I have a AU in my head for gravity falls I’d like to call it the Monster Hunter AU

It was the year 36** (aka welcome to the Cyber World)

where Dipper and Mabel went to Gravity falls at the age of 19 but did i mention they were the famous Monster Hunter duo famously called as the Mystery Twins, they came to permanently live with they’re Grunkles Stanley and Stanford Pines because The Mystery Shack, Stanley’s tourist trap attraction got passed down to the both of them as an heirloom but also because Stanley was too old to take care of a shop, he’d rather spend his time Monster Hunting with his brother.

they needed more clients for they’re monster hunting business since the town didn’t really know about the twins.. much anyways

So they decided to change the name of the shop to The Mystery Shack ; Souvenir&Monster Hunting. one day they met a short stack of a man called Gideon Gleeful who invited them to his Tent of Telepathy and there backstage with Mabel and Dipper he claimed that he could summon demons simply to impress his new love interest Mabel, They would challenge him to actually do it but instead of summoning one demon Gideon summoned two attempting to impress the female twin

and then this happened

Mabel ; Oh! My! Baby! Piggies! Bro-Bro!They’re so handsome!!! this is bad o-o I think I’m in looooove~!

Dipper ; You said the same thing about that merman guy! but yeah, I see what you mean.

Bill ; i can’t believe we got summoned just to impress a bunch of kids

Tad ; Sad really but I am certainly not complaining the female one is certainly a quite the vision

Mabel ; BRO-BRO! DID YOU HEAR THAT!! <3 <3 <3

Dipper ;…*facepalm* You’re not supposed to fall for our TARGETS Mabel.

(btw i support BillDip 100% im trash i know also Tabel (TadxMabel) )

i wonder if i should make this a story or a comic <.< hmmmm

(Tad strange design Heavily inspired by @kidsanddemons ‘s Tad >.< i only edited it a bit like the clothes and what not)

  • Me: *finishes gravity falls*
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  • Me: *expects art of twins being cute, twisted art of bill being a dick, theories, etc*