Have a crappy Bill/Dipper brotp animatic! Hey, at least I’m making things for once!


Stan didn’t know activating the portal would create a potential universe-destroying rift. He didn’t see Ford’s blacklight message in the journal. Dipper did. Dipper knew beyond a shadow of a doubt activating the portal would lead to something horrifically dangerous and life-threatening, if not immediately destroy the universe entirely. Dipper saw the message and he knew about the danger and he knew about all the terrible things Stan had done to get the portal working. He knew and he knew and he knew and he STILL forgave Stan immediately for EVERYTHING because Stan had done it all to save his sibling. Because, despite knowing what the blacklight message says, that the universe could and probably would be destroyed if he goes through with this, Dipper would do the exact same thing to save Mabel.


This video doesn’t have enough views, guys!!!

Two powerful cuties interacting with each other~

Dipper from my @secondchanceau blog, and Bill from @camohatkat’s Barrier Falls au. Go check her stuff out, its hella good. ;3

Pen doodle on a short break from work.

Love Bill’s little hands poking and prodding Dipper’s eyepatch and earring.


I went to FBM this weekend, it was my 5th fbm in a row and I’m always happy to go there! I love meeting friends whom I only can meet there and I love meeting new friends there as well! This year was a bit… cold and rainy, but it was still awesome! 

On Saturday I was in Grillby and even though it started to rain later that day, my flame wasn’t put out xD Hade so much fun at the Undertale meetup and got to see my fellow fandom trash friends! 

On Sunday I wore Dipper and Toby, Dipper got incredibly cold after a while and I only brought him because there was a Gravity Falls meetup! As soon as that was over I changed into Toby, which was really warm and cozy. I got lots of compliments about my Toby cosplay thank you everyone!! :) 

Log 36: Dipper's honestly so important

I can’t believe Dipper just walked 20 minutes to the nearest grocery store to get me hot chocolate mix. He’s honestly such a thoughtful person, he’s just so sweet and just, oh my gosh! Not only did he get hot chocolate mix, he got whipped cream and that’s literally perfect! He’s literally so perfect! Oh gosh I’m practically swooning over this boy!

Entry #20

Sorry about the inactivity, again, I’ve just been having a lot of fun recently!

The first thing we did the morning after the Grunkles came home was have some pancakes, made by Stan. We did some joking about how we didn’t have any Mabel juice to wash it down, but we all shut up when Mabel asked to make some.

Then we went fishing, like old times. Except his new boat is really cool! It’s bigger than the little thing he used to take us on. He told us some of his dumb jokes and we had a lot of fun. Ford joined us halfway through, and he brought us sandwiches. He was walking kind of funny. I don’t want to think about why.

Mabel, Wirt, Pacifica, and I hung out for a while on Saturday. We played Monopoly for a solid two hours. Mabel and Pacifica were winning, and they got really heated before they just sort of left and went up to our room. I guess they were so mad they needed to work it out amongst themselves. I did hear some things banging around upstairs.

Wirt and I were alone for awhile, and it was pretty nice. We talked about astronomy and stuff. Turns out he and Sara had a bit of a fight. That was less than nice, but I think I helped him fix it. Turns out there was someone he’s been sort of talking to that he’s been texting more than her, and she learned about it, and she got sort of mad. I can understand both sides.

On Sunday, Wirt and I texted about all day. I needed help with homework, but we just kept going even after I finished. I have no idea how he can talk to me all day and still text whoever it is Sara is mad about.

Ford and I also hung out for a while. He asked if Wirt was my boyfriend, and I said no. He seemed really surprised. Then he asked if I was straight, and I said no.

He looked less surprised.

Ford and I talked about some of the weird stuff I’ve found recently. It was really interesting, comparing my studies to his. He had found some weird stuff recently too, and I really liked hearing about his studies. Did you know that there’s a cross between fish and wolves? Ford called them Canis Chordata. Stan called them Folves.

I’ve had a really good weekend!