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Word Count: 2000

Tags: Body worship?, Cunnilingus, Face sitting

Rating: Explicit

A/N: So here is a short one shot I did for my friend, Kylo Jen, aka @somepsychocandytalking.  She made me some awesome blood HCs so this is my repayment. :)

“Units 485 and 294 ready for flight”

These missions were increasingly cumbersome, as of late.  Four more strings of missions and at least another month out provided it’s even a successful raid.  More often than not, you were garbed in your battle attire, air tanks and weaponry.  Being such an integral part of the First Order’s master captors for interrogation, it was hard to maintain any personal life at all, never mind any kind of stable relationship with a person.  Especially when that person was absent more often than yourself.  

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True Love's Kiss (2)

by Sleek Ink

(a.k.a. swashbuckling-pen)

Short, Modern AU of how a simple kiss turns into a hot, chaotic Elsanna mess.

Part 1




Kristoff’s hazel eyes narrowed and flared. He surveyed the swelling crowd that was waiting for the ticket counter to open. This wasn’t just a handful of people waiting to get a chance to kiss a sleeping girl.

No. This was a carnival of horndogs wanting to score with his girlfriend. There were lanky teenaged boys. Greasy middle-aged men. Brawny twenty-somethings. And there were women. Lots of women of all shapes and sizes.

I must protect Anna from these horndogs. I must be the first to kiss her.

A smooth baritone modulated through the speakers in the PA system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the ticket counter to the True Love Exhibit is opening in five minutes. Please line up in an orderly fashion. Observe silence at all times, especially inside the princess’ chambers. No one will touch the princess from the neck down or make any untoward passes. Our friendly bouncer Oaken will see you to the door should you disregard our rules. Good day.”

Kristoff saw a wall of a man cut a clear path through the crowd with his boulders of shoulders. “Hohooo. Form a line please. One at a time or I will throw you out, ya?”

The crowd immediately scrambled to form a chaotic line resembling a drunken centipede.

With his heart shooting into his throat, Kristoff lunged forward to the head of the crowd as fast as his legs could carry him.

A foot clad in brown leather boot slid out of nowhere and tripped him. Kristoff fell, face first into the, thankfully, carpeted floor.

Ooommph! He grunted into the dusty fur carpet. “What the fuck?”

A slim hand and a cheeky grin appeared above his head. “Need a hand, Toffee?”

“Punzie! You… why would you do that?” Kristoff refused the proffered hand and was on his feet in a second. He jabbed a finger towards the brunette. “Oh wait. I know. You want to be the first to kiss Anna awake.”

“I’m sorry, Toffee. You gotta accept the fact that for two hours, our Anna Banana is fair game.” Punzel said and cocked her head towards the crowd. “Besides, if you ran like the madman you were. You’re gonna get your sorry ass kicked.”

Just then, Oaken the bouncer was herding five lanky boys out of the line. “Sorry boys, I did say no pushing and running. Out you go.” With just a tiny shove, Oaken sent the boys tumbling back on their butts and scampering away towards the exit.

“Fine. I will run as calmly as I can.” Without wasting another minute, Kristoff marched swiftly towards the line.

“Kristoff, wait—Ow!” Punzel was about to run after Kristoff when a sharp shoulder collided into hers. “Hey, watch where you…”

Punzel’s words expired in her throat. She found herself mute and possibly blinded by the clearest, swimming-pool blue eyes she has ever seen.

“My apologies, miss. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” Elsa’s brows furrowed in worry. Plump, cherry red lips formed words that Punzel barely absorbed as she was too preoccupied appreciating said lips. “Are you okay?”

“Well… I thought you’re the one who’d be sporting a bruise.” Punzel found herself saying. “I mean, after falling from heaven, that must’ve hurt pretty bad. Right?”

A look that teetered between incredulous surprise and wry amusement flickered through Elsa’s face. “Well, I … uh. Sorry, you seem nice. But I gotta go.”

And with a whirl of frost gold hair, Elsa was gone.

“Well shit.” Punzel muttered to herself as she saw Elsa stream towards the ticket counter, neck in neck with Kristoff. “That woman could turn anyone gay. Kristoff, we’re screwed.”




Unaware of the brewing pandemonium below, Anna slept lightly and dreamt of smurf-sized trolls dressing her in a robe of sewn leaves and singing about true love.

