dipper is gonna get into so much trouble this season... just a feeling

Stuck Sledding

Dipper was awoken from his slumber very spontaneously, by a force he had known of for thirteen years.

“Morning, Mabel…” groaned Dipper.

“Good Morning, Smarty Farty!” cried out Mabel. “Ready to start our first twenty four hour day in Gravity Falls?”

“As soon as the pounding in my head stops…” replied Dipper.

“Nope! No waiting around!” said Mabel, yanking the warm covers off of Dipper’s bed. Despite this action, Dipper didn’t budge.

“Dippeeerrrrr,” whined Mabel. “How am I supposed to enjoy the morning without spending it with my Mystery Twin partner?”

“How am I supposed to enjoy the morning with all these noisy new guests in our second home?” retorted Dipper.

“Dipper,” said Mabel, growing worried. “Why won’t you give any of these new guests a chance?”

“Because, Mabel! Because!” shouted Dipper, bolting up to a sitting position with both hands in the air out of exasperation. “I gave Bill a chance! And my reward for giving him a chance was abandonment from my body for almost a whole day!”

“Really bro?” said Mabel, hands on her hips. “Do you seriously think that because you gave the benefit of the doubt to one of the worst beings in the world, then that automatically means all other monsters will do the same thing as him?”

“They could!” shrieked Dipper, shakily bringing his arms down. “How can we know for sure that they wont try to kill us in our sleep!?”

“I dunno, by talking to them?” said Mabel sarcastically. “They seem to get along with Frisk.”

“I don’t want to hear anything about-!” started Dipper, before remembering what he had promised to do today.

 “Ahem. Okay. But you have to remember that it could be a ruse! Like the Slow Loris! What if Frisk is actually a shapeshifter, and plans to stab us?!“

“Being threatened with a knife kinda pales in comparison to getting your memory wiped, or your body possessed,” pointed out Mabel.

“I just can’t help but worry that none of them are what they seem!” said Dipper.

“Then give them all a chance!” shouted Mabel.

“Alright I will!” admitted Dipper.

“That includes Frisk,” continued Mabel, crossing her arms.

“Fine… I’ll try…” humbly agreed Dipper.

Mabel smiled, helping Dipper get off the bed.

“I’ve got a good feeling about them,” said Mabel.

“You get a good feeling about anything that comes up,” argued Dipper, smiling nonetheless.

“Duh!” said Mabel, “I have to! For all the times that you don’t! Now let’s go get breakfast. I wanna be ready as soon as I can so all three of us can go sledding!”


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