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Stay With Me - Keleficent - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
“Do you know how much it hurts to lose your twin? It hurts so bad, Dipper. I don’t want to see Mabel go through that. You can’t leave her, Dipper.” Stan’s tears landed on Dipper’s face. “You can’t leave me.”
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“So, I just figured I’d chill out on the roof for a while,” Dipper said into the camera.

“I’m gonna find you, kid!” Stan’s angry voice rang through the air.

Dipper decided seeing Stan’s tattoo wasn’t worth incurring his wrath further. It was probably time to end this episode of his Guide to the Unexplained. He gave his outro and turned off the camera.

As Dipper set the camera down, he failed to realize he was on an incline, and his camera slid off the roof. He had no time to worry about whether his camera was alright because it just gave away his position to Stan below.

“Aha! Found you, kid!” Stan pulled himself up the roof. Dipper tried to escape in the opposite direction.

“Oh no, you don’t.” He grabbed Dipper’s wrist, but he slipped out of Stan’s grip. Unfortunately, the action caused Dipper to stumble backward.

“Whoa, kid, be care-” But Dipper was unable to gain his footing and fell backward off the roof.

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Gravity Falls is great, but how about the world?

Why do people always have older!Dipper stuck in Gravity falls obsessing over the same book?

Wouldn’t he try exploring the world? In a time where travel is only getting easier and easier, and we have a live, global library at our fingertips?

What if Dipper made a journal that wasn’t just a bunch of handwritten books, but rather he took full advantage of modern technology? Creating files within files, but of course being careful enough to have some form of it in the material world. He’d have handwritten pages full of Cipher and diagrams, but twice as many encrypted files or the occasional word doc. There’d be no particular order, to the untrained eye. A bit like a choose your own adventure book, there would be prompts to the next page but only Dipper would understand.

I’ve always thought that after this summer is over, he’d look beyond Gravity Falls. He’d look at the wider world and travel, finding places like Gravity Falls spotted all over the globe. Some of them tamer, and some of them making his summer at the mystery shack look like a walk in the park.

Imagine Dipper travelling the world and finding little triangles with eyes all over the globe. On make-up, on cash, in ancient tombs, on his tube of shaving cream. The guy’s always watching, am I right?

Imagine this lonely little kid making friends all over the globe who are just as interested as him. Imagine him making twice as many enemies.

There’s a whole world full of myths and legends; puzzles and mysteries. With Dipper knowing that all of them could very well be real, he would never be able to settle down. 

So could we all talk about this? If anyone has ideas, please message me! I need this so bad.

Maybe the exact time and date of their death is February 15th, 2016.