of talent. Individually there were loads of musicians around who were better than them but here’s the thing… they were a great band.

‘George was a real chord merchant.

‘In fact, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits paid tribute to him in Sultans Of Swing in that line “Guitar George, he knows all the chords.” Later I moved to where George lived, Henley-on-Thames, and he phoned me up one day and said “we should get together”. Soon I was round his house almost every other day and we loved playing the ukulele together.

‘What we had in common was that neither of us was a musical snob. Music was music and if it came from the heart, it was good. We liked music that went way back – like George Formby, Hoagy Carmichael. Real music.’ What made George Harrison such a true friend? ‘Ukuleles!’ says Joe. ‘We both love ukuleles. George ended up as my best man and he certainly was an’ all. He was a wonderful friend and I miss him every day. I don’t seem to be able to think about him in the past tense, I always figure he’s still around.’” - “Singer Joe Brown: I’m still rocking at 75” by Chris Roycroft-Davis, Express, 11 October 2016

if you’ve never had love, how do you know what if feels like. I mean, I’ve loved people, but being in love with someone and knowing they’re in love with you. how do you even comprehend that. someone’s heart in dire need of you every day for the rest of their and your lives. someone who wants to hold your hand every night and day. someone who doesn’t want anyone else but you in their bed at night, warming their skin. the only person they want to call theres. the one person who wants to kiss you good morning. and I swear he will be the only first and last true love of your life. he will be the only one that matters because he will have built your heart back together after all your tears have bled in your heart and he will attach the detached ligaments. he’ll heal you and mend you back together in a certain way, you will never be able to compromise him. because in today’s society, it seems true love is a little too hard for most of us to handle. so boys fuck girls until they call that love, when it is never apart of it. and I’ll wait here until the day, one boy is different from the rest.
—  Excerpt #152

Sparkler Monthly’s first issue is now live, and FREE!

Sparkler is a new multi-media serialized fiction magazine (i.e. comics/manga, light novels, and audio dramas! two of each my babies!) that I’m oh-so-happy to be a part of! My new series, Dire Hearts, is going to be live with a new chapter every month! I know a lot of you guys know my work from TP, and I hope you’ll check out Jen’s conclusion to OffBeat since Chromatic rescued it from TP’s clutches and are letting Jen finish what she started so long ago!
Theres lots of other amazing work in the mag, and like I said, the first issue is totally free! FREE!! So please go check it out !

Notes about the mag:
- Subscriptions will be $5 per issue at the moment, but issue #1 is free and site membership is free, so just go get it already!
- Yes print versions are planned, however they depend on support for the series in the digital version, so if you like something and want a book of it, it’s up to you guys to help support it and show that it’s a viable thing~!

OffBeat 1&2 and Tokyo Demons first volume are already in print at the store, so show your support for print if it’s something you want!
- You can read it on the web browser w/o DLing anything if you like, It reads just fine on my iPad too :) ebook and pdf version are available to subscribers so if you want to read it in X-format, subscribe and let the crew know!

Notes about Dire Hearts:
-Dire Hearts is something I’ve been working on for a few years now and is a project very close to my heart. The Chromatic crew is amazing and really is letting me go all out and do this comic how I envision it. I know the opening to the series may make it seem like “just” a school romance, but I promise you, stick with it, you’ll be surprised~! If you know me and my work well, maybe you can guess where things will go!

So excited guys! It’s a great crew to be a part of :)