craigcampbelltv: #tbt to a pre-show jam with Scarlett, Chris (Capt America), @mayadorito and #RayAllen34on the @theuso tour 🎶🇺🇸 Good times!! @millerguitar396 @davidkarnsbass

trayfour: Myself, #scarlettjohansson,#chrisevans and #mayadirado all had the privilege to connect with our men and women in uniform today on our USO tour with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. America!! We have some brave soldiers fighting for us all around the world and today we all had the honor to meet alot of them. I came away from today with an even greater sense of gratitude for the great country we live in and even more respect for those protecting it. Don’t take it for granted!! #the fewtheproudthebrave #noeasyday #carpediem #somewhereinthemiddleeast