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question:does a dream demon ever regret readings someones mind or going into someones dream?

answer: you’re kidding right!? going into dreams and readings peoples mind is the most fun a dream demon can have! Plus+ Shootings Stars dreams and thoughts are full of good ideas!!!(Dipper: yeah right, you just like  to torture me!)(Mabel:Nah he just likes to see you all flustered, Dippin-sauce XD)(Dipper:Mabel!) Well,you do look mighty cute when you’re angry~ Pines Tree~kun!)(Mabel laughing in the back ground)(Dipper:YOU GUYS, STOP IT!!!!)

yurix-a  asked:

By any chance of a reincarnation of Henry/Mabel meeting the Woodsman? What would happen? Also whats Dippin sauce thoughts on this figure?

Maritza couldn’t believe it.

Lost again.

She huffed and kicked the nearest tree she saw.

She didn’t mean to get lost so much; it just happened! Was it really her fault that the world was such an interesting place or that Ms. Effie who led their Scout group was treating them like a bunch of Brownies rather than Cadettes and was super boring?

Or that this forest was a lot bigger than she thought and she couldn’t see a trail or anything and the cat she had been following was now gone and-

“Mierda,” Maritza swore.

She wouldn’t have been so worried but it was almost dark and a dark forest, Maritza knew, would not be the safest place for a twelve year old girl on her own.

She heard the crunch of leaves behind her and ohfuckohgosh. Maritza looked around-nothing she could climb right away but that tree was rather big.

She dashed behind the tree, her hand in her pocket on the sharp rock she had found an hour ago.

The crunch got closer and closer.

Oh god they had seen her she was so dead oh gosh.

The crunching stopped on e other side of the tree she was on and Maritza decided to go down fighting.

Not helping was the massive headache she was having on the sides of her head.

Maritza leapt out. “DONT EVEN TOUC-oh.”

Standing there was a man…or something shaped like a man, anyway. He was sheet white, like there was no blood in his body. The clothes he had on were rags and tatters, but somehow Maritza knew that they used to be a plaid shirt and jeans. He had no eyes, but dark shadowy pits in their place. His head was wreathed with blue fire and faintly, orange hair.

Maritza didn’t know why she saw the axe growing out of his arm and remembered vividly the feeling of the wood of an axe handle sprouting and spiraling up her arm, the tendrils of wood piercing and sinking deep into her skin. Or why she saw his antlers crowned with hands and felt, suddenly, a great weight on either side of her head, like she had a pair of her own.

Or why this almost giant was kneeling at her feet.

Or why she not only trusted him, but felt like she was looking at a piece of her soul.

Aloud, all she asked was, “Can you help me sir?”

The Woodsman nodded.

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Dipper comes back to the Mystery Shack one summer after going through puberty the whole year, and all the sudden he's Very attractive and human!bill doesn't know what to do and awkwardly flirts with him

This one has an alternate ending cause I couldn’t decide between the two. Have fun!

Late Bloomer

                Bill sat next to Wendy as she flipped through some strange lumberjack magazine. They were waiting on Pine Tree and Shooting Star to show up for their summer vacation. This time, the old man was picking them. Wendy has known the twins longer than Bill has, but he’s had a few summers with them. Now they were seventeen, if he remembered correctly. He could only wonder how they looked now. Mabel hit puberty before her brother did. She was already a tall, curvy, beautiful young girl. Her brother on the other hand…Bill wasn’t saying that Dipper was ugly or anything. He was a cute kid, but the only thing he got from puberty was height. He was skinny as a stick, high pitched voice, and completely clumsy. And when he was sixteen he had a terrible case of acne. The twins sent no photos over the school year, so no one had any clue as to how the twins looked. Bill doubted they changed much, but for Pine Tree’s sake, he hopes that his acne had decreased.


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