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Salutations Everyone! 

I am opening up 4 exclusive slots for Traditional artworks commissions. This will be the only commissions I will take for the Spring/Summer time so if you are interested, now is the time!


Here are the general informations regarding this type of commission.

- Commission cost :100$CAN 

- made on 14x17″ cardboard paper Canson Bristol. ( It’s quite big and cannot be rolled) 

- Lineart is made using a dipping pen with Black and White Ink. Gold and Silver ink is also available if needed.

- Coloured with Alcohol markers : Copic/Prismacolors/Touch 

- Can be shipped anywhere and is included in the commission cost. ( If you request a type of shipment with a tracking number, additional cost will be applied.)

General rules: 

- If you are interested in purchasing a slot : Send an email at cinensis.artwork@gmail.com with the detail of your commission and if it requires a deadline or not. I will do my best to help you or answer any questions you may have ~ 

- Payment is requested via a Paypal invoice sent at your email address. Commissions slots will be tackled via order of payments. 

- A confirmation sketch will be sent before proceeding to the final inking in order to make sure everything meet all requirements. 

- You can request to see a WIP anytime after the initial sketch has been sent, in order to see the progression.

- Another confirmation will be sent after it’s shipped as well as an estimation of the arrival time. 

- Do not accept : NSFW , Extreme gore, artworks of Fics you don’t have the permission of the author for, morally insensitive/problematic suggestions. ( Islamophobic/homophobic/acephobic/racist/incestuous/abusive etc……. )

- I hold the right to refuse a commission if I deem it outside of my range of capacities or outside of my comfort zone regarding the subject of the piece. Adjustment can be made in order to make sure everyone is comfortable doing the artwork requested.

Thank you very much and please help by reblogging! <3

Slots : 






My Traditional Zelda Artwork is done and to be auctioned!

Bidding start at 115$CAN and will end Tomorrow, March 26th at 5PM EST. 

If you are interested you can contact me via askbox or at cinensis.artwork@gmail.com

Info about the piece: 

- 14x17″ 

- Approximatively 32 hours of work

- Made with black/white ink using a dipping pen and coloured with Alcohol markers.

- Can be shipped anywhere

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As far as traditional mediums go, I’ve always been rubbish with a brush. That being said, I think I found love in dip pens and drawing ink. This one was done for a musical side project of mine called LunaRift, and the drawing was used on album artwork as well as a poster.

I sketched this rabbit earlier today trying out something called Mineral Paper by Yasutomo, which claims “made from rocks, not trees!” The paper is heavy and super smooth, and I’ve been trying different media on it.

Drawing with a dip pen was interesting, the nib glided across it and it felt surprisingly gentle with the tines of the nib, but I couldn’t get much like variation without digging into the paper. Also, the ink didn’t dry as fast as it would on Bristol, and it smudged a few times (which I was very careful about)

Not sure I would recommend this paper, but it is certainly interesting and I’m going to try a few more techniques with it!

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I neglected this for the past 4 weeks (what it looked like then) so decided to put some time on it today. And after about 4h I think the ink stage is almost done, I need to decide on the contour (faint outline of circle in pencil). And, yes I’m building/creating as I go.

Note the two dragon open/close mouth opposition is loosely based of the guardian statue in Japanese temples.

I’m not sure I can salvage the ink smear, but I want to finish it anyway (finished not perfect). On the upside it’s removing a small amount of pressure from fear of messing up :P. I’ll get this shield design done.

India ink and dip pen with maru nib (soundtrack of today)

Inktober 009: Princess Allura, ink splotches and all

Tools: Speedball Super Black India ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board