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Basics of Fandoming #13: Gravity Falls

How deep you are into the dark side of this fandom can be noted by what you ship:

You’re okay:
In the deep (but good):
This is common but you’re getting pretty deep into the darkness:
No, stop:
Please no this is crack, right?!:

Gravity Falls: Road Side Attraction (S02E16)

Did anyone get the impression that this was bound to happen to these two ever since they saw this in Mabel’s Guide to Life (Color)?

Honestly I think she’d be a good match for him.

There wouldn’t be a problem with age difference since they’re both within range,

She’s a pretty clever girl who comes up with plans like Dipper,

And since she’s charmingly weird like Mabel, she can handle the strange and hair-raising adventures the Pines’ family get into (having already participated in many of them so far).

Like Tambry and Robbie, their personalities would have a good synergy that could develop over time, which would then help sooth the unrequited feelings Dipper had been holding for Wendy these last few weeks.

Though that’s not to say he can also be a good match with another person who’s shown equal probability of being a match.

And by that I mean Pacifica Norhtwest.

Likewise she is within the age range for Dipper, so things won’t be weird between them.

Although unlike Candy she’s kind of the opposite of Dipper; but that can be a really good thing.

Being a person who is logical and has difficulty in trusting people he doesn’t know that well, Pacifica would be able to help him become a little more open-minded of things; just as he would be good for her to open up to the “normal” world…for the most part. ^^;

She didn’t exactly give the best impression to him the first time they met, however in time he’d come to understand that she wasn’t what he thought she was, and in truth was a good person at heart.

And while her initial immersion into this mysterious world of fantasy and super natural wasn’t the best, she’s actually pretty adaptable to the situation; as was clearly shown in her team battle at the Putt Hutt with Mabel.

Personally I think Dipper could end up with just about anyone. Even Wendy.

I mean, come on guys, let’s face it. Age becomes less of an issue the older you get; and it won’t be long before Dipper catches up with Wendy a few years from now that even she’ll start to look in his direction. ;D

And who knows, maybe Alex and the gang might treat us to AUs in which we can see what becomes of Dipper should he end up with one of these three girls…or none at all and just become a badass guy like his Grunkles. >:D

But no matter what I just hope whoever he ends up with ((if they choose to be)) it’ll be someone who he can be truly happy with and grow stronger as a team.

Gravity Falls Alternate Universe: Vampire and Hunter

Dipper Pines (Demon Hunter) is the main protagonist of the story and long lost twin sister, Mabel Pines. He was cursed by the demon, Bill Cipher. His left eye is very powerful and was given by his late master, Ford Pines. 

Pacifica Northwest is the leading character of the story. She is a vampire princess and daughter of King Dracula, Mr. Preston Northwest. She later realizes that she won’t find a new fiancee and disobey with her father. She truly love Sir Johnny (familiar with Dipper Pines) for long time ago (19th century).

Mabel Pines is a beautiful witch and along with her bestfriends, Candy and Grenda. They were kidnapped by the evil witch, Giffany and left Dipper Pines. She was sought to kill Demon Hunter as her master’s request. They also has lost to their memorize. 

Gideon Gleeful is the spoiled mayor of Gravity Falls. He has known Bill Cipher since his childhood days. He immediately fell in love with Mabel Pines. He became more jealous of Dipper Pines. 

Bill Cipher is the most powerful and immortal king demon character of the story. He is friendly, gentleman and adopt of a spoiled child, Gideon Gleeful when his parents were killed by King Dracula. 

6 Years Later (Dipcifica)

Dipper and Mabel are sent back home after this summer they spent at Gravity Falls is over. Pacifia sees them off (along with Soos, Wendy, Stan, Grenda and Candy) because she and Dipper have been flirting all summer since he helped her at the mansion, and Mabel and Pacifia have become friends. After learning what happened that summer from Stan, Dipper and Mabel’s parents don’t allow them to go back. Years pass and the twins haven’t been to Gravity Falls since they were twelve and now they’re eighteen. They decide their old enough to travel there on their own. They hadn’t seen their friends and Grunkle since that summer. When they get to Oregon they first visit the Mystery Shack. Stan is still scamming and Soos is still working there, though he’s married to Melody. Mabel decides to go visit Candy and Grenda while Dipper goes into town and reminisce. He walks along the streets seeing people he met once or twice giving them small nods. He passes Lazy Susan’s diner and goes in for a bite to eat. Behind the counter is a average sized blonde girl. He recognizes her immediately. She’s faced the kitchen placing and order from another customer. “Pacifia Northwest.” He says. His voice no longer cracks like it used to and is deeper. “What can I get y- Dipper!?” She says shocked. “Dipper is that you?” Her face is lit up. “It’s me. How are you? Never thought I’d see you working here.” He asks. “I’m good, great actually. Uh, yeah, I defied my parents a while back and they kicked me out. I’ve been working here since. How are you?” She says. “I’m good, seeing you has made me even better. I’m glad you finally stood up to them - for real this time. Last time I remember we were twelve.” He laughed slightly. She did too her eyes lit up. Her look was completely different. It was like a cross between how Wendy used to dress and how Tambry used to. Her hair was the same blonde color but she had no bangs. She looked more beautiful than he ever remembered. The smile faded from her face. “Why’d you leave and not come back?” She asked seriously. “Well the summer was over and once Grunkle Stan told my parents how the summer went… they didn’t let us come back. Why…? Pacifia, did you miss me?” He smirked. Dipper wasn’t as awkward as he was before. He was still extremely awkward, but less than when he was twelve. “Well, maybe a little. You and Mabel were my only friends. Of course I missed you the most though, Dip.” She blushed. Dipper couldn’t believe she called him that. She only did that to annoy him when they were younger. “Pacifia, do you want hang out later, maybe? I mean only if you want to. You probably don’t. It was a stupid question. Okay, sorry.” There it is. The awkward. “I’d love to, Dipper. I get off at three.” She smiled. “So what were you thinking? Got any mysteries that need solving?” She asked smirking. “I thought we could just hang out at the Mystery Shack.” He blushed and said awkwardly. “I was joking, Dip. Pick me up later and we’ll walk over together.” She smiled. He walked out of the diner backwards smiling at her, tripping and bumping into the door frame. This was going to be a good day.

first off, can we appreciate how big of a sass Marco was in this episode, I need that framed, but while I would love to talk about my experiences with GF and Star, I regret to say that too much has occurred for me to say anything so I will just spend the remainder of my life screaming. Have a good day.