Suddenly a light tinkling chime broke her reverie, signaling the door had been opened.

Anna’s eyelids fluttered and twitched.

Oh shit. Don’t open your eyes Anna. Wait for Kristoff. Just pretend to sleep. Relax.

It was a strange sensation, being painfully aware of everything. Your mind is going mile a minute yet your body is in the same place. It was as if being inert magnified the sense of scent, hearing, and touch.

Anna felt someone’s breath warm her face as a kiss, a rather moist one, landed sloppily on the corner of her lips. Before she could register what happened, Anna heard footsteps retreat hastily back to the door.

The redhead sighed deeply as she wiped her lips with a silky hankerchief.

This is going to be more awkward than I thought. And that’s just kiss number one. How long will I survive?

Kristoff. Please hurry.



It must be kiss number ten when Anna felt something different.

First, she noticed the scent. The person who entered the room carried with them a faint scent of pine, cooled in winter. It was a clean, crisp scent and soothing as mint. Anna thought that this person at least groomed themselves.

Then she heard the clicking footfalls on the marbled floor.

Click. Click. Click. It went louder in every step and stopped just beside Anna’s head.

Anna relaxed her face but sealed her eyes tightly shut in case she was overcome by the urge to take a peek at the nice smelling person who was probably wearing heels. High heels?

Then she felt it. Cool, gentle fingers lifting the hair from her eyes and brushing it away, tucking her rebellious mane behind her face. With long, light strokes, the fingers massaged her scalp before stroking languidly through the length of her tresses.

It was so deliciously relaxing, Anna couldn’t hold back the happy sigh that escaped her lips.

She thought she heard a muffled chuckle from the stranger, as if they were covering their mouth. It was just a few seconds. But Anna thought the sound was almost musical.

Then soft pads of thumbs brushed the arch of her brows and dipped to her temples, mapped the slope of her cheeks, trailed the line of her jaw. Her face was touched with such slow, burning reverence, Anna felt the stranger was worshipping her with hands. As if somehow she, awkward clumsy Anna, was someone deeply cherished and adored.

When a lone finger tip traced the swell of her bottom lip, tickling and teasing, Anna’s breath hitched.

I can’t take this anymore. Who is this person who can make me feel loved with just their hands?

Please. Please just kiss me already.

As if reading her mind, the stranger finally leaned in and kissed her.

But not on the lips.

She felt a butterfly kiss land on her forehead then flutter to the thin skin of her eye lids. Warm, soft lips nuzzled the particularly tickly zone behind her ear, prickling Anna’s skin into tiny goosebumps.

Anna giggled. She didn’t care if the other person thought she was crazy. All she knew was that her senses were alive. Her skin, her nose, her eyes… all of her were purring in bliss. It felt wonderful. To not be scared or nervous anymore. Her heart felt light. No. It felt right. As strange as it seemed, it felt right to be touched by this stranger.

But she needed more.

“Please…” Anna whimpered, unaware that she had spoken. Unaware that this mere utterance has stirred a storm of emotions in the stranger who bit back a sob at seeing Anna, face upturned, lips relaxed, willing and anticipating the kiss.

She really wants to kiss me. The stranger thought. Their lips bowed into a grin before pressing lightly, just underneath the swell of Anna’s bottom lip.

“Sorry, but you only have 30 seconds left to wake the princess.” Kai’s brisk voice jolted Anna.


Anna panicked as the stranger rapidly withdrew their lips.

No! I must feel this person’s lips. I might not get a chance again.

Anna secured her arm around the stranger’s back as her right hand cupped the stranger’s cheek. Letting her instincts guide her, she angled her face upwards and sought the lips that have eluded her.

And their lips met.

Anna sighed as she felt the full press of marshmallow-soft lips. She never imagined lips could be so soft she felt she was melting into them, like being submerged into a bed of petals. Even the cheek in her hand felt smooth as silk.

I wonder if those lips are as sweet as marshmallows.

Anna idly thought as she let the tip of her tongue sample the flavour of the stranger’s lips. Flicking her tongue across a plump bottom lip, she tasted cherry and chocolate lip balm.

Lip balm?

A low moan tore from the stranger’s throat. It was deep, soft, and definitely feminine.


