“Jesse’s response:

I was circumcised and I’m not too bad off, I don’t really remember being circumcised, and when I’ve actually had this conversation with my friends to see if it was just me, none of them remember it either, and none of them have experienced any long term ailments from being circumcised. I’m not pro-circumcision, I’m pro-mindyourownbusiness. For a lot of families, it’s a tradition, and not a religious sort of thing. I asked my dad once why I was circumcises, and he simply put it "Because every dude in the family has gotten circumcised for as far back as we can trace our history.” I asked my grandfather, all of his brothers were, and his father and all of his uncles were. And as far as I know, it goes back several more generations. So yeah, that’s simply my two cents. You do what you want, you think what you want, you be against what you want, but please, stay out of my family’s business and let us do our thing.“

You might not be upset about your circumcision, but keep in mind that a) you have no idea what you’re missing and you can never get that back, and b) compared to the overall male experience, yours is anecdotal. Here. Some highlights from that survey:

  • ”Sexual symptoms: 76% reported dry, keratinized glans requiring supplemental lubrication; 24% suffer erectile dysfunction; and 16% reported painful erections. One respondent reported “chafing/bleeding during sex due to remaining skin being too tight and unmovable.”
  • Psychological effects: Many respondents reported deep sorrow, a sense of loss and inferiority, feelings of abandonment,  inadequacy, anger at being mutilated, and mistrust of doctors. 78% feel “less whole,” 68% feel “inferior” to men who are intact, and 68% feel “not normal” or “unnatural.” 13% of respondents report having suicidal thoughts; 5% have attempted suicide.

I know it’s a religious/tradition oriented thing for many feelings, but there are lots of traditions that DON’T involve submitting your baby to stress levels comparable to torture, not to mention the blood, the pain, the neurological change, the fact that circumcision is paying someone to cut a newborn baby’s penis for NO REASON? Most parents don’t include traditions that submit their baby to a fairly high risk of death, dismemberment, and/or dysfunction in their parenting regime.

You want to bring your child up a certain religion? Awesome. You want to take him to the lake to fish with you when he turns 5? Great. You want to take him out for his first drive when he’s 10? Sweet, sounds like fun. THOSE are family traditions.

Cutting baby genitals is a “tradition” that needs to end. Would you defend abusing your kid because your dad abused you and your grandfather abused him? If your mom was circumcised because her mom was circumcised, would you allow the surgical removal of your daughters clitoral hood?

I’ll mind my own business when non-consenting babies and children are no longer submitted to risky cosmetic surgery.


not tumblr crushes; these are the blogs that i not only reblog most of my content from, but are also the very best people i’ve met on tumblr.

please this is such a hard choice, so i’m not going to include anyone i know in real life, because well i already love you guys. and if you’re not on here, it ABSOLUTELY does not mean i don’t like your blog… i can only pick ten :c

drrrrrumroll please:


okay so we never talk but i am always scrolling through her blog and (sorry) reading her personal posts and ugh i just wanna hug her and make her cupcakes and take silly pictures together and make her smile because she is adorable and it breaks my heart when she’s sad <3


his music taste and face combined made me like him, but your blog and unwavering support and kindness he’s shown me made me love him. thanks for everything.


besides making her insanely jealous with my adorable bunnies, Nat is one of those people who sees the slightest hint of angst in my posts and is right there if i need anything. plus her blog is one part wistful beauty, one part adorable comedy, and over nine thousand parts awesome.


okay this is kind of cheating cause i met him on /soc not tumblr but i can’t even put my love for this man in to words. just… love.


what started as a threesome joke became one of the best friends i’ve ever made on the internet. i love my little foxy <3


i wouldn’t have my foxy if not for my WIFEY<3 i dont even know how we met it doesnt matter Rachel i adore the shit outta you gurl you and your adorable butt. <3


he gets all my pain about bands breaking up, gives great advice, always has something funny to say and has wicked hair. what more can I say?


despite the fact i keep cancelling and rescheduling and being hard to get this guy still wants to be my friend and that’s cool. by the way can anyone say musical fucking talent? cause this guy has it. and a beard. i love beards.


i don’t reblog a lot from her but we share a lot of interests and i have learned a lot about… hm, alternative sex cultures? is that a thing? well, i’ve learned a lot about weird shit from her and we have a laugh and i like her and her blog a lot :)


okay so if anyone remembers before christmas when i needed money to get my suicidal friend an arcade stick? well this man lives in my city, and he saw the post, so he walked to my house in the middle of winter to give me $20 to help out. how fucking cool is that. <3

and there we have it folks. going through my blogs i found a lot that i wished i could put here but like i said ten only! i’ll do some more later prehaps? anyways GO FOLLOW THESE AWESOME PEOPLE RIGHT NOW trust me you will not regret it, even if they don’t post things you want on your dash, you DEF want these people in your life. so get on it.

You pride in what you do, and what you do, you do it well. While you’re all for listening to both ends, you try to say your piece, regardless of the side, in a neutral standpoint. Some may take it as backpedaling, but you just want to avoid being an asshole. At least, it is what usually happens.

When frustrated, you try and curve your frustration, generally.

Tough love and kidding around seems to be the way for you to get along with certain people and you’re just fine with that. While playful on some situations, you are analytical in others.

This makes you


dipstickfiddleshit replied to your post: dipstickfiddleshit replied to your post:…

I’ve been trying to get in shape for the zombie run in Atlanta that I wanna do this June. This app makes things so much more awesome

whaaaat theres a real one? That’s so cool!

I just…idk needed to do something to kick depression in the ass you know?

and also, I 100% believe in the zombie Apocalypse and that it will be government caused.

I have plans and back up plans and back up plans for back up plans and everyone thinks Im joking.

Let the Apocalypse training begin


that fucking chorus

 dipstickfiddleshit said: I remember the first girl that ever had a crush on me, told me, I looked her in the eye and laughed. I still don’t know why.

HAHAHAH WOW I bet she cried afterwards ahhahha

First time I confessed, the dude was pretty much said “prove it. Kiss me.”

and me being shy was like……… just kidding.


all these fucking feelings

dipstickfiddleshit said: This is me, 95% of the time, except I’m a dude. So I still feel your plight.

Dude, I’m pretty sure I understand dudes better than I do chicks hahahah

I’m so awkward .

She was said, “You should give me a hug.”

my response:

and then I held my arms out when I was sitting down.

when I was sitting down.

sitting down

So in other words, I’m an idiot.

I did get up and give her a hug.

but still.

my brain doesn’t work.

uselesspoliticalstatement-deact asked:

5 Facts about my character. She had an affair with her lover's brother, who was also a senator. She was murdered for this, and Haunted a man named Nicholas to reveal the truth about her murder and lament her guilt. Her murder was covered up by a fake suicide note. Her murder happened in 1928. She's also known as "Metropolis" or "Love". I will be so astounded if you get this and we will be best friends forever.

oh god I am so like


is this from metropolis 

or am I wayyy off here