Surface Tides

Billdip little mermaid AU with a twist.

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Prince William Cipher, or Bill as he prefers to be referred to, leaned on his balcony and watched the sun set over the ocean. It was peaceful today and waves crashed lazily on the beach below. The ocean was being much more peaceful than his day had been.

They want him to marry. Another princess was brought to meet him in the hopes he’d find her acceptable. No. Bill turned her down as soon as he was able and walked from the room. Que the fuss and nagging for the rest of the day.

He is thankful he has a choice. There will not be an arranged marriage for him. However just because he can say no doesn’t mean he will not be sent match-ups nor does it mean they won’t be persistent. It’s annoying to say the least 

He gets an offended letter from the parents of each girl he rejects yelling at him for not immediately falling for their daughter. He keeps them now only so he can use them as kindling for his fireplace. 

Bill will reject every girl in the world if it’ll mean not having to marry one. He doesn’t want to marry now. Being only 19 he just wants to live his life. If he finds someone that makes him happy maybe his mind will change but that person will be someone he finds by himself.

The sky was painted red as the sun went down. If it’s nice he’ll go out in his ship tomorrow. There’s nothing like the open seas after all. It’ll be a perfect place to celebrate another birthday that he’s not engaged or married to someone forced upon him by others.

After the sun sank behind the horizon and the world became dark Bill went back inside.

He has a good feeling about tomorrow.


Dipper swam as fast as he could. The bag over his shoulder was pulled behind him through the current. He’s late, he’s so late. The sun has set and he just had to stay at the surface of the water so he could watch it do so, didn’t he? 

It was so pretty with the sky above the waves turning different shades of red and purple. How could anyone resist watching such a beautiful sight? Dipper sure couldn’t and now he’s way past curfew.

He’s in so much trouble.

Maybe he can sneak into his room without being noticed because he doesn’t have and adequate excuse and telling the truth isn’t an option. Merfolk aren’t supposed to go to the surface. It’s not allowed.

Personally, Dipper finds that thinking dated. Plus, is more of an understood rule than a law. So, it’s not like he’s doing anything illegal. Still, he’s going to get in trouble for it. A lot of trouble for it because this is far from the first time.

Dipper doesn’t get it. The surface is beautiful and the over world makes such wonderful fascinating things. Secretly, Dipper would give anything to explore it himself. Unfortunately, he has fins not legs and thus is stuck in the sea.

There are surely ways to change that but magic that powerful is forbidden except under dire circumstances and then only by professionals. Low level spells are fine though they are still rarely used unless the task can’t be completed without it. 

This is partly because not all merfolk can use magic so using it around those who can’t is considered extremely rude. Having the ability to use magic is actually a rare bloodline trait and Dipper’s family happens to be one of the few with that trait. 

Though he’s capable of magic, and as much as Dipper would like to explore the over world, he needs more reason and motivation than what he has to find and cast such powerful and dangerous magic on himself. 

Not to mention, going to the surface would mean leaving his family. That’s a big component here because he loves his family despite how restricting they are and doesn’t want to abandon them over just wanderlust. 

However, despite what his feelings currently are on the matter, he’s restless and if the right motivation came along, he would leave.

Dipper swims through the streets of Gravity Falls and into the house in the coral that belongs to his family. He hides behind a wall. He’s got to get through the living room to get to his room. This will be tricky. Stan or Ford could come in at any moment.

Right now, the only merfolk around was him and after a quick check, Dipper makes a break for it. When he gets to the center of the room he hears voices approaching from the direction he’s heading and freezes.

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Wendip week: Meet the Parents

Wendy was nervous, shuffling around in the backseat. The car was relatively new and it felt like being in an airplane. That wasn’t why she was a little uneasy, though. Maybe those weren’t the right words…

She picked at the peeling outer shell of her suitcase, old from wear and tear. That’s probably how she could describe herself, really. Rough. Hand-me-down. Nothing in her family was very new, besides maybe the occasional axe or flannel shirt.

“How you doin’ back there?”

