dipper is standing behind mabel

when Darlene started freaking out the family at the end the twins went to stand next to each other and Dipper put one arm behind Mabel to comfort her and the other in front of her like he was preparing to push her behind him if he had to protect her

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Light Up Pine Tree's Past, Shooting Star (Part 2/?)


Pine Tree had no idea how this energetic girl managed to pull a grappling hook out of her sweater, point it towards a strong enough branch that could hold herself, grab him when he was a good five feet away from her, and have the grappling hook to pull them into the tree tops  before Ivan could pull a trigger.

“What the-” Pine Tree lost his breath in the rush as he was suddenly flying through the air being carried by the wacky girl.

“Told you it would come in handy!”

“Hey, you okay?” Mabel asked briefly, helping Pine Tree gain a grip on the branch.

“Get back here, boy!” Ivan’s voice called from the ground, and Pine Tree looked down to see the gun once again pointed upwards. 

“Hurry up, we gotta run!” Mabel grabbed Pine Tree’s wrist and he took a quick note of Mabel shakily looking below them; not towards Ivan, but just how far below the ground was.

“Mabel?” Pine Tree asked, and she snapped out of her daze immediately and lead him towards the trunk. 

“You’re testing me boy! And you’ll regret it!” Ivan called once again.

The two took no notice of Ivan, and Mabel reached the center. “I don’t think he can hit us up here…” Mabel said, voice wavering. “Dipper…”

“What!?” Pine Tree snapped, frustrated. This girl was the one who got him in trouble; what could possibly be her problem now?

“I’m afraid of heights.”

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Title: Gleeful Twins Meet the Pines Twins

AU: Reverse Gravity Falls

Summary: When Bill accidentally transports to The Pines Twins’ universe, the Gleeful Twins go searching for him and get stuck. Now they must find a way back without anyone from the Pines Twins’ universe seeing them. 

(You will probably need to read my headcanons of the Gleeful Twins before you read this)

A large, grey scale portal appeared in the middle of the forest. Two teenagers, no more than seventeen years old, walked out of it. They were twins, one girl and one boy. They were both clad in turquoise clothes.

The boy was wearing a turquoise vest with a black button up shirt and black dress pants and shoe. And amulet was was being used with a bolo tie that was wrapped around his neck. His bang was swept to the side, revealing his birthmark shaped like the big dipper.

The girl was wearing similar clothes as the boy, except instead of black dress pants, she wore a short, black skirt and black heels. She wore a turquoise headband with the same amulet as her twin embedded in it.

Their eyes were strangely a turquoise color and their faces were emotionless. They looked around at their surroundings, as if they didn’t know where they were.

“Dipper, are you sure this is where Bill said Will is?” The girl, Mabel, asked her brother, Dipper. Dipper looked at her.

“He said this is where Will had gone off to. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to look around while we’re here. The demon did say that this was a universe alternate of ours.” Dipper said, looking at his twin. Mabel smirked and nodded her head.

“I agree.” They looked forward when they heard giggling and shouting.

“Shall we?” Mabel said, bowing lightly, waving her hand in the direction of the voices, a small smile on his face.

“Of course.” Dipper said, walking ahead of her. Mabel fell into step beside him, and they walked to the treeline in silence.

When they walked completely out of the forest they came to see the Mystery Shack, with the ‘S’ missing. But that wasn’t what they were focused on. They were focused on two teenagers that looked exactly like them playing with a floating blue triangle, or as they knew him as, Will, the demon they had come here for. Deciding that they had done enough staring, Dipper spoke up.

“Will.” His voice was cold and hard. Will froze immediately, the voice sending a shiver through his body. He turned slowly around and, to his horror, came to face the Gleeful twins. The look alikes that he was playing stopped where they were and looked at Will with worried faces.

“Will? Are you alright?” The one that looked like Mabel asked. She looked to her brother who only shrugged. It was only until they looked at what Will was looking at that they gasped.

“Woah.” The Dipper look alike said, as that was the only thing he could muster. Dipper and Mabel looked at their look alikes before looking back to Will.

“Care to explain why you are here?” Dipper asked Will, no emotion on his face or in his voice. Will flinched.

“I- I…” Will trailed off, not sure how to answer. Dipper raised an eyebrow.

“Well?” Will burst out crying then.

“I don’t know! I was in my corner and then suddenly I was here! I don’t know, honest!” He wailed. The Dipper and Mabel look alikes walked up to Will. Mabel places her hand on his back, trying to soothes him in a way, but the demon could not be calmed down, not while his Dipper and Mabel were here.

