dipper's cheeks


((Old fart minds in child bodies is my new favorite thing *v*))

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I paused at the right time and now it looks like Pacifica is kissing Dipper on the cheek. 

……I’m not even gonna deny how big of a shipper I’ve become of them now. I am Dipcifica “Trash" 


ai-2-ai  asked:


🌹 Ship that you have as an OTP

I have plenty, but I’ll go with Spandy since that was my first OTP ever.

💖 Ship that needs more love

Honestly? I kinda wish BlenDos was more popular. I don’t care if Dos Hunthou only exists in Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirates Treasure, and only in specific parts of it, I want more happy AUs with him and Blendin as boyfriends.

(Controversial shipping asks)

Imagine Pacifica waiting at the bus stop every day the next summer waiting for the pines twins to arrive

Imagine her kissing Dipper on the cheek without even thinking about it

He blushes and goes quiet for the next hour or so, and Mabel keeps pestering paz to do it again so she can get a picture for her scrapbook

Imagine mabel, after a long summer of mystery and adventure, leaning towards Dipper on the bus, and saying, “paz kissing your cheek is still the biggest event of the summer”

  • Bill: *pops into existance on dippers textbook*
  • Dipper: *holds in a scream when he notices his golden triangle just there while trying to actually pass his classes*
  • Bill: Pinetree
  • Dipper: *whispers* yes?
  • Bill: I love you. I miss you and I miss squishing your meat sack to my meat sack. Hugs? Yeah. And kissing you, yeah, I miss that too.
  • Bill: I just wanted to say that
  • Bill: *floats up as tiny triangle and smooches dippers cheek* see ya later pinetree
  • Dipper: *is blushing so hard he needs to leave the room or else he'll die from pent up screams*

Things I really liked about the GF unaired Pilot:

  • Dipper and Mabel with olive-toned skin and darker brown hair
  • They both have rosy cheeks!!
  • Dipper is a spaz as well as a klutz, tripping and breaking things
  • Mabel has a high-pitched scream
  • She still has a crush on Hamilton
  • “We’re sleeping!” “We’re dead!”
  • The animation style makes them look older, more like actual pre-teen/teens than the animation in the actual show
  • Dipper’s voice cracks more omg and he’s more sarcastic I love it
  • Also his outfit is really cute tbh I might like it better than his actual one 
  • “Dylan and Rowena!”
  • “Dipper.” “Mabel.”
  • “I’m getting closer!”
  • Ghost puns
  • “Dr. Crackpot’s Book of the Damned” [cue Satanic music]
  • Dipper shielding Mabel from the gnome King
  • “You’re old!”
  • “I will fight you, man!” [throws shoe]
  • Dipper Pines, having no chill since 2010
  • “You were wrong about Norman!” “So were you”
  • What Dipper chooses to trust Mabel on is an answer to a riddle instead of a plan. I feel like this is a bigger deal than what actually goes down in canon because Dipper likes to think that he always has the right answers and sees himself as smarter than Mabel, but it turns out his answer is wrong and Mabel’s is right. Mabel solves the riddle and saves the day with her cleverness. Dipper trusts her brain over his.
  • Dipper and Mabel have darker skin and hair and rosy cheeks. I mentioned that before but it’s v important to me. Can I just adopt it as canon
  • Twins still do the iconic awkward sibling hug
  • Gave me the same kind of excitement as a new episode being released
  • I fell in love with Gravity Falls all over again when I watched it

A finger pokes his cheek and Dipper turns his head, looking at his grinning friend. “Guess what,” Bill says wiggling his eyebrows.

Dipper sighs, slowly lowering the book in his hands. “What is it this t-”

Bill quickly cuts in. “I think I love you,” he answers, his expression serious. 

Dipper blinks and feels his face heat up. He reads a lot of books, but not enough to know what to say when a friend - best friend - confesses to him. Mouth dry and brain currently shut off, he tries to at least say something before Bill’s expression cracks and he snickers.

“April Fools! Should’ve seen the look on your face!” he says, clapping his hands together.

Dipper shoves him. “Ugh. You’re horrible and everything about you is awful and- you’re just the worst,” Dipper says, a hand covering his face. “I seriously forgot it was April Fools day today.”

A gasp. “You forgot my favorite day of the year? For shame!” Bill says, putting a hand over his forehead because he’s over dramatic about everything. “Anyways I gotta go April Fool your sister now so I’m gonna skedaddle. See you nerd.”

“It’s going to end badly but good luck Bill,” Dipper warns him, sticking his nose back into his book. Bill cackles in response waving him off. 

As soon as Bill turns the corner though, he buries his face into his hands. God dammit. It couldn’t have gone any worse than that.

“’Just wait and see his reaction’ she said! ”And if he doesn’t react well, just say it was a joke’ she said,“ Bill grumbles to himself in a voice that sounded distinctly similar to a certain Pines twin. "Well I say drink yourself to death for the same effect because that went horribly!”

Bill throws his hands into the air, stomping off to the other twin’s room for better advice.

Movie Surprise
  • Dipper: But - !
  • Bill: No.
  • Dipper: Bill, honey, please, for me??? *puppy eyes*
  • Bill: nOOOOO. No, no, no, no and No. *chomps on foodies and continues watching TV*
  • Dipper: *huffs and pouts* ... Please?
  • Bill: ... Dipper, no, it's special...
  • Dipper: But I like surprises... Sometimes. *blushes* Only when they're from you at least.
  • Bill: *sighs and hovers down*
  • Bill: *smushes Dippers cheek and stares at him with one eye*
  • Bill: Promise you won't freak out...?
  • Dipper: Is it good or bad?
  • Bill: I don't know, depends on how you react Pine Tree.
  • Dipper: *contemplates*
  • Dipper: *nods* Alright, I won't have a spaz attack.
  • Bill: *chuckles* Alrighty then!
  • Bill: *snaps fingers*
  • Bill: *cane grows longer*
  • Bill: *thin black arms becoming shapely and tan*
  • Bill: *legs become Legs*
  • Bill: *triangle becomes torso*
  • Bill: *head pops out with an eyepatch*
  • Bill: *dusts himself off before snapping, top hat appearing in his hand.
  • Bill: I know this is a bit fancy, but I -
  • Dipper: *lunges at him*
  • Dipper: *snuggles him full friggin force*
  • Dipper: This is the best surprise ever...
  • Bill: *chuckles and pets his head* Now, I've heard that there's this thing called... "cuddling" in the human world? You meat sacks usually do it on the couch or in bed, right?
  • Dipper: *giggles and drags him over* Why yes, yes we do, now come on, the movie's back on.