Her head shot up, to look in the very, VERY familiar face of Mr. Pines, who was in the passengers seat after switching with his wife at the airport. Something about him, she didn’t know exactly what it was, made her feel all bubbly inside.

“I’m cool!” She gave a little thumbs up, hopefully a convincing one, making skittish eye contact before looking back out the window. She hoped she wasn’t being rude…

He was just so familiar, and of course, she suspected part of it was because she knew his kids like the back of her hand. There was something else though, something she couldn’t quite place, and it was bringing up that feeling again.

“Good, we’re almost there, and I know how much the kids want to see you. You’re all they’ve been talking about.” Mrs. Pines spoke, in a soft kind of voice that reminded her of Dipper, and put her more at ease.

Wendy smiled, “Really? I thought they’d be busy with sports, and such. I heard Dipper made the track team?”

Mr. Pines, or Alex, as she’d heard his wife say, responded, “Yep! He’s his teams anchor for relays, and Mabel won a silver medal going all the way to state for her gymnastics team.”

There it was again, she felt her stomach flutter. I mean, it wasn’t like she had a crush on her best friends dad, right? I mean, he was nice looking, and Mrs. Pines was absolutely stunning, but he’s like, a billion years old. Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration, but still.

She decided it wasn’t a crush at all, but something like an epiphany, right on the tip of her tongue, if only it would hit her.

Her thoughts were interrupted again by Mr. Pines, “Home sweet home.”

They turned into a short driveway, pulling up to a two story suburban house, like many of the other houses beside it, and suddenly Wendy felt small. “It has a garage and everything…” she thought out loud. The house was a nice cream color, with pillars lining the porch out front, with a nicely polished wooden door. As she contemplated the type of wood, two happy looking tweens burst through the threshold, fighting to be the first one out. Mabel won by shoving Dipper’s head down, and Wendy smiled. “That’s my girl.”

“Seems like they’ve been expecting you.” Mrs. Pines said, with a tinge of laughter lining her voice that again reminded Wendy of the boy, now running past his sister, to meet them.

“If you don’t go out and meet them I’m afraid they might drag you out.”

Wendy opened the door once she had permission (even though she didn’t need it in the first place) and opened her arms up, “GUYS!”

“WENDY!” They both shouted, nearly knocking the girl over, but Corduroys are made of tougher stuff than most, that is until Mabel picked her up.

“Hoo-kay, Mabel,” Wendy choked, “can’t… breathe…”

“Alright, Punkin’ give her some air.” Mr. Pines said walking up to put his hands on Dipper’s shoulders-

Holy shit. It hit her.

Mr. Pines was Dipper. No wait, Dipper was Mr. Pines. Dipper was going to grow up TO BE Mr. Pines. Dipper was going to grow up.

Dipper was gonna to be kinda hot.

“Oh man,” she spoke aloud, quickly fixing herself, “…Oh, hey, man!”

They all walked in together, Mabel hanging off her side while Dipper told her about his latest adventures, and Wendy pushed back the thoughts as far as she could, for now.


Hope you guys liked it. I always thought Wendy would have this epiphany that Dipper wasn’t going to be a kid forever, and he was going to catch up to her eventually.

Also sorry about it being late, I’ve been pretty busy, but I hope you enjoy!

What a bunch of lovable nerds.😂 honestly though these shows are all so good. Their stories are well-written, the voice acting is fantastic and if you’re looking for intensity in Kids shows this is where you needa look.

(A/N: I was going to put Steven on here from SU but for one I haven’t seen as much of that show as I would like and for two I found these shows were closer to each other in terms of story.)

An Odd Day For Dan

Story submitted by CodyLabs; encompasses prompts 1,2 and 4. “Keep reading” has been added for clarity.

An honest-to-goodness alien spaceship came careening out of the sky, directly toward the town. At the last possible second, it pulled up and curved away, washing a hot wind over the few people on the streets. It swerved unstably side to side through the sky, as its pilot attempted to get bearings. Then, picking a direction, it tilted on one end and raced off toward the hills, slicing off a couple treetops as it went. When it passed over the Mystery Shack, it took a sudden drop in altitude, bumped the side of the building, and smashed into the ground upside-down.

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