dipper's guide to the unexplained


Gravity Falls - Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained #23 “Grunkle Stan’s Tattoo”


Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained - The Hide Behind (X)

Okay, we need to clear this up:

This is a tuba:

This is a sousaphone:

Dipper plays the sousaphone.

And if he’s anything like the other sousaphone players I know, he’s going to be real ticked off when he finds out everyone’s calling it a tuba.

DAY 5, Entry #1 "LEFTY" ✂ - wet-monsoon
"Literally I've been following him around for weeks... 
and I've never once seen the right side of his face... 
and neither has anyone else. But why? 
Mabel? Theories?"
DAY 5, Entry #2 "TOOTH"
"I don't know, I've been looking for... there it is.
Okay, after it attacked us, that giant head thing just
sunk back into the lake, and it lost another one of its teeth 
trying to eat our boat! But the important thing is, we survived. 
"Hide Behind? Oh, he's real alright. Real as my beard! 
He was behind me once; made this sound: tchktchktchktchktchktchk.
Mighty spooky."

"Oh, the Hide Behind is definitely real. 
He might even be behind me right now! Let me see..."

"Don't believe every legend you hear, kid. The people in this town 
are literally the dumbest people in the world. 
“20-15 13-5. 20-8-5 4-1-18-11-14-5-19-19 9-19 14-5-1-18.”
  • Not From Around Here
  • Enlightened Robot

I’m so sorry, but I had to make this. 

Inspired by this post


  • The Sousaphone scene from Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained: The Tooth
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