dir like

I just wanted to put them together okay

the goro tag

“goro is best boy”

“i hate goro im glad hes dead”

[character analysis with like 7 notes]

“cherish goro”

[goro did nothing wrong uwu joke post people will take seriously]

[post about ooc phantom thieves making fun of goro for some reason]


gorgeous goro/shuake/akeshu fanart

“liking goro is being a serial killer apologist” (legit)

On a Toshiya Scale, how fucking done are you today?

9.) lol okay.

8.) Is sure you exist to annoy me.

7.) Cute, boo boo.

6.) Needs an aspirin.

5.) Gtfo.

4.) Probably about to cry. Only fantasizing of killing you makes me feel better now.

3.) Come again, Heather?

2.) God grant me the serenity

1.) :poisoned your bottled starbucks frappuccino while you were sleeping last night, now simply waiting for you to die:

[Credits to all the original gif makers, screencap-ers, etc. None are mine.]