Anna inched away and opened her eyes. She was startled to see twin pools of the truest blue she thought she would never see again. Eyes that brought memories of summer skies and flying kites. Eyes that skated back and forth across a page as the blonde read her a story. Those eyes that were obscured by thick lenses, but they lit up like stars when Anna cracked even the lamest of jokes. Eyes that sought hers across the playground, checking if she needed help with a scraped knee or rescue from a puddle of mud that usually seemed to find herself in whenever she was outdoors.

“Elsa?” Anna couldn’t believe her eyes. If she blinked right now she thought the girl before her will disappear.

Her hands framed the other girl’s face, fingers running through every feature, tracing the faintest freckles that were still there underneath the creamy skin. Anna saw both the young woman before her and the little girl she once knew. “Is it really you? You…look different. Beautiful different. Not that you weren’t beautiful before. It’s just that, you’re more…wow. What?”

“Still eloquent as ever, Anna.” Elsa chuckled, beyond relieved that Anna had not forgotten her. “Told you consuming too much chocolate will addle your brains when you grow up.”

“Hey! What was that supposed to-“

Anna was stilled by Elsa’s soft, plump lips. She sighed as the blonde cupped the back of her head, bringing their lips ever closer.

Without thinking, Anna sat up and scooted closer until she was almost straddling the other girl. She looped her arms around Elsa’s neck and felt their breasts press against each other. Elsa was all soft skin and gentle curves. She wasn’t used to it, yet it felt so natural just to inch a little closer, just snuggle a little bit tighter. Taste more of those chocolate cherry lips. Maybe even suckle in her tongue…

“Uhm. In case you two forgot, this is still being filmed and broadcasted around the museum.” Kai stepped into the room and flooded the floor with light.

It completely slipped her mind that this was an exhibit. That there were cameras all around. And Kristoff was supposed to be the one to wake her. And he must have seen… everything.

Shitballs. Kristoff.

Anna pried herself away from the kiss. She quickly disentangled her arms from Elsa and stood away.

“Anna? Are you okay?”

Anna barely heard Elsa as she scanned the faces of the crowd below through the glass walls of her chamber.

And when she finally saw Kristoff, his crestfallen face, his eyes wild with shock and hurt, Anna knew she broke something.

With a great shake of his blond head, as if to rid off the images he just saw, Kristoff turned and walked away.

“No. Wait!” Anna hit her fist against the glass wall. “Don’t go.”

Tentative fingers slipped through her other hand, a thumb traced her palm. Calming some of Anna’s nerves.

“He’s your…boyfriend? The blond guy?” Elsa’s anxious eyes reached out to Anna’s.

Anna looked down at their entwined hands. They were almost the same size, and they laced together perfectly. She looked up and drank in Elsa’s beautiful face. A face that she never knew exactly how much she missed until it was there, right before her.

A wry smile bereft of any humor creased Anna’s face.

On one hand she found something she wasn’t looking for. And on the other, she was on the brink of losing something she worked hard to find.

“Princess Anna? I know the two of you obviously needed some catching up to do. But I would need you and Elsa for a short interview downstairs, if you please?” Kai’s prompt, business voice brought Anna back to reality. “Most likely they will ask what made you think Elsa is your true love’s kiss?”

Right. True love. I don’t even know what that means anymore. Anna thought as she bit her lip.

“Hey,” Elsa nudged her in the rib gently. “If you are not feeling up to it, I can answer the interview while you go find your boyfriend.”

“You would really do that, for me?” Anna asked, remembering the young Elsa who shied away from the spotlight. She guessed that the blonde wasn’t still comfortable about a public interview, but that she was just offering this to comfort Anna.

“Hey, you always saved me when we were little. This time I got you,” Elsa said with a tiny squeeze on her hand.

A great rush of affection for the blonde overwhelmed Anna’s heart. Elsa was still the sweetest, kindest girl she remembered. She wanted nothing else but to storm into her arms and get swept away by the new passion she discovered in those lips. Gawd. Elsa really knew how to kiss. And more importantly, I love how she kisses me. How did I not know this before? There are still so much things we need to learn about each other. I would love to get to know her again.

“So what will it be Princess Anna?”

Somehow Anna knew Kai wasn’t just referring to the matter on the interview.

Will she go run after Kristoff? Or will she stay for awhile and be there for Elsa?


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