It must be nice to ignore my phone call when you know I am calling for your help

It must be nice knowing you have me by the balls with helping with our child’s care

It must be nice knowing I have to work at night and need your help with our child but you choose to disappear

It must be nice to be such an asshole, always taking the lazy way out

It must be nice to have the love of an adoring child which you have not truly earned

It must be nice to not have the struggles I have for being the responsible one

It must be nice leeching off others and abandoning your duties as a parent

It must be real nice being you

Dipshidiot strikes again!

He is a no show this morning for the drop.

Poor mini me is getting dissed by her loser dad and it was looking like mommy would get no sleep after working all night.

Thank goodness for shellshokt and jeraimee who saved the day yet again! They will look after her while I crash in their guest room for a few hours 👍

That time when someone pushes and pushes wanting a ‘good’ reason why you don’t want to be with them EVER again….

…and so you have to state the obvious and also drudge up all they’ve done wrong to you in the last 10 years. All while being accused of “only remembering the bad times”

Well Dipshidiot…

Here it goes:

You took advantage of me
You disrespected me
You embarrassed me
You hurt me
You lied to me
You used me
You manipulated me
You stole from me
You bullied me
You verbally abused me
You destroyed me

…that should be clear enough, yes?

Dear Dipshidiot,

You are a pathetic asshole for screwing my sister over by picking up our daughter more than 3 hours late today.

Treating our child like and after thought or an inconvenience is truly disgusting.
Having her and spending time with her is a privilege that you don’t deserve.

I can’t help what you do to me, but please have enough respect for my sister and her family for the help they give us to not take advantage of her.

Fucking asshole!


The best thing that ever happened to you

I don’t know what to say other than thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I came here at a time in my life where I was scared, lost and extremely sad. I felt angry and alone, while having to pick up the pieces of my life trying to keep it together for my young daughter.

After being diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 35 I was feeling broken and insecure. A few health scares followed by my devastating divorce from dipshidiot, I felt alone and defeated. After losing my financial security and tackling full time parenthood alone I needed to connect with others for friendship and support.

At the encouragement of my twin shellshokt I found the support I needed here.

The friendships I have made with people that I’d otherwise never have known mean the world to me. I can’t list you all, but each of you have a special place in my heart for being along on the crazy ride.

All I can say is thank you, you guys are the best!

Much love,


Special thanks to jeraimee, harleybella, hiddeninthegrass, and lifesustainingmeasures I love you guys ❤️