“Are you the Dipper and Mabel Will told us about?” The Dipper look alike asked them.

“Oh? You told them about us Will?” Mabel said with a smile that sent another shiver rippling through Will’s body. “All good things, I hope.”

“Will told us that you two were mean and cruel, especially to him.” The Mabel look alike said, a slightly angry look on her face. Mabel pouted mockingly.

“Aww, what a shame.” She said, putting a hand to her heart in mock hurt.

“Will, we are going. Now.” Dipper said. Another tear slipped out of Will’s eye as he floated over to where his Mabel and Dipper were.

“Wait Will!” Dipper called to him. Will stopped where he was, looking back at the Dipper in this universe.

“Do you really want to go back with them?” The Mabel in this universe asked, a small frown on her face. Dipper glared, quickly getting annoyed as well as Mabel.

“Will.” The demon flinched again and quickly floated over to the Gleeful twins, stopping behind them. Dipper relaxed slightly and Mabel smirked.

“Will knows his place. You obviously don’t know yours.” Mabel said, resting a hand on her hip.

The Dipper and Mabel in this universe frowned. Mabel moved to stand behind her brother, becoming intimidated by the Gleeful twins. Dipper rested his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t let them get to you Mabel. They’re probably nothing but talk.” Dipper said.

“Would you like to test that theory?” Dipper asked his alternate self, bringing his hand up to clutch the amulet wrapped around his neck. A slight glow emitted from his hands and his eyes glowed dimly. The Pines twins took a step back.

“Wait!” Will shouted from behind the Gleeful twins. Dipper stopped what he was doing, and looked to Will with both eyebrows raised.

“I’m sorry?” He asked, surprised at Will’s outburst. The demon backed up a little, looking down.

“Please don’t hurt my friends.” He whispered, fiddling with his thumbs. Mabel rolled her eyes.

“Stop crying fool. We’re only going to hurt them s little. Nothing to seriously damage them.” She said with a smirk, looking to the Pines twins who looked on in fear. “Right brother?” She asked, looking to her twin. Dipper only continued to stare at Will with a scrutinizing gaze. Will was becoming uncomfortable, wringing his fingers.

“Brother?” Mabel asked again, trying to get his attention. Dipper finally dropped his hand.

“Fine, I will not hurt your little friends, but you will pay for it later.” He said to Will, who only nodded, his tears drying. Mabel’s eyes widened in shock, along with the Pines twins who sighed in relief.

“Are you serious?” Mabel asked her brother who only ignored her.

“Take us home Will.”Dipper said. Will nodded and turned around to open a portal back to her home.

“You can’t be serious.” Mabel said, moving to stand in front of her brother. Dipper looked at her.

“I am.” Mabel huffed.

“Care to explain why you let them go?” She asked, crossing her arms. He once again ignored her.

“Will, why is the portal not open yet?” Dipper asked the demon, looking over his sister’s shoulder. The demon didn’t answer at first, making Mabel turn around to look at him as well. The demon finally turned around to look at the twins, eyes downcast, tears gathering in his eye.

“I- I can’t open it.” He whispered.

“Excuse me? Could you say it a little louder.” Mabel said frowning.

“I can’t open the portal.” Dipper sighed, groaning quietly and Mabel groaned loudly.

“You useless demon!” She shouted, swatting him into a bush in the forest. She sighed, turning to her brother.

“So what do we do since dream boy over there can’t seem to get himself together and take us home.” Mabel said, glaring at the bush where Will had landed.

“We’ll have to find our own way home. But for now, we need to place to stay.” Dipper said, glancing at the Pines twins.

The Pines twins had stood there during the entire altercation, still trying to wrap their minds around their evil alternate selves. They had hoped for something a little more cool, not some Gideon look alikes that were more evil cruel. When Mabel Pines heard the other Dipper say they needed a place to stay, she stepped forward.

“Hey, you can stay here with us until you find a way back home.” She suggested. The Gleeful twins raised their eyebrows at the offer and her brother gaped at her.

“Mabel! What are you doing? They were going to hurt us.” He said, shocked at her.

“But they didn’t.” She said.

“Yeah, because of Will.” Dipper countered.

“They could have ignored Will and continued, but they didn’t.” Mabel said. Dipper opened his mouth to say something else, but closed it after realizing there was nothing else to say. He crossed his arms, grumbling under his breath. Mabel smiled brightly and turned back to the Gleeful twins.

“We would love for you to stay with us until you solve your problem.”