dir radio


AFGHANISTAN. Kunar Province. August 1985. Mujahideen groups fighting the Soviets.

(1) Commander Shapoor of the Yunus Khalis group and three of his men preparing for a rocket attack on Barikot garrison.

(2) Yunus Khalis group mujahideen with an Uzbek soldier from Kunduz who deserted from Asmar garrison.

(3) Mujahideen kids.

(4) Bombed-out Sao village in Kunar Valley.

(5) Preparing rockets for an attack on Barikot garrison.

(6) Bargam bridge. Photographer Erwin Franzen posing with mujahideen, fourth from the left.

(7) Sao village. Erwin Franzen is again the fourth man from the left. 

(8) Mujahideen in Munda Dir district communicating by radio with comrades fighting in Kunar.

Photographs: Erwin Franzen via